Friday, May 28, 2010

NHL Scouting Combine + Next YearThoughts

Most of the NHL Prospects went threw the Combine Today(Friday). But roughly a third of them are scheduled to go Saturday.
Emerson Etem, and Potential Future Tiger Tyler Pitlick ran through their physical testing on friday. I'm not sure if Tyler Bunz went Friday or Not.

I managed to find a web page that lists the top 10 results, of each test.

Emerson Etem's name comes up often throughout the tests.

I also found a slightly unorthodox interview of Tyler Bunz from Everett Silver-tips goalie Kent Simpson. Likewise Kent Simpson also Interviews Tyler Bunz. Both interviews can be found here

Other Thoughts

This blog is going to be fairly quiet for the summer. I'll probably blog about the NHL draft and the CHL Import draft but other than that unless a trade or something happens I dont plan on blogging a lot over the Summer.

Been thinking a bit about the Tigers Future, and I think it looks extremely exciting. I think with a great selection of euros, the return of key players, and a trade or two to fill some holes the Tigers could be capable of contending for the Division, and Conference, possibly the league with some good luck and fortune.

I've been speculating that the Tigers will go with Jace Coyle, Wacey Hamilton, and possibly Thomas Carr for 20 year old's. However depending on the situation out of camp that could change. I could also see the Tigers keeping Hamilton/Coyle, then picking out a forward that has a strong camp. I guess that is what training Camps are for :)

Rough Line Combos for Depth Purposes
- the only prospect I took into consideration was last years 1st rounder. This in no way represent what I think the lines will look like but rather a simple depth chart of players already here.

Vey Hamilton Kessey
Pitlick Etem xxxx
Grbavac xxx xxx
Bredo Petryk Shinkaruk

Coyle Konan
Businius McKay
Sohn xxxx

Add one of(Car/Gal,MacKay,Frazer)


Fill in a forward slot with a 20 year old or a defensive slot with Thomas Carr. As well as hopefully 1 or 2 euros.

The CHL import draft could play a huge role and put the Tigers over the top this year. Perhaps the Tigers may try to move up in the draft by trading one of their overager's for better positioning.

The forward group looks like it has a lot of offensive power, and an incredible 1-2 punch. Hopefully the incoming group of 16-17 year old's can provide a surprise or two, and maintain that strong depth. The Tigers shouldn't have any trouble scoring, their powerplay could also turn out to be pretty deadly.

The Defensive Group Looks very Average to me. Taking championship teams into consideration I think they are missing a real good 2 way defensive stud, and If Carr is not back a solid stay-at-home Dman at least.

The Tiger's will have a couple young guys looking to make their mark. It would be a perfect time for a future starter to get their feet wet. There's also the consideration of keeping a 19 year old goalie as a backup in case anything happens to the starter Bunz during the Season.

I can forsee Willie Desjardin having lots of tough decisions to make this year. From 20 year olds, to the import draft, to the backup Goalie, to which new talents looks most promising, to getting the most value possible for overagers, and to getting value for young guns who cant quite break into the lineup but are whl calibre.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Euro News

Zdenek Okal

I found an article on Zdenek Okal. The article is incredibly hard to translate but it says that Okal will be training with HC Zlin(Czech Republic) in the Summer and will try to make that team next season.

Next year Okal would be a 20 year old euro "overeager" and a victim in the numbers game. It was expected for him to go back home to resume his hockey career.

Link to his eliteprospects page
----- has confirmed that last years Tigers CHL Import Pick (Round #2 #76 overall) Rasmus Daamgard has signed a 1 year deal with SønderjyskE, which means his chances of playing in a Tigers uniform is incredibly slim.

The only way he would play here is if he is signed by an NHL team and they co-erce him to come over, and he has an nhl signing out-clause.....So Expect the Tigers to utilize both of their import picks.

The Tigers have the 40th, and 100th picks barring trades. The CHL Import draft is still a ways away sometime around the very end of June.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Congrats to the Calgary Hitmen

The Calgary Hitmen defeated the Tri-City Americans 4 games to 1 to win the WHL Playoffs and the Ed Chynoweth Cup.

Congrats to the Calgary Hitmen for an excellent season.
Good Luck at the Memorial Cup next week.
The WHL will be well represented.

Memorial Cup
The Memorial Cup will start this Friday the 14th.
Brandon Wheat Kings - host
Calgary Hitmen - WHL Champions
Windsor Spitfires - OHL Champions
Moncton Wildcats - QMJHL Champions

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tiger Articles

Found a few Interesting Articles today

Gavin Broadhead
Hay River's "The Hub" in the North West territories has a piece about Medicine Hat Tigers fourth round pick, 80th overall Gavin Broadhead.

“We watched him this winter in Kelowna and his number one asset is he has good skill and what sold us on him is he has good character and him wanting to be a good player,” said the Tigers’ head scout, Brad McEwen.

