Friday, November 6, 2009

Tigers Defeat Moose Jaw 3-2


Petryk and Busenius both listed on the game sheet. It is Matt Mackay's and Devan Dubyk's first games against their former teams. Dubyk is dressed in goal for tonight.

Tigers open up the game strong but they seem to have a case of stone hands tonight. Lots of pucks in good scoring areas but failing to get good wood on the shots.

Tomas Kundratek absolutely hammered Travis Harmonic on a nice open ice hit, harmonic missed a shift or two but he has returned to the game.

Warrior Goal PP
1-0 Stanton, (4) (Rowinski, Harmonic), 10:34 (PP)

The tigers take two penalties 20 seconds apart. Moose Jaw would work the puck up high, the tigers keep in a triangle formation. The puck goes over to the left side, a tigers follows but trips and it leaves the center of the ice open.

Rowinski would feed Ryan Stanton a pass and he would let go a howitzer in the upper slot area that just trickles in past Dubyk.

Warrior Goal
2-0 Bast, (17) (Howden, Frazee), 17:10

The warriors would get a 3 on 2. Thomas Frazee skates down the left side waits and waits, then as soon as Tomas Carr moved his stick over to face Frazee he passes over to Quinton Howden skating down the middle of the ice who would let loose a rocket . Devan Dubyk came over to make the save, but the puck is loose. Jason Bast would come in and knock it in.

Fight Taylor Gal vs Kevin Smith
Gal would follow threw on a hit that was from clearly from behind. Smith look dazed for a second not knowing what happened, looked at the ref, then charged Gal. IT was pretty much a wrestling match with Gal getting the takedown. Smith would get 2 , 5 and 10 minute misconduct evening out the initial 2 minute penalty to Gal
End Of Period.

I thought the tigers were fighting the puck a little, they threw a couple good hits and their is a good deal of jostling after the whistle. Again a bad start on the road, but the offense got their chances, stuff like Cameron losing the puck in the slot, and Matt MacKay not getting good wood on a 2on0 hasn't helped.

2nd Period

Tiger Goooooaaaaaaal! PP
2-1 Etem, (16) (King, Kundratek), 4:36 (PP)

On the powerplay two warriors players would get caught out of position. Kundratek makes a nice cross ice pass To Tristan King, who then makes another cross ice Pass TO Emerson Etem at the side of the net, and he roofs it with the goalie out of position.

Tiger Goooooaaaaaaal! PP
Gal, (8) (Isherwood, Hamilton), 7:26 (PP)

A controversial call but the tigers will take it. A warrior makes a nice hit on Bretton Cameron, but gets penalized for it.

The puck would come out to Isherwood at the point who has a clear shooting lane. He wires a shot, and It looks like Taylor Gal was credited with the tip.
End Of Second

This period was a very good period for the Tigers. I thought the Tigers controlled the play, and had some help from the refs. I don't really like the calls being made, and the warrior fans are pretty irate with the officials. Should be in for a beauty of a third period, the game is up for grabs. I can definitely see the ref looking to call something against the tigers.
Third Period.

Tigers Gooooooooooaaaaaal!
3-2 Vey, (9)

Just as the tigers penalty was expiring Linden Vey takes the puck up the ice by himself. It was pretty much a 1on 3. The Warriors Goalie Brandon Glover was playing way over on the short side, leaving the right half of the net open. Linden Vey took a look thought for a moment, then fired a bullet into the open side.

End Game
Tigers WIN!!

A very good road win. Devan Dubyk made a game saving save early in the third period which at the time preserved a 2-2 game. I thought the warriors shot themselves in the foot with all the penalties they took. They were a few bad calls by the ref in the second but I thought most of them were warranted in the third period.

A great start to the weekend. Tomorrow the tigers get to try and avenge their 2nd round playoff exit as they faceoff against the Brandon Wheat Kings. From what I understand Brandon's Weakness so far has been goaltending and their 3rd and 4th lines.

I really liked listening to the warriors broadcaster and their color guy they were very knowledgeable and fun to listen to. I thought the quality of Moose Jaw's webcast was pretty bad, the picture was horrible.

Thoughts on Dubyk
Dubyk is really solid positionally, however he lets out rebounds on any shot that is down low. I think he needs to work on his rebound control a bit. I thought he played really well tonight.

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