Thursday, September 6, 2012


Last Edit: Sept 7th, 3:00 MTN

Looks like Ryley Wozniak (16) has been sent down. His name doesn't appear on the whl or Tigers website anymore.

I was away on Holidays and had no access to internet. Comments are now on moderation mode due to comments getting out of hand.

Exhibition Games.
Tigers lost 3-1 to Calgary. Tigers outshot calgary 35-24

Their were some fisticuffs in this game as 2 Hitmen players were suspended after the game.

Tigers had 3 young "vets" playing (Cox,Dieno,Jensen) Calgary had roughly 8-9 vets playing

Tigers lost 5- 0 to P.G
Tigers only had 3 young "vets"(cox,lewington,hart) as well as late season callups Chad Labelle, Kyle Becker, and Gavin Broadhead. PG had "8-9 vets"

Here is the last known roster, taken from Alan Caldwell's Small Thoughts At Large

Medicine Hat Tigers (32):

Goaltenders (5): Kenny Cameron (19), Dawson McAuley (18), Kellan Williams (16), Marek Langhamer (18)

Defencemen (10): Kyle Becker (18), Dylan Busenius (19), Daniel Hansen (17), Brennan Hunker (17), Spenser Jensen (17), Tyler Lewington (18), Nathyn Mortlock (16), Matt Staples (17), Ty Stanton (17), Alex Theriau(20)

Forwards (17): Dylan Bredo (19), Gavin Broadhead (17), Chad Butcher (16), Trevor Cox (17), Rhyse Dieno (19), Jacob Doty (19), Jayden Hart (18), Kale Kessy (20), Miles Koules (18), Chad Labelle (17), Boston Leier (19), Alex Mowbray (16), Steven Owre (16), Blake Penner (16), Cole Sanford (17), Hunter Shinkaruk (18), Curtis Valk (19)


Alan Caldwell did an age breakdown of every teams roster after Main Camp. The Tigers have traditionally been near the top in age consistently the last few years. This year they have the 2nd youngest average age at 17.63 years. The roster isn't set yet, and its likely that the age will increase slightly.

Roster Notes
It's good news that Marek Langhamer has came over to play for the Tigers. Someone mentioned in the comments that Darren Kruger said he expected him to be here Thursday Night.

I don't expect the roster being settled until the roster cut-down day in October. Clouston's first year as a GM is gonna come with some really tough decisions, but we will get more into that after the exhibition game on Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

why is it saying in every game sheet that you get a game misconduct when you fight for every fight? is that an exhibition thing or do they mean a 10 minute?

Anonymous said...

I heard that Langhamer looks real good out there. He moves quick! Great to see him here!!

Anonymous said...

Saw him down at the arena for practice, he sure looks quick! Real good to see, will be some good competition in goal. Regardless of whether it is Kenny or Dawson as backup, we will be pretty solid in goal. Looks like a great young team! Go tigers go!

Anonymous said...

Good game vs Lethbridge, first line gets 13pts and has some nice chemistry going. Langhamer gave up two quick ones in his second half of the game but then shut the door. Tigers are starting to take shape. Oh and Becker 4 assists, nice surprise.

Anonymous said...

reese deeno and jayden hart arent on twitter any more