Friday, November 20, 2009

Tigers Defeat Raiders 6-4

I thought the tigers played a pretty good first period. The bounces didn't really go their way, but they changed that around later in the game.

In the first period the tigers had a goal disallowed, and Bunz let in a partially screened flutter shot that no doubt he would have liked to have back. A dominating period was suddenly a tie game.

I thought the tigers started getting away from their defensive systems that had worked so well in previous games. They gave up a lot of shots. It looked like Bunz was a little late reacting to pucks in todays game.

I liked numerous player tonight, The Hamilton, Cameron, Kessey line played extremely well. I thought Linden Vey had a good game. The Rookie line of Reid Petryk, Dylan Bredo, S. Mckay I thought had a few outstanding shifts, Keeping P.A in their own end for a good minute straight. Taylor Gal played another solid game. Gal would be my choice for most improved this year.

Thomas Carr had an intense fight with Raider Garret Taylor. Both guys were just chuckin the fists. Thomas Carr landed a few bombs and had Garret Taylor at his mercy when the refs stepped in.

Tough Break For Joey Frazer. Finally scoring a goal on a shot he fanned on, then after a long goal review the refs waved it off.

The refs put their whistles away in the first, and let a lot of stuff go that would have been called normally.

Zdenik Okal looked to be in a lot of discomfort after getting his wrist stepped on. A long pool of blood trailed to the tigers bench. Hopefully no tendons were cut.

Tritan King was still out with the cold/flu bug. They think he will be ready for Sundays game.

Bretton Cameron is now tied with Cody Eakin for most goals scored in the league. Although the tigers have played 3 more games.


Anonymous said...

Heard after the game that the Okal injury wasn't as bad as it looked. He got a few stitches but had mobility in his hand. Will probably miss a few games.

TigerTurf said...

that is good to hear.