Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rebels Defeat Tigers 4-2

WHL Playoff Schedules
Tigers have confirmed the first two dates.

Game 1 - Fri Mar 23 7:30 PM at Medicine Hat
Game 2 - Sat Mar 24 7:30 PM at Medicine Hat

Bob Ridley
Ridley Mentioned on Hockey Night in Canada. His 3000th regular season broadcast was on Saturday when the Tigers faced the Lethbridge Hurricanes.


Emerson Etem WHL & CHL Player of the Week

Kale Kessy
Suspended One Game for his Game Misconduct against Lethbridge. After Jayden Hart was hit from behind, Kessy got tossed from the game before play had resumed.

Patrik Parkkonen
The Medicine Hat News reported that patrik Parkkonen will return to the lineup tonight.

Other Injuries
#5, Tyler Lewington, Lower body, 1 week
#7, Spenser Jensen, Upper body, day to day
#10, Gavin Broadhead, Upper body, 1 week
#19, Jayden Hart, Upper body, 2 weeks
#28, Rhyse Dieno, Upper body, 1 month+
#36, Trevor Cox, Upper body, 1 week

Chad Labelle has also been listed as an addition to the lineup.

Game Thoughts
Not sure if it was just cause I was tired but I thought the game was a little dull up until the third period, yet It was a physical affair with the rebels as it usually is.

The fans were furious at referee Ryan Bonnet.

Bonnet called a holding penalty to Alex Theriau in the 2nd after a rebel player sneakily hugged onto his stick which prompted Bonnet to call Theriau for holding

Tiger fans were even more-so enraged after a series of non-calls including one where Chad Labelle managed to get past a rebel defender who then swung his stick along the ice and tripped Labelle up negating a possible 2 on 1 down low....less than a minute later the rebels Tyson Ness ended up scoring the game winning goal...One of those situations where a non-call is magnified after the other team scored.

Devan Dubyk
I thought Dubyk played really well in net for the rebels. Despite the loss its nice to see him play well. He has put up a respectable .906 save percentage so far with the rebels who are below .500 in the standings.

Scoreboard Watching
The loss opens the door for Calgary to take 3rd. If Calgary can win their game in hand against Lethbridge Wednesday they will be tied in points with the Tigers, and Calgary will have 1 more win which gives them the Tiebreaker. So I guess we are cheering for a Lethbridge win on Wednesday.

Edit: Also quite a few estern Conference games tonight. After the game's are done everyone will have 70 games played, and its likely that However I wouldn't be suprised if the playoff picture still remains murky.

Calgary plays lethbridge and Kootenay(2)
Tigers play Edmonton and Lethbridge.

For the first round who is 3rd and who is 4th may not really matter with the backlog of teams from 6-8th. However It could play a big factor if either of those teams reach round 2 with home ice.

MH News Article


Anonymous said...

So angry about the poor reffing!!!! Hope they are happy that they decided the game!!!

longtimefan said...

Reffing wasn't great but it was another less than stellar effort at home. As bad as our power play looked last night I don't think two more calls would have made any difference. Rebels seemed to want this one more than we did.

TigerTurf said...

I 100% agree

CatFan said...

Do we really want home ice "advantage"? I have much more confidence in them on the road than at home, so maybe it is better we don't get more home games

TigerTurf said...

Catfan I was thinking the same thing..Only kamloops has a better road record than the Tigers. Tied for 12th on their home record.

Although I'd rather see them play live than on the blurry webcast!

Anonymous said...

I think the non call made a difference in this case as Red Deer would have been short handed when they scored the winning goal. But agreed, we could have taken matters into our own hands and scored on a pp or with a little effort, scored at even strength!

Anonymous said...

I hope all the Bunz and Etem thing settles before playoffs, Tigers will need all lines performing, and this game is an indication.
Maybe rest the vets for the playoffs, and let those that performed earlier get tuned in?
Let's go Tigers and hoping injured are doing better, we could use as many horses as we got.

Anonymous said...

Good idea "rest" the vets, especially when they play like they did last night...sit them on the bench if they arent producing results some nights, regardless of age

longtimefan said...

Pretty hard to sit anyone when there are 5 guys sitting in the stands already.

Anonymous said...

how can anyone be getting on bunz and etem.. etem has 60 goals this year and bunz has two losses in 12 starts.. you guys need to relax.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the person was getting on bunz, etem. They say to rest them for playoffs.
But it is unfair to say bench vets. Not happening, short players already. But they may be tired?