Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tigers Defeat Giants 5-1

 Before the game Cam Lanigan was named WHL Goalie of the Month.

Vancouver Trades
Vancouver had a different lineup as they traded away their star defenceman David Musil yesterday, as well as 18 year old Austin Vetterl before the game. In their lineup was former Oil King Mason Geertson.

 The Victory Tonight brings the Tigers winning streak up to 5 games.

Period Thoughts

I thought the Tigers had a really good first period and the score could have been 5-1 after the first, and the giants were lucky to come out down just one goal.

The second period was a different story as the Tigers fell asleep a little. Lanigan made some solid stops to keep the Tigers in the lead.

Jayden Hart, and Trevor Cox put on a highlight 2 on 1 just before the end of the second period to help get that momentum back on the Tigers side.

In the third period the Giants had a goal disallowed after Video Replay determined the puck was knocked in with a high stick.

In the third it was Hunter Shinkaruk scoring twice on a perfectly placed shot on a mini-break and a rebound goal to cement the 5-1 victory.

In the second period after Elgin Pearce created a turnover and scored unassisted, Giants Goalie Liam Liston looked to be in a lot of discomfort. It looked like Liston pulled a back or leg muscle as he could not stand up without support, and had to be taken out of the game in favor of Tyler Fuhr.

 I thought Can Lanigan played really well, and even though the Tigers won 5-1 it could have been a very different game if the giants popped one in during that second period. Lanigan leads the league in goals against, and save percentage........Pretty damn good trade for a 7th round pick.

Heard scouting reports say he was prone to giving up bad goals or bad games, but we haven't seen a trace of that as of yet. 

Kale Kessy
 Kale Kessy played well in his return to the arena knocking in the only Giants goal . Both Tiger Defencemen went to take him out, and resulted in a Giants Breakaway. Lanigan stopped the shot but the rebound laid at the side of the net in between a couple Tigers who didn't realize the puck was at their feet. Kessy skated by and swiped it into the net.

I thought the Tigers defenceman played really well in making sure Kessy wasn't barging in on Lanigan. During his Tiger days he would do this quite often and the Tigers Dmen solidly kept tabs on him from doing so.

Kessy and Bredo had a bit of a thing going, as they seemed to be giving it to each other whenever they were close by.

Everyone played fairly well, however I thought Miles Koules was off his game tonight. I thought he lost a lot of the small battles and could have played better.

Jake Doty
With his goal tonight Doty matched his previous seasonal high in points with his 7th point in 18 games.

What's Next
The Tigers take on a surging Lethbridge team Friday Night in Lethbridge. It could be a goaltenders battle as Ty Rimmer is sporting a .921 save percentage through 17 games played.


Anonymous said...

Good 2 points I wish Koules was more gritty cutting inside with speed instead of skating it in the long way! Broadhead and Labelle with hits of the night way to stir them up line 4!

Anonymous said...

I thought bredo leier doty line was very good again . Koules will need to pick up his game 5 on 5 ,

longtimefan said...

The disallowed goal was in the first minute of the third period not the second. Good effort tonight, really liked the play of the 4th line. They were physical and really gave the Ginots fits in their end. Lanigan made some terrific saves in the second to keep us ahead. I look for him tostart again tomorrow and the Langhammer on Sunday against Kootenay.

TigerTurf said...

Right Changed...

Anonymous said...

Langhammer is already scheduled to start in Kootenay? I just do not trust him in net, wish we had an alternative. Sure would not have him back next year.
Love the play of the first line and of the Doty line. I like that Doty is finding the back of the net.
Labelle and Broadhead are fun to watch! Broadhead proved tonight why he is here. I think they will be fan favourites in the near future.
Great game! Above .500 and now sitting in 3rd. Wow, what a 5 game win streak does! Congrats boys!

Anonymous said...

Nice seeing Hunters second goal. Nice nice goal!

Anonymous said...

The game tonight reaffirmed why Pearce is so much better then Kessy. He just is. Trading Kessy was such a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow night will be one big game. Tender vs tender and it will be hard fought. They can't slump in the second like they did tonight

Anonymous said...

Still think Hunter is no good??? Beauty goal on his second. Goal scorers goal. Nice work!
Was glad to see that other then the lucky goal for Kessy that Pearce is a far superior forward and getting Pearce and getting rid of Kessy was well worth it!

Anonymous said...

Inside Scoop: Great game tonight. Some key goals when we needed them. Lanigan is keeping us alive. He keeps this up, he will be a sinch for MVP.
Lewy and Ricky had very good games on our backend. Still too many shots getting through to Lanigan.
Bredo, Doty, and Leiersy were awesome.

Theriau will be back in the lineup this weekend. If I'm a betting man, he will play at home on Sunday vs Kootenay.

How about the play of Elgin Pearce? He has been a huge addition to this team as well. He is showing great leadership, and is an excellent playmaker.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:13 and 12:20 you really are a piece of work and not a good one at that. Just can't give Kale K any credit even though he served the team wellfor a long time. Just can't admit you were taken to the woodshed over your comments previously and now you just have to keep sticking with your tired, bitter jealous comments.

Anonymous said...

FYI- Kale Kessy asked for a trade!!! He didn't want to be with the Tigers anymore!

Anonymous said...

Jealous.....did not think anon 11:13 or 12:20 were either. They were simply comparing an old player to a new one. The new guy was the better player on the ice tonight. There was no harsh words, just a straight up comparison from both. I think that is fine. I too agree, Pearce looked like the better 20 year old tonight. No knock against Kessy.

Dan said...

Tired? Bitter? Jealous? Did I miss something in the anon's comments? Kessy had a good game. Pearce appeared to the the better player tonight. Both good guys I think.

DDD said...

Don't think there was much bitterness in those comments there Anon 9:10. I have to say, I really like how our team looks. Sometimes things just come together and right now I really appreciate every guy on the team. You can have great players but you have to click as a team and that seems to be happening. Sometimes a fresh start is what guys need and Doty, Pearce and Lanigan are sure taking advantage of that! I agree that Pearce seems to fit this team better then Kessy but I hope that Kessy too finds that a fresh start is what he needs and can fit in with the team in Van well! Go tigers go! Can't wait for the game tonight, gonna be a tough one!

Stan said...

Wouldn't be surprised to see Theriau traded to Kootenay now that they are short an overager and our current 3 playing overages are doing very well.

Anonymous said...

Ya, tough one, hard to break up a team who is playing well together. As for Kessy, he probably thought he needed a fresh start somewhere where he was not so noticable to the WHL. Where the teams and refs don't know him as well. Nothing wrong with that. He stats are still better with the Tigers, so he certainly gave up to go. Either way, Pearce is where it is at now. I like our team, I think they are all happy to be here. The leadership is good and apparently it is a great vibe in the dressing room! So happy to hear that! Happy teams are winning teams!

Anonymous said...

Wanted to say that Bus played well again. He had some rocky games but has made adjustments. Good on him! Keep it up kid!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 12:20 Kale K got another lucky goal against Kootenay last night (on Nov 3). Then he got two lucky assists. One of 3 stars. Lucky to get that! Man that kid is lucky! Just lucky all the way around as I see it!