Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tigers Defeat Lethbridge 3-1

First Period
Tigers take a quick 2-0 lead. Some good work behind the net by Hunter Shinkaruk as he found Etem in front who snapped it home. 1-0 Tigers

Ten minutes later the Tigers would increase their lead as Boston Leier made a nice fake, went short side and roofed it on a 2 on 1 play. 2-0 Tigers

Second Period
The Hurricanes would get on the board as Juraj Bezuch snapped one past Tyler Bunz. Bezuch snuck his way into the slot and Russell Maxwell made a perfect pass to him.

Jayden Hart
Jayden Hart was hugging the boards with the puck. Hurricane Tyler Kizuik laid a hit and Hart dropped to the ice. The replay showed Kizuik finishing his check hitting Hart in the back and Jayden's head snapped off the glass. The Lethbridge player was not penalized besides the 5 minutes for fighting after Brendan Hurley came to his defense.

The hit didn't really look that bad, however it was still clearly from behind, and I was a little surprised that their wasn't at least a minor for checking from behind.

Kale Kessy would also receive a game misconduct for presumably trying to teach the ref of his experiences with hits from behind.

Hart was taken out of the game in a stretcher...I would suspect at the very least he has a concussion.

Third Period
Etem hit the post shorthanded in the opening minutes of the period.
Late in the third with the Goalie pulled Lethbridge hit the post after intercepting a pass from Matt Konan. Dylan Bredo would fire a shot down the ice off the post in an empty net attempt.

Etem's 60th
Emerson Etem would pot his 60th of the season on an empty net goal.

EDIT: Sunday 10:45 PM
First Round Matchup Scenario's
Kootenay - Possible
Regina - Possible
Saskatoon - Possible
Brandon - Possible

The Tigers will end up with either the 3rd or 4th seed. With Calgary's Victory over the Rebels on Sunday it eliminates them from a possible first round matchup.

Regina and Brandon play each other twice
Calgary and Kootenay play each other twice.
Saskatoon plays twice against Swift Current.

Tigers Clinch Home Ice
With 89 points Kootenay can no longer pass us in the standings and the Tigers are guaranteed at least the 4th seed for the playoffs.


Anonymous said...

I hope the play is reviewed by the league on the Hart hit, it deserved a penalty!!! I am a little sick of Kessey getting game misconducts.......with him they seem to always go to that, why not just a penalty?!?! I feel bad for him as he was probably arguing that it was from behind and should be called. Certainly, if he has laid the hit he would be out for 10 games!!! Good game by the tigers, pleased with their play, just annoyed with the lack of a call on the Hart hit!!!!

Anonymous said...

Never heard, how is Hart

TigerTurf said...

Looks like he has a concussion. He updated his twitter status a couple hours ago saying he was lying in bed in a dark room.

Anonymous said...

Looked like a bad hit, prob gone for the season. only a guess

Anonymous said...

Kessy got a one game suspension. The guy who made the dirty hit, nothing, of course. He best watch his back in the next game, I hope it is brought to justice on the ice!! Not dirty, but a clean hard hit!

Anonymous said...

If you were to visit, you will be able to watch video of the hit. The hit was obviously not from behind nor was it dirty. That is the reason why absolutely no one from the Tigers bench argued the non-call, why there was no penalty for the hit and why the league didn't issue any supplemental discipline. It is always harder to see clearly when it is one of our guys but the Leth player was in the clear.

A side note I would like to make is that when Hart was taken from the ice and the fans clapped for him the Leth player stood in the penalty box and clapped as well. That was a classy move. Also, I was told by one of the front office staff that the Leth player phoned Hart and apologized for hurting him as that was obviously not his intent and that Hart told him not to worry about it because it wasn't a bad hit and that the whole thing was just a fluke.

I don't think the Leth player needs to worry about watching his back. If our players saw it the way you all did they would have handled that situation in the same game.