Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tigers loose to Silvertips 3-1

Keeping It Short..

I thought the Tigers ran into a team that was very well coached, and Everett had all their players buying into their systems. They played a phenomenal Road Game. Thomas Heemskerk improved on his remarkable .926 save percentage. A couple lucky bounces and the tigers could have won the game, as they did manage quite a few close calls.

The Silvertips ran into the leagues highest scoring team(Tigers) and they frustrated them left, right, and center. It was like playing a team full of Colton Grant's. Everett had sticks in the way, and really made the tigers work for each inch of ice.

When Everett scored their 2nd Goal I could see Willie Desjardin having a talk With Zdenek Okal as he made two poor decisions ( 1 was a miscommunication with the defense in throwing the puck to nobody behind the net, the 2nd was not coming back to help out the defense, as their was a man open in front who eventually scored the game winner.

Curtis Valk was called up to play as Dylan Businius, and Reid Petryk are day-to-day, and Kale Kessey sat out for his one game suspension.


CatFan said...

This game was painful to watch. I was frustrated as a fan so I can imagine how the players felt. Our defence was pretty good and we kept the shots down, but we have to find a way to play in tight battles like this one.

Anonymous said...

who keeps calling Valk up... he is not ready for the dub should stay in midget and work on his game... i don't care what anyone says he's to small!!!!

Anonymous said...

King was the best player on the ice for the Tabbies. I see Willie moved him to energize the struggeling line of Vey, Okal, and Etem. King will set up Etem all day and with Etem's natural abilities to finish this should prove to be a good combo. The only concern is the Hamilton, Cameron, Vey line with Vey strugeling so much lately how will they perform as Vey has been -7 for the past three games with no points in the past 5 or 6 games.