Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tigers Defeat Warriors 4-1

Very feisty game tonight. Both teams were playing like it was the playoffs. Both teams giving out big hits and scrums after every whistle. The linesman were very adamant about stopping some of the fights, there could have been 6 or 7 instead of the three that developed.

Game Thoughts
I thought Jace Coyle has looked very good when compared to the early parts of the season. Scott Ramsay was given quite a bit of ice-time and played real physical around the net.

Tyler Bunz played phenomenal, one of his best games this year. The game felt like it should have been a 3-3 tie, but Bunz was the difference.

Dylan Bredo continues to develop into a premier defensive forward. It was good to see Curtis Valk chip in with some offense. Kale Kessy played a much better game. he plays better when he is physical, and that element has completely dried up during the last month.

I thought Wacey Hamilton is taking to long handling the puck during the powerplay. He is losing it often skating into no support areas.

Linden Vey is starting to get a little too selfish on the ice. Some games when he carries the puck it works, but lately he has been keyed on and getting caught.

I think the Tigers powerplay should look at including at least one defenseman on the point. They are starting to give up as many chances as they create. The last man back is playing too risky and eventually it will bite them in a big way.

Sebastien Owuya got walloped in a fight with Cody Beach. Owuya has only been in one fight before and he has turned down guys that are a lot less skilled in fighting. You could say it was either fairly brave or I'll advised to take on Beach with Owuya's lack of fighting experience.

However Owuya should be applauded for his efforts. After the fight Beach stopped chirping and he was invisible the rest of the night, and it seemed to light a fire under Owuya when he came back.

Boston Leier fought Jordan Wyton. Fairly even scrap. Wyton with an early edge and Leier came around late.

Kale Kessy vs Joel Edmundson. This looked like a very intense scrap. Kessey laid out a warrior along the boards and Edmundson came racing in throwing punches. Unfortunately I couldn't see a thing as it was against the glass along the warriors bench.

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Anonymous said...

inglenteBeach is a clown. Don't understand why referree Klein put up with his crap all night. Banging his stick on the boards while on the bench, whining after every whistle, mocking the crowd and the Tiger bench. He's a goof plain and simple.