Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Giants Defeat Tigers 3-2

Buzzer Beater
Giants scored the game winning goal with no time left on the clock, on a quick desperate last minute wrap-around. The refs debated the goal, then went upstairs, debated the goal again before giving the giants the goal after a good long discussion.

The ref didn't signal a goal on the play, and by whl rules they must have had clear evidence the puck was in before the buzzer sounded to award a goal. By the body language the Referee was showing on the ice, he made one helluva tough decision.

Game Thoughts
I thought Bunz, Vey, Carr, Grbavac, Tochkin didn't show very much energy on the ice. I thought they all struggled with Vancouver's extremely tight gap and dirty shirt style of play.

I thought Dylan Bredo played an amazing game tonight. Etem had a rough night but he battled through it and I really liked seeing that.

I liked for the most part the defensive progress the Tigers showed. They were doing a lot of the little things right and making quality pokechecks.

I thought Vancouver looked intimidated in the first period. The Giants played a bit slow and were very chirpy after the whistle. Vancouver played a lot harder as the game wore-on and it was the Tigers that were hearing footsteps at games end.

Their seemed to be a bunch of interference, but the Giants had good positioning and had their hands on their sticks. The refs look for one hand off the stick for those holding or interference calls.

Playoff Push
The type of game played tonight is going to be very common in the playoffs. Vancouver was pushing hard all night for body positioning, and when you have body position on the player the chances of the ref calling a penalty go way down.


Anonymous said...

I am doing a study on CHL teams and as part of that study we are computing the cost of attending games across Canada? Do you know what the price of a program is at a Medicine Hat Tigers game?


TigerTurf said...

I haven't boght a program in years, maybe someone else can fill in.