Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tigers Defeat Blades 3-2 OT

Tigers Trevor Cox Returns to the lineup.
Kale Kessy is out

Saskatoon's Michael Burns returns from injury
Saskatoon's Darren Deitz returns from a 1 game Suspension

1st Period
The Tigers started off the game with some real good pressure.

Tigers get on the board first, after some pressure by the Blades Emerson Etem had some room down the right wing side and wristed a shot past Andrei Makarov. 1-0 Tigers

The Blades started putting on lots of pressure. They eventually cracked Tyler Bunz after a boneheaded pass out of thier own zone. Matt Konan fed a cross Ice pass to Cole Grbavac who was a little too slow in turning around to get it. The blades Michael Burns and Lukas Sutter had a 2 on 1 the other way. Not really sure how the puck went in as their was a big pile of bodies in front but it beat Bunz as the net was knocked off. 1-1 Tie

The Tigers would play a little better later in the period as Boston Leier had a chance out front but had the puck poked away. Emerson Etem was left alone in the slot and Makarov stopped him with a nice glove hand.

Late in the first Lukas Sutter Cross checked Hunter Shinkaruk into the net and they were both given co-incidental penalties.

Summary: Blades spent more time in the Tigers zone. The Tigers had a little trouble breaking out. The prime scoring chances were relatively equal. Shots 14-7 for the Blades

2nd Period
Much better period by the Tigers. They came out really hard again. Boston Leier hit the post after Bunz quickly relayed the puck up ice on a Blades change, giving the Tigers a 3 on 1. Leier deked out Makarov but couldn't beat the post. Shots were 14-7 for the Tigers.

No scoring and each team received one power-play. Looks like Makarov has realized the Tigers are trying to go top shelf.

3rd Period

Tigers Grbavac gets called for an iffy penalty. Cole Grbavac ran over Josh Nicholls when he was reaching for the puck mid-ice and gets called for charging after gliding into him.

Emerson Etem Shorthanded goal. Josh Nicholls and Ryan Olsen got caught up at the point, and Emerson Etem had a clear cut breakaway from his own blueline. Emerson goes five-hole.
2-1 Tigers

Bredo gets called for a trip..tigers kill it off with no blade shots on goal.

Blades Tie the Game Up with 3 minutes left. Dalton Thrower throws a soft shot on net. As the puck was coming to the net Matej Stransky cross checked James Bettauer out of the way then popped in the loose puck sitting at the side of the net. 2-2 Tie

Blades started really throwing their weight around and they started getting carried away. Brett Bensen off for charging, after The Tigers couldn't convert on a 3-1 on a delayed call.

Blades started really pressing the tigers late in the period. With 10 seconds left the Tigers get a 3 on 2 rush and Curtis Valk gets hooked down...no call.

Saskatoon Outshoots the Tigers 11-10. Going into Overtime

1st OT

Tigers with massive pressure to start overtime. Curtis Valk hit the post not once but twice.

Blades were on a line change as the puck whipped around the boards in the Tigers end trying to match lines against the Etem Line that just came on. It looked like a blades defense-man pinched in at the point as Bredo One-handed whacked a puck past him against the boards.

It sent Emerson Etem and Hunter Shinkaruk in on a 2 on 1 chance. Emerson Passed over to Shinkaruk waited past a sliding Blades defender and slid a perfect pass over to Emerson Etem who tapped it in on an empty cage. 3-2 Tigers Win

Didn't even realize at first but the OT goal gave Etem a Hat-trick.

Tigers have a 3-0 Series Lead with a chance to Sweep Wednesday Night.

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Anonymous said...

Great job tigers!!!! Go get them next game!!!!

longtimefan said...


Anonymous said...

oh baaaaby!!
Finish them off tomorrow!!!

Didn't expect the Tigers to go up 3 straight.

Anonymous said...

Very impressed with the defensive play of Theriau and Parkkonen. I don't believe they have been scored on in this series even strength.
We need our top pairing of Konan and Bettauer playing stronger defensive zone hockey. Eventually, their lack of defensive zone toughness will be the straw that breaks the camel's back.
Great to see Busenius have a strong game.

TigerTurf said...

I agree Parkkonen and Theriau have stepped it up quite a bit for the Tigers in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

A few too many penalties (other then when Etem scores SH) but a really solid road game! They should be pumped!!! Let's finish it up and come home to heal!!! Hopefully we get a few guys back before next series!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for tonights game! We will see desparation hockey from the Blades so it will be tough, but here is hoping they can stick to the game plan! Go tigers go!!!!