Friday, March 9, 2012

History of the Regional Event Centre

The Tigers website just put up a new video about the Arena and the already long history of the new Events Center that hasn't been built yet.

If your a tiger fan or curious about the how long this process has taken I reccomend watching it.


March 9th marks the 43rd anniversary of the fire that destroyed the original Arena Gardens.

It seems a little ridiculous that 2 million dollars have been spent on Various Committees and Studies regarding the New "Events Center" and nothing has been built yet.

Tigers Vs Kootenay
No recap of tonight's game due to other commitments. With the Tigers Victory Tonight 1 Tiger point or Kootenay loss of point will ensure the Tigers Home Ice in the first round. The First Tie-Breaker is wins and Kootenay cannot pass the Tigers in the wins department, despite the season series being tied at 3-3.

Good News as Cole Grbavac Returned to the lineup. Chad Labelle was also dressed.

Possible First Round Playoff Opponents
Calgary = slim but possible
Brandon = unlikely but possible
Regina = possible
Saskatoon = possible
Kootenay = possible

With Brandon losing tonight and Saskatoon and Regina Winning, it pushes Brandon down to the unlikely but possible stage.

Red Deer The best they can do is Tie Brandon for a tiebreaker game. 1 Brandon point gained or Red Deer point lost equals no playoffs for Red Deer. Gotta be pretty dissapointing for the Rebels. Not getting Ryan Nugent-Hopkins back then losing their starting goaltender for the season as well as plagued with multiple injuries throughout the season.

Last Update: 12:35 AM MTN Saturday March 10th.


Anonymous said...

It angers me to no end that there is no new events centre. The esplanade was made for a small group in the city providing a very small increase in seats compress to the college theatre. The tigers bring business to Medicine Hat in the way of teams staying in hotels and eating at our restaurants, in addition to the biggest ticket in town. With this many sold out games in a row it is sad that we do not have a new arena. We, as tiger fans, need to keep pushing it at every election until it is done. Graham Kelly needs to go and he is the one leading the troops to interfere in the process. We need people who was to see the city progress, not move backwards!!!!!!

longtimefan said...

Moose Jaw can't be a opponent in the first. They get an automatic second seed because they will finish first in the eastern division. Tigers won't be dropping to the seventh slot where they would have to be to play the Jaw. Another nice road win last night. Twenty second road win of the year which is third in the league.

TigerTurf said...

your right. ALso edmonton is mathematically out for a first round opponent.