Friday, September 21, 2012

Lethbridge Defeats the Tigers 4-2

 Game Scratches
Kenny Cameron
Mat Staples
Gavin Broadhead
Blake Penner
Alex Theriau
Cole Sanford

First Period
Tigers start off the game with a bang.  Jayden Hart took a big hit coming into the zone, and It created a 2 on 1 down low.  Boston Leier made a perfect cross crease pass after getting the goalie to commit, and Kale Kessy had a wide open net. 1-0 Tigers

Dylan Busenius vs Tyler Wong

Not sure how it developed but It was a short fight as Busenius connected with 2 strong shots and knocked Tyler Wong off his feet. Decision: Busenius

I thought the Tigers looked really good in the first period. The canes might have had a bit of nerves being at home, but I thought the Tigers had the edge in play.

Second Period
The Tigers started off the second period pretty strong in the opening minutes. Both Dylan Busenius and Kyle Becker loaded up on a couple point shots. The Hurricanes would take a time-out soon after to relieve the pressure and the momentum changed 180 degrees.

Spenser Jensen's pass out of the zone was picked off, and the play ended with Jensen in the box.
Lethbridge would score on the powerplay. The puck looked to be going wide then Hurricane Brady Ramsay tipped it in Past Marek Langhamer. 1-1 Tie

7 Minutes later on a bit of a broken play Canes' Jamal Watson threw a puck in front when he looked to be going behind the net. The puck somehow hit something in front and the Hurricanes had their first lead of the game. 2-1 Hurricanes

The Canes would take a 2 goal lead shorthanded less than a minute later. Sam Mckechnie walked out with the puck from behind the net. Marek Langhamer missed a lazy pokecheck and McKechnie shot it Five-Hole. 3-1 Hurricanes

Third Period
 Tigers came out with all kinds of pressure again through the first ten minutes.
Dylan Busenius point shot was tipped by Jayden Hart and it Beat Ty Rimmer. 3-2 Hurricanes

Late in the Game the Tigers had numerous chances in close, but couldn't solve Rimmer.
The Canes would get an empty netter to salt the game game away.
Final Score: Lethbridge 4 Tigers 2

Tigers Outshot the Canes: 38-22.

Watching on the webcast it looked like Curtis Valk, Dylan Busenius, and Kale Kessy had pretty strong games.
Next Up: Tigers Home Opener Saturday Night.

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Anonymous said...

Businius Ryckman Hart and Leier were good , watching the game live , they had Rimmer who was the difference tonight,

Hkystix said...

Will take time with so much change in the line up. Oh well, regroup and get them tomorrow!!'

LL said...

My buddy who was at the game said Businius and Boston looked brutal, he said "Businius reminds me of that isherwood guy" (he use to watch the games back then) he also noted and said Mareks puck handling skills were just horrible and that Hunter (no surpise here) looked horrible without his buddy Etem
Judging by the score and the reviews i read it seems he was spot on for everything

Mark said...

Was your buddy drunk at the game??? Busenius had a great game! He will be exciting to watch this year. It was nice to see him have he fight in him tonight.

Anonymous said...

Your buddy was drunk. Bus was good. In addition, he was drunk as it was 3-2 until the empty net goal. That's called a close game. Good thing he stopped watching hockey when he did as he did not know much.
Hunter had some nice shots on net. Nope, did not score but it is game one, ease up buddy!

LL said...

again he said he reminded him of isherwood good offensively horrible in his own zone but of course your lack of brain cells cant put that together

Anonymous said...

Ya, still, 3-2 game until the empty net. Have your friend sign on and define how he came to that conclusion "hedging by the score". Just asking for you to use to brain cells and back up your statement.

Anonymous said...

"Judging by the score" - sorry

Anonymous said...

And go Tigers go!!!! Still a believer!!!

Anonymous said...

Shots were 38-22, simply looks like one team had better goaltending on the night. Nothing to worry about UNLESS the Tigers get beat the same way at the Arena Sat. night. And if Shinkaruk is held off the scoresheet again. Then some small alarms can start to go off.

Anonymous said...

Just saw the highlights the 2nd and 3rd goals Marek Langhamer let in looked like really soft ones he should have had.

Anonymous said...

That shorthanded goal was pretty shocking. He will be watching video on that one!! Yikes!