Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Scoreboard Watching

 By the time you read this on Thursday their will be 10 days left in the regular season. 1st Round playoff matchups are still all up in the air.

Last Night the Broncos lost to Moose Jaw 2-1.
So It gives the Tigers a game in hand on 6th place, but they face a tough blades team on Friday.

Lethbridge continues their free fall and lost to Red Deer.

The Tigers only need a combo of 3 points gained/ lethbridge points lost to at least force a tiebreaker game for the 8th spot. 4 points to guarantee a playoff birth.

Red Deer's pair of victories also means the Tigers can no longer catch them. If the Tigers should make the playoffs, it is now certain they will start them on the road.

It is still possible that the Tigers could face any of the top 4 teams in the first round should they make the playoffs.


Anonymous said...

There had been a number of posts asking if Ty Schultz had signed with the Tigers - it appears he has, see the Tigers website March 6. Good to hear, he is a good talent.

TigerTurf said...

Good News!

TigerTurf said...

No recaps Tonight. The Tigers absolutely sucked in the defensive zone, although they did generate lots offensively.

It looked like they worked on their power-play as the D were shooting frequently.

They gave up 2 shorthanded goals including a shorthanded 5 on 3 goal. Combine that with the dump in that bounced right into the slot for a blades mini breakaway, and its an even game.

Lethbridge also lost so the Tigers need 2 points gained or 2 lethbridge points lost to secure a playoff birth.

TigerTurf said...

Kootenay lost as well.

If PA beats the Tigers Saturday 5th place becomes out of reach.

Anonymous said...

I swear I dont know why Clouston continues to send out the same PP unit when they have been the worst out there. They have given up more short handed or empty net goals because there isn't enough defensive effort by that line. Lanigan seems to be off his game the several out also. If playoffs are going to be anything more than OUT IN 4, the team as a whole needs to step up and be the BEST PLAYERS OUT THERE EVERY SHIFT! Every shift starts with the first shift and then build on it each time the feet hit the ice.

Is it me or has Clouston broke the spirit of the team? There seems to be so much incohesiveness between them. They were a well oiled team and if you watch him throughout the game, he is always ripping someone a new A/hole. That might explain some of the inconsistency.

Anonymous said...

Easy for you to say behind a's your junior career going? I thought so

Anonymous said...

TigerTurf Question for you, with how the season has gone and looking into next years 20 year old situation you can guarantee Bredo and Valk (unless signed which is extremely unlikely) who do you think we should keep Doty or Boston. Personally i think it comes down to if that player is replaceable, Boston can be hot/cold but i think Labelle or even Broadhead could fill his position very nicely and as for Doty i dont see any Tiger prospect forward that is not only that big but can do the policemen role any better. Your thoughts?

longtimefan said...

Not Tiger Turf but I'll answer the question, Leir, no question.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:57, if you think Lier is easily replaced by Broadhead or Labelle simply because of the physical play and energy they all bring to the game, you do not know the game well. Lier, at a solid 4th in team scoring has been one of the more consistent players on the team. Beside that, Lier brings intangibles to the game such as leadership, heart and he is well liked and respected on the team. The Tigers are in tough, but a good tough with all 5 of the 20 year olds that they have to choose from next year. Bring on the playoffs!!!!

TigerTurf said...

That's a tough decision.

I think Valk has a good shot at either getting drafted or getting signed after the draft.

Then its up the to the NHL team as to where they want to put him.

Until Valk's status for next season is known its a decision the Tigers won't have to look at for a while.

If it comes down to Valk, Bredo, Doty, and Leier are all back....

I would wait until I see what the players bring next season.

At this point I don't know what I would do. Depends on what the team looks like, and how the players improve next season.

I would probably give an edge to Leier. I think he is more capable of playing top 6 minutes, and will probably put up a PPG pace.

I respect Doty a lot. I think he is the smartest forward enforcer I have ever seen from the Tigers. I think a guy like Doty could also bring in a lot of value in a trade.

Anonymous said...

Valk is here next year, not question, he will not be pulled up to pro, too small right now, needs more development. Also, unless he was a first rounder (which is not going to happen) then he will stay - so he is in MH - so would take that out of the equation. It is now Valk, Bredo and who? I would not want to make the decision. I think Broadhead and Labelle would be able to fill the Boston role on the ice but can they in the dressing room? But Doty has become pretty important on the team.......but trade bait and the fact that we can probably pick up an enforcer for cheap. I addition, I have been watching practice - there are a couple extra guys on the ice, one is damned big!! Anyone know who the mystery guys are?? I count 2 or 3.

TigerTurf said...

Valk being back next year isn't a guarantee, but his size may help his chance of being back here for another year.

If he gets picked up by an nhl club the Tigers will be at the mercy of the NHL club who picks him up. Often times the organizations depth will determine where a guy like Valk will play.

I would assume the guys in camp. Nathan Mortlock...the midget AAA Tiger are done.

THe other is probably the new D man they recently signed 6'5 Scott Allan, I heard he was in town.

I would expect some prospects to get called up as their Minor League teams are done.