Friday, March 2, 2012

Tigers Defeat Giants 6-4

Tigers got off to a rough start but kept battling, and got some key powerplay goals. They played a real good road game and their PK came up big.

Crashing The Crease
Vancouver's Brendan Gallagher was crashing into Tyler Bunz every chance he got. The first two goals Vancouver scored was a result of Gallagher crashing into Bunz.

The first goal Vanocuver scored was when Brendan Gallgaher was given a bump and flew overtop of Bunz pinning Bunz down as the Giants Marek Tvrdon shot into a partially open net.

The second goal looked liked it deflected off something and went five-hole as Gallagher made contact with Bunz' pad cutting cross crease.

After those couple goals Bunz was absolutely livid and started swinging at players as they crashed on top of him. He was called twice for penalties.

Vancouver would get called 3 times for Goaltender Interference throughout the game and by the second period it was becoming a team effort to forcefully remove Vancouver forwards from crashing the net. By the third period everyone that got close was landing on their butt and vancouver stopped pressing as hard.

Powerplay and Penalty Kill
Both came up huge. The Tigers powerplay went 3 for 7.

Their penalty kill was a perfect 7 for 7. The Tigers have struggled on their PK and they did an excellent job on it tonight. Vancouver spent lots of time chasing the puck into their own end, and the Tigers might have even had the better scoring chances.

Chad Butcher, Blake Penner and Kyle Becker all dressed again. They were used sparingly in the last half of the game.

Goal Scorers
Etem (54,55)
Konan (8)
Hart (13)
Bettauer (20)
Leier (13)

Scoreboard Watching
Calgary won in overtime against the Blades so the Tigers remain 4 points up with 1 more game played. Calgary battles Kootenay Saturday night.

The Tigers now get a good 4 days off. Before facing Kootenay in a home and home. By my calculations a combination of 7 Tiger points and/or Kootenay loss of points will give the Tigers home ice in the first round.

Special Night on Wednesday
When Kootenay comes into Town on Wednesday Bob Ridley will have an opportunity to Broadcast his 3000th regular season game.

Apparently it will only be Bob's 2998 regular season game tonight according to the Medicine Hat News.

Tyler Lewington 2 weeks
Spenser Jensen 1 week
Gavin Broadhead 1 week
Cole Grbavac 1 week
Patrik Parkkonen 1 week
Rhyse Dieno 1 month +


longtimefan said...

The first two goals and especially the second one were clearly goaltender interference. Good for Bunz to take matters into his own hands.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the Tigers. Great game boys.

longtimefan said...

I think we as fans need to give our coaching staff props for the job they have done this year. Most so called experts, including myself thought this team would be fighting for a playoff spot this year. It was unsure whether or not we would get Etem back and he has been spectacular (league mvp as far as I'm concerned) and we all knew Tyler Bunz would be a rock in net. Hunter Shinkaruk has had a breakout year and has scored more than anyone thought he would but after that we are an average team at best. These kids game in and game out work extremely hard and once again have treated the fans in this city to another year of great hockey and I think the coaches are a big reason why these young men have had the season they have had.

Anonymous said...

I am not understanding why Vancouvers goals were counted as one of their players were clearly in the crease both times and interfered with Bunzs' ability to save the goal, so why we're they counted?
Good game by the tigers!!!

Anonymous said...

yep, Longtimefan is right. Not much good said when the boys win or do good, and wayyy too much critisizime when they falter . Never mind how I spell it is what is said. Tigers are all doing well. nobody says anything about how well they do but sure speak out if they trip and fall.
I know the arena will be loud when playoffs come , and I hope all cheer for the boy's no matter how they do.
I am nervous and a bit anxious about playoffs. Let's be the difference tiger FANS it is our time to be a player, CHEER LOUD, CHEER POSITIVE, GO TIGERS GO , LET'S ROCK THIS TOWN.

TigerTurf said...

Chad Labelle's Midget Team Calgary Northstars lost out in round 2 of the playoffs to the Calgary Royals.

I expect Labelle will be called back up to the TIgers.