Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kootenay Defeats Tigers 2-1

Weeknight short recap.

The Tigers had one of those games where nothing seemed to click. It was almost comical at times when they would develop a good chance and then pucks would stick to the ice, hop over sticks, or just plain missread good passes and made bad decisions. 4 Days off and a full moon, its a little weird that the Tigers have a better record on the road this year, as in years past they have been dominant at home.

The Ice played really well in the first two periods and then the Tigers started coming back in the third but things still weren't 100% clicking right. The Tigers got on the board late in the third when Emerson Received a cross ice feed and elimated Nathan Lieuwen's shutout bid with Bunz pulled and an extra attacker on the ice.

The Tigers had one glorious chance where I dont know how they didn't manage to score on. They shot the puck inches wide through the crease, then another tiger picked the puck up and shot it inches wide through the crease again when Lieuwen was down of those games.

Tigers play Kootenay on Friday down in Cranbrook. With the loss tonight calgary remains just 2 points back, and Kootenay is 5 points back.

Saskatoon, Brandon and Regina the 6,7,8 place teams are within 1 point of each other. With 5 games left to go for most teams, who they are going to play in the first round is still wide open for everybody.

MH News Article on the Kootenay game


Anonymous said...

Bunz will need to take this team to the holy land. I don't like our chances without a sensational playoff by #30

Anonymous said...

I thought their game was off, not their usual, we all have an off day, this was theirs. I don't think it is a lack of talent or effort. They will get them back next game!!! Not giving up hope because of one 2-1 loss!!!

longtimefan said...

First of all give credit to Kootenay for playing there game to a tee, but my lord how would you like to be a seasons ticket holder in Cranbrook and have to watch that for 36 games a year. After they got the lead there was no forecheck at all and 5 guys standing in the neutral zone. Had someone sitting beside me last night that doesn't come to many games asking me if all the games were like this. Told him Kootenay probably wasn't the best choice of games to come and see.

TigerTurf said...

Looks like your comment longtime fan was mentioned on Jeff Bromley's ice Chips

Stan said...

Also an exceptional job by Ice coach Knoblauch and staff last night in getting the matchups he wanted all evening despite not having the last change/home ice. Every time Etem was on the ice so were the Leach/Niebrandt d-pairing to limit his time and space.

longtimefan said...

Looks like as many people read the blog as go to the games in Cranny:)

Anonymous said...

Good liuk to tigers against kootney tonight. Honestly I think too much praise is given to Bunz, The goals scored were weak, saves were good but the team and others do deserve more credit. Bunz getting a star player was lame and inconsiderate to others busting their balls.
Bunz or the back up guy will not and cannot always win the game. Tigers fell short but Bunz is not the be all for tigers success this season. My opinion, Just saying.
Go tigers go.
And yes coaches deserve a big cheer for what the have done and good player development for next year. Shawn is a great coach and Brad is silent but true to the players.
Excited for playoffs.
And great turnout at last game fans, keep it going.

Anonymous said...

well i guess the boys figured it out again... boreing game but they figure out to win great

Anonymous said...

OK, I eat my words, Bunz deserves the praise and then some.
He did it ... again.
Bunz will be needed to take team to holy land.
Damn it is good when the players prove me wrong.
Way to go Tigers/Bunz.