Tuesday, April 27, 2010

WHL Bantam Draft Preview

The WHL Bantam draft goes on Thursday. Here is a breakdown of all the Tigers picks from the WHL website. The Tigers have 5 picks in the top 100.

1st Round (14th overall)
2nd Round (36th overall)
2nd Round (39th Overall) From Spokane for trading Trevor Glass
4th Round (80th overall)
4th Round (84th overall) From Everett
6th Round (116th overall) From P.A
6th Round (117th overall) From Chilliwack For trading Colton Grant
7th Round (146th overall)
8th Round (168th Overall)
9th Round (190th overall)
10th Round (212th Overall)

Overview of Next Season
- An earlier post I did at the end of this season, let me know if you see a prospect that I forgot to include on the list.
I will be posting a recap tomorrow of the Tigers picks and will try to dig up some info on the new talent.

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