Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wheaties Shred Tigers 5-1

Devan Dubyk and Tyler Bunz
Devan Dubyk would get the start tonight. Tyler Bunz replaced him in the second period. Dubyk was ran over in the first period by a Wheat King player, and could have been a factor on why he was replaced.

Matt Konan was trying to hold on to the wheat king forward when they ran out of room and the forward ran right over Dubyk, while Konan did a little spin out of the way. I was a little disappointed that Matt Konan received the only penalty.

While Konan deserved a holding call, I thought the wheat king player should have been penalized, as he didn't appear to try and hold up. Dubyk stayed in the game for the rest of the period, but looked quite shaken as he was barrel rolled over, and took some time to recover.

I thought Tonight the Wheat Kings just exposed the tigers so-so attitude on the road and their weak defensive systems when they play that way. There were quite a few times where 3 tigers were on the same side of the ice, taking on only 2 wheat king players, leaving a good chunk of the ice open.

The Wheat Kings did a phenomenal job on defense for most of the game as the tigers offensive opportunities were limited. Jace Coyle was the only Tiger with a goal as he wristed a floater on net, and the Wheat King goalie was a little out of position on the PP. The only tigers I liked tonight were Dylan Businius,Tyler Bunz, and Reid Petryk, although that is going with a low quality type webcast picture.

The Wheat Kings showed they were the superior team by far tonight.

Fight Wacey Hamilton vs Brodie Melanychuk

The fight would happen after Brodie would cream Taylor Gal from behind. Gal was using his body to shield the puck along the boards and the Wheat King player made hard enough contact to knock him over. One of those plays where you gotta judge on how much force to use as overdoing it will result in a penalty.

Wacey Hamilton would fly over, and start throwing punches. Hamilton looked like he landed a very weak jab off the start, and then Melanychuck would put Hamilton in a headlock for about 8 seconds. The camera angle was poor and you couldn't tell if Melanychuck threw anything in the headlock. Wacey Would Wiggle free of the headlock and push him over the top which would end the fight.
Decision: Draw as nothing really landed. Wacey would receive 2 for instigating, 5 for fighting, and a ten minute misconduct.

Brandons webcast quality was kinda poor, not very good picture.


CatFan said...

I must admit I am starting to worry about this team some. A promising start is spiralling out of control for seemingly different reasons every night. I guess we will see what some games at home can do, and hopefully they get back to some stellar team play.

TigerTurf said...

They seem to have a lack of confidence on the road. Sometimes they start the game with a good couple of shifts and then get dominated, and cant answer back.