Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tigers Defeat Oil Kings 5-2

I thought tonight the Tigers responded well after the Oil Kings came out very hard for the first ten minutes. Ryan Harrison's powerplay seemed to spark some life and the Tigers started playing much better hockey.

I liked the play of Scott McKay and Patrik Parkkonen they stepped up and provided some solid defense with Jace Coyle out of the lineup. Tyler Bunz played very well keeping the game scoreless in the first period.

I also really liked Tyler Pitlick, and Dylan Bredo. I thought they both played very strong games. Gotta give props to Cole Grbavac for his fight. Adam Van de Mosselaer was taking liberties on Tiger players through the game. After a long wrestle and some short tied up punches, Grbavac popped him with a good couple shots and knocked him over.

New Guys
Riley Sheen, Jayden Hart

I liked what I saw from the new guys, I especially liked Jayden Hart. Nice wheels and has good hockey sense. I like his future with the Tigers.

Game Sheet

Hunter Shinkaruk
Hunter Shinkaruk should be returning shortly. Team Pacific won 5-4 in Overtime to win the Bronze Medal at the under 17's.

Overall Shinkaruk was 4th in scoring for the tournament racking up 5 goals and 4 assists for 9 points in 6 games.

Emerson Etem will try for the Bronze Wednesday. He may or may not be back this weekend as he might be given a week break before coming back to "paradise". (Meant as a joke, dont take it seriously.)

Weekly Report
Jace Coyle is week to week with his knee sprain.
Sam Dezman Concussion - indefinite
Boston Leier - Concussion day to day


Anonymous said...

"Emerson Etem will try for the Bronze Wednesday.He may or may not be back this weekend as he might be given a week break before coming back to "paradise"."

give it a rest, he apologized. not a big deal im sure worse has been said before.

TigerTurf said...

It was a joke, something to get a chuckle out of... But I'll edit in a lol or haha.

I didn't like how the media blew his comment up. Especially since he has a very humble and professional attitude.

Lets be glad that those reporters aren't friends with some of these hockey players on facebook, they'd have stories left and right.

Anonymous said...

What are the rules involved for sending Dylan Olsen. My thought was that if drafted while in NCAA the NHL could send you tio their minor league team - but Olsen was drafted while playing Junior A in Camrose so does he not have to be sent back to Junior hockey? Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Also wondering about Olsen. Rockford has 8 dmen on their roster already. Adding him makes 9. Wondering if they won't bring him there and evaluate his game before making a decision on where he goes. I've heard he doesn't want to go the junior route, but now that he's signed if the Hawks think he'll be better off in the WHL they couild send him here. Guessing the Tigers have inquired as to his fate as well as it could make a big difference on what they may or may not do at the trade deadline.

TigerTurf said...

From what I understand only the CHL has the player agreement so Olsen could play in the AHL.

I have also heard that Olsen doesn't want to come here, the reason why the hawks signed him was so he could play in the ahl. I kinda doubt that he will ever end up as a tiger.

The hawks will then dress him for a max of 9 games so he doesn't burn a year of his contract.

The hawks has done a similar thing with 3 other ncaa players.