Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tigers Split Home and Home

The Tigers have been playing with a depleted line up of sorts, and to get a split is pretty impressive. They have only dressed 16 skaters the last 2 games. The good News is that Kale Kessey and Sebastien Owuya are expected back next game.

Emerson Etem away at World Juniors
Hunter Shinkaruk away at under 17's
Vahe Zakaryan - decided to stay home
Kale Kessey - 2 game suspension
Sebastien Owuya - Not back from Holidays
Sam Dezman - Concussion indefinite

Shinkaruk has goals in three straight games
Emerson Etem has 1 goal in two games.

Its getting near trade deadline time and the Rumours are taking flight. Right now IMO the Tigers have the potential of wining a 7 game series with every team in their conference with perhaps the exception of Red Deer. It is very close to call and many series could be as close as a coin flip. (Their are also many team in the other conference who would be close calls If the Tigers reach the final).

I would imagine Red Deer, Kootenay, and Moose Jaw would all look at gearing up for a run. Saskatoon may add a piece or two as well. Along with the Tigers each team will be looking to improve their team as their is no dominant runaway team.

If the Tigers stood pat I would be a little disappointed. However next year the Tigers should still have quite a bit of talent in bunz, etem, shinkaruk, harrison, grbavac, petryk, bredo, kessey. A perfect world would see them acquire a strong 2 way defenceman with a good first pass who could be back next year, and possibly a defensive forward/ or 50 point guy who could also return. Its possible that the Tigers remain strong next year as well.

With their 20 year old situation next year, I would lay a guess and say Konan, Grbavac would be locks(if not signed in the offseason) and possibly a return of Owuya, otherwise they probably have a spot open unless given to Dezman.

Due to a lot of personal changes going on, this blog may or may not be a little quiet during the next 2 months.

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