Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tigers Defeat Lethbridge 8-4

I think this has happened a few years in a row now. Lethbridge has come to the Arena in exhibition and got their socks knocked off. Tigers led 5-1 at one point, the canes scored 3 straight goals to make it 5-4, but the Tigers pulled ahead.

Not dressed.
Ty Stanton
Kellan Williams
Dawson MacAuley
Daniel Hansen
Alex Theriau
Chad Butcher
Trevor Cox
Chad Labelle
Steven Owre
Cole Sanford

Tigers had their big guns dressed at forward.


Marek Langhamer
First look at Marek Langhamer. He entered the game midway through the second period. He stopped one real good chance then let in a couple quick goals.

My first impression of him was that he looked a bit raw. His goal stick is very short, and he likes to stay in his net.

Both goalies were solid out there.

Kyle Becker
I was pretty impressed with Kyle Becker. The first 2 Tigers goals were off his point shots that were deflected in the net. He is very calm and poised on the back-end, and does all the little things right. He ended the night with 4 assists and a +4 rating.

Jacob Doty
Type of player where the puck doesn't seem to follow him. He was tossed in the second period for a checking to the head major. I didn't see the hit, but its likely that a suspension will come off of it. Not a good start for him

Spenser Jensen and Matt Staples
I thought they had tough nights communicating with each other. They gave up some goals because of it.

Curtis Valk, Hunter Shinkaruk, Miles Koules
Combined for 12 points and a +13 rating.

We know what Valk and Shinkaruk can bring. Koules is kinda like a silent killer all a sudden he is in the slot rifling a shot on net.

Tyler Lewington
Got into a tussle with Brady Ramsay of Lethbridge. I'd say it was a draw. it was a hugging match untill Lewington got his left free and threw a couple and lost his balance with Ramsay landing on top of him

Kale Kessy
Showed some patience with the puck along the boards and created a bit of space, I like to see that.

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Anonymous said...

i thought Marek looked way better than Kenny, rebound control was killer for kenny and Marek moves so well in his the Doty hit was clean it was a clear shoulder on shoulder the guy didnt see it coming and is about 50 pounds lighter than Doty so it no wonder why he got thrown into the boards if he would of hit him to the head there would of been a way different physics to the hit and i was right in front of the hit 100% shoulder to shoulder but I love that Doty wasnt in the 3rd because it shows his presence after he left they started chirping and whacking at Hunter when Doty was out there nobody was taking shots or chirping at other players and no a single man on lethbridge did anything when Doty destroyed that Dman its a very good presence to have in the playoffs and especially with hunter in the line up

TigerTurf said...

Lethbrdige sure payed a lot of attention to Shinkaruk after the whistle as well.

Anonymous said...

So we can see tonight that without Etem Hunter still has what it takes - should silence the nay-sayers. Koules is an awesome addition, sure plays well with Hunter. It looked like they had played together last year. I was impressed with the chemistry on that line.
Valk was outstanding, really stepping it up, was happy to see him with an "A" on his jersey, well deserved!
Mareck, do not forget, played that game without his own equipment, that to me makes a big difference, so I would like to see more of this in pads that he is comfortable in! But played well while he was out there - looked a bit nervous at the start but settled down.
It was interesting the "A" choices, not sure if that gives us an idea of who may have a "C" on their jersey but I thought they were well appointed!
Thrilled that hockey is back and really impressed with the guys who played tonight, mistakes were made but I thought they played exceptional! The young guys did not look out of place. The tigers have tough decisions in who to cut - but I think we will have a good team this year, young but with talent. Second half of the season should be real good!
Good job boys! Go tigers go!

TigerTurf said...

Yes not having your regular equipment as a goalie is probably pretty huge. I liked his alertness he showed in net as well.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Doty will help much if he is sitting, we need his presence on the ice for sure, but discipline may be a factor? I thought Kenny was the better goalie, some key saves and hung to dry with give aways, sniped. Not sure how rebound control was a killer? Both goalies will be good for the Tigers. Defense will tighten up I hope. Offence Wow , But it is preseason. we will see. Nice start boys. This was fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Becker is the real deal! Plays with such patience and puck control. Reminds me a bit of a Russell type player who looks so comfortable with the puck. He made things look easy!

Anonymous said...

Who were Bredo's line mates tonight ? And with the "A" s out there, who do you think will get the "C"?

Anonymous said...

That was a horrible call by the refs no way it was 5 and a game you hit some guy that much smaller than you hes going to fly and last time i checked there is no penalty for being naturally bigger

Anonymous said...

Tiger Turf, you had no notes on Busenius! He played on his toes and jumped up into the rush and created some good opportunities. It was great to see him be aggressive and battle hard along the boards. He has a killer point shot. The tigers looked great out there tonight. Looking forward to the season beginning!

Anonymous said...

Nice chemistry and sharing of the puck on that first line, they were a pleasure to watch. Valk improved his finish greatly.
On a side note, was funny watching one of the scratched cane players looking at pictures of girls on his phone during the game, don't think he will be going anywhere in his hockey career lol.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, the Tigers all looked good considering it is the first game for many, they were probably were more anxious to play then us fans. Loud crowd, nice to hear.

Tigs1010 said...

Tigers went out and got 20 year old defenseman Derek ryckman from tri city for a draft pick!

Anonymous said...

In a less than shocking move Medicine Hat added some experience on the back end this afternoon picking up 20 year old Derek Ryckman from Tri-City.