Link to the article:


Tyler Ennis
Coming down the Pipe has a feature on Tyler Ennis and A 2 part interview with him on how he has gone from being a Tiger to a Pirate, and landed in Buffalo for their playoff run.

The interview is long, follow the links on the page. Ennis Interview starts around the 7 minutes mark into part one

Spenser Jensen

Article about Spenser Jensen:

"It didn't really matter to me where I was going to be placed, it mattered more where I was going," Jensen said. "Right when my name came up I was really excited, of course, because I thought 14th overall was pretty high and I thought Medicine Hat was pretty cool."

Brennan Hunker

"I am really excited to be drafted to a team that is in Alberta," he said.
"I am really surprised I was drafted so high. I am just excited to play there."

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Grading the 2004 Draft and Trades

Since this age group would have just finished their overage season, lets see how the Tigers did. (Year 2004) - stats are all regular season totals. This is the draft that happened during the Tigers first Memorial Cup run.


1st 19 Jordie Deagle----260 GP 61PTS 267PIM
2nd 39 Matt Sokol-------102GP 19PTS 75PIM
3rd 59 Riley Laforge----(Went NCAA route)
4th 79 Matt Schneider---0 GP
5th 81 Mark Isherwood--268GP 128PTS 353PIM
5th 99 Ryan Holfeld-----122GP 64WINS 39 Losses 6 SO
6th 119 Bretton Cameron-179GP 120PTS 261PM
7th 139 Dan Conacher----0 GP
8th 159 Sean Manery-----No records found
10th 199 Mat Olson------0 GP
11th 219 Shayne Brown---149GP 19 PTS 191PM

Draft Summary + Trades

Out of their 11 selections 6 players had over 100 games in the whl.
The Tigers managed 3 very key players, in Mark Isherwood, Bretton Cameron, and Ryan Holfeld. The first 4 rounds had little impact however trades from those players may still produce a good result. Note* Ryan Holfeld was considered the 2nd best Goalie prospects by some and 1 mock draft had him going in the first round.

Shayne Brown was developing into a decent stay at home D man but was traded to Everett. The player that was supposed to come back(Tyler Kiefer) never ended up reporting and the Tigers were compensated with a 4th round selection in this years draft.(Goalie Anthony Hamill was the pick). So i guess you wont be able to fully evaluate that trade for another 6 years.

Jordie Deagle never really found his niche with the Tigers and was traded away for Tyler Gron, since Gron didn't report the Tigers, they received a 3rd round pick, they used the pick to select Boston Leier in 2008. Leier was a very late cut as a 16 year old last season, and has a shot at making the team this coming season.

Matt Sokol didn't really fit into the Tigers plans and they traded him away to Portland for a 5th round pick. The Tigers selected Benjamin Gallacher who never saw any whl action. (Played Junior A)

To stay competitive you want at least 3 quality players every year. The Tigers managed 5, and one fringe player. The extras with trades from that draft that are still paying dividends for a few years to come. With just winning the league and having the second last selection in each round I'd give the Tigers an B+/A-. They found talent in the later shallower rounds that played big impacts, but their 2nd,3rd,4th round selections dropped them from an A grade.

Other Interesting Notes
In 2006 when the Tigers traded Blaine Nuefeld to Saskatoon, they received a conditional 2007 6th round pick. That picked turned out to be Emerson Etem.....Can you say BIG WIN for the Tigers on that One.

Trevor Glass
Some people were pissed that the Tigers traded him away. I felt it was a good decision. That year the Tigers lost in their shortest playoff run since Willie Took the helm in just 5 games to Kootenay. Trevor Glass ended up winning the Memorial Cup with the Spokane Chiefs, and played 57 games + 10 playoff games the following year with spokane.

The Tigers return in the deal was a 3rd round pick in 2008(Todd Fiddler), 2nd round pick in 2010(Brennan Hunker). Unfortunately Spokane had a very good year and the pick was near the bottom of the round.

Todd Fiddler was a late 16 year old cut last season, Brennan Hunker is only 15.

WHL Draft Summary
Not gonna do numbers but will post some of my thoughts about the 2004 draft.

The 2004 first round was extremely deep. Almost all players were very key players in the whl, the last pick of the first round was Luke Schen.

The second round by my count there were 9 players who did not play in the whl. That's almost a 50% drop off after the first round. However the picks that did make it most of them had significant roles on their whl teams.

The third round was about 70% as effective of the 2nd round. By my count there were 7 players who played average roles on their respective teams.

I would consider the 4th round slightly better than the third round, about the same number of players made it to the whl however the quality of the players on average were slightly higher than those picked in the third round.

The 6-7th round and later the talent really dropped off. There were about 1-2 very key players picked and the rest of the players didn't make much of an impact.

2004 seemed like a Top heavy draft and an above average year for finding diamonds in the rough, but overall perhaps it was a slightly shallower than average
(Alex Rodgers, Colin Long, Jared Spurgeon, Braden Holtby were taken in the 9th round or later)