Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pats Blowout Tigers 7-4

I missed the first half of the game......

Well it wasn't necessarily a blowout, the tigers played fairly well from what I saw but the Pats opened up the game late with a few momentum killing goals that Tyler Bunz would have liked to get back.

Turning Point(s)
Just after the Tigers tied the game at 3-3,Right off the faceoff Regina's Brett Lefler is on a 1 on 2 by himself. He skates into the zone and fires a wrist shot on net which beats Bunz, a shot that Bunz probably should have stopped. **It should be noted that the tigers D were also backed up pretty good and Leffler used the Defender as a partial screen.

The tigers manage to tie up the game 27 seconds into the third period. The tigers continue with lots of pressure on the PP after Tuebert threw the puck over the glass.

The tigers are all over the pats hemming them into their end for the first 4 minutes of the third putting on all kinds of pressure. Just as the penalty expires the pats get a rush up the ice. Brett Leffler again decides to shoot from high in the tigers zone, and once again the shot Beats Tyler Bunz, a shot he should have stopped.

Willie Desjardin would pull Bunz immediately after In favor Of Devan Dubyk.

Regina would further deflate any chance at a comeback scoring the insurance goal on the PP as Jordan Eberle would fire a bad angle shot on net that would beat Devan Dubyk, another suspect goal.

From there it was pretty much game over. The tigers had lots of chances to score to go ahead, they looked to have the momentum and creating chances, but it was Brett Leffler fooling Bunz twice which would deflate the tigers team.

Regina would score a 7th time on a partial break. Coyle made a nice play to break up a breakaway attempt, but their wasn't enough bodies down low to cover the rebound pass to a Regina Player coming in late.

Cody Carlson scored his first goal as a pat against the Tigers.

3 stars.
1. REG - 7 Jordan Eberle
2. REG - 19 Jordan Weal
3. M.H - 15 Linden Vey

Don't be so quick to jump on Goaltending as the problem.

I think Bunz has improved quite a bit already.

While he didn't play that well tonight, I thought Bunz has shown very good mobility, and reflexes as a 17 year old. Its obvious though that he is still adapting to being the everyday goaltender.

Half the battle for a goaltender is the mental focus required to play the position. Its games like tonight that they have to learn to shake off and be prepared to work harder the next game.

The tigers haven't been helping their goalies out either with blown coverages galore early in the season, although their getting better.

He is still learning and I think this experience he is getting now will be extremely beneficial later on.


CatFan said...

I agree with you on Bunz. Yes he struggles sometimes but it is early in the year. If he is struggling on a nightly basis by Christmas then we can complain. Let's give him and the team time to grow and improve.

tigs1010 said...

IMO it's not Bunz we should be worried about, instead of blaming Bunz and the defence, I think we have to point some of the fingers at JF Martel. I just don't think he's a good enough goaltending coach. Just my Opinion

Bluedino said...

i say give the kid a break.. he will learn but it also will cost some games.. team needs to try a little harder in front of him for now. quit being so negative.