Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WHL vs Russia + Okal Injury

*Team WHL spoilers*.
I half watched the game while doing other activities.

Team WHL defeated Russia 2-1.
I thought Wacey Hamilton and Linden Vey looked a bit nervous for the first two periods.
They were both on the same line. Willie looked like he was rotating all the lines.

Wacey Hamilton would get the eventual game winner as he put team whl up 2-0. Linden Vey made a shot/pass to the middle, and Wacey made a very nice tip and put it over the shoulder of Russia's goaltender.

Other breif thoughts.

I liked Levko Koper from spokane, he seemed involved in a lot of plays. Eberle, Schenn, Eakin line looked really good.

I thought Jared Cowen looked a little slow.
I liked Russia's Kirill Petrov he undressed a couple team WHL defenders.

Wacey Hamilton was on the ice for Russia's last goal. Their line was scheduled to come out on the ice, but Linden Vey wasn't out there yet. Hamilton was playing the left wing and the play developed off the right wing side.

Dusters for Dollars
The tigers have also reached their goal of raising $10,000 dollars for the Canadian Cancer Society. Willie Desjardin will get his mustached shaved on friday. reports that it will be the first time he has completely shaved his mustache in 30 years.

They are still accepting donations until November 30th

Zdenik Okal Suffers Major Injury

Apparently his injury is pretty serious. They had to sew up a vein, he had a nick on one of his tendons, and they had to put back a major nerve. Right now he has been told that he shouldn't be moving his hand very much at all. He is listed out for 6-8 weeks.

The News mentions that Okal had received an invitation to the Czechs national junior camp. It appears as thought he may have to miss out on that unless his injury can heal up quickly.

The tigers in the meantime have called up 18-year-old right winger Josh Lazowski, and expect him to dress for a number of future games. Lazowski has been property of the Seattle Thunderbirds and Red Deer Rebels at one point.

More can be read from the full article at the Mh News website.


Anonymous said...

why dosen't the team call up any of their 16 yr olds and develope them instead of this guy

TigerTurf said...

Okal is out long term, IF Emerson Etem makes the U.s national team they will be down 2 guys. If someone else gets injured they are down a whole line.

The 16 year olds can only play 5 games. The tigers would be juggling them around, and giving them 4th line minutes while requiring them to travel, taking them away from their regular team. Its sort of a hassle to juggle that every day.

Calling up this 18 year old is a longer solution. If he plays well enough we may see him stick.

Anonymous said...

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