Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tigers Take Game Three 5-2

The Tigers came out with a huge first period. 4 First period goals in route to a 5-2 victory.
I thought the Tigers did an excellent job with getting the puck out of their zone on the first try, and creating offense from it.

They chased Andrey Makarov from the net after the first period. 

The blades looked to switch up their attack in the second period and scored a couple goals but the Tigers made a small adjustment and continued to get chances. In the second period the blades looked to be playing desperate hockey however looked a little spent in the third period.

Josh Nicholls of the blades is probably likely to be suspended for game 4. He gave Shinkaruk a 2 handed slash to the back of the leg after the game ended. He was given a 5 minute major and game misconduct. If the blades go out in four that could carry over to the memorial cup.

Tigers will go for the series clincher tomorrow night!
The arena was a couple hundred fans short of a sellout.


Anonymous said...

Good job Tigers The blades are the armpit of the league!!

Stix said...

Unclassy slash on Shinkaruk at the end of the game by 21 and also the running of Lanigan. But I guess that is what teams on the verge of elimination do - if they can't win by playing real hockey then you see that crap. Well, hope 21 enjoys the view from the stands! Should be a good one! Gotta stick to the game plan, play simple Tiger hockey!
Also, impressed with how the coaches calmed the boys down after the second, they we back to tiger hockey in the third. Lets keep it up for 3 more periods!!
Go tigers go!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am expecting one rough game tomorrow. I don't think it will go as smooth as the last 3. Blades will be desperate, if they lose one more they can say good-bye to a mem cup, so they will throw everything at the Tigers. Good luck boys, it can be done, but gotta stay with the game plan and not take too many penalties!

Anonymous said...

He's getting way more than a couple of games he's looking 12+ attempt to injure, end of the game, 5 minute major that's serious stuff and the league will come down hard on him and set an example

Anonymous said...

Great game tigers! Was such a proud fan! S'toon has always played a bit of the thug card, protect our goalie!! Or send Doty to return the favor!
Go tigers go!!!!!
Lanigan - you are a champ, pro contract coming your way for sure!

Anonymous said...

Come on, let's fill up the barn and making it so loud the Blades can not think straight!!!

dengel2002 said...

Big shoutout to Ryckman. I was hard on him throughout season. He is playing amazing defense and chipped in with a couple helpers. Id have given him a game star for sure.
Here is some food for thought. Molleken canned, get a new guy in to prepare for the Mem cup. Plausible?

Anonymous said...

Go Tigers Go! Part of me is torn with no response to Burns running Lanigan last night, but I understand not giving the Blades anything to rally around. Best revenge would be a sweep tonight in game 4!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if that meathead Nicholls gets suspended does it carry over to the Mem Cup if it is a big suspension?
Sure be embarrassing for the CHL if he does that trick after getting blasted by one of the League champions in round robin play if it isn't a big suspension

TigerTurf said...

I agree Dengel I thought Ryckman had an oustanding game, and should have been given a star.

The blades forum is awhack with rumours saying Mollekin is done if the blades get ousted in 4 however blades fans tend to carryout tons of rumours.

Nothing has been announced yet in regards to any possible suspension for Nicholls. @ 12:55 mtn time.

TigerTurf said...

Shinkaruk looked to be OK. Their was no injury, however the Intent was sickening.

With the possible suspension lingering on towards the memorial cup it will be interesting to see what they give him.

They'll probably announce a tbd suspension then look at it tomorow after seeing what happens in tonights game.

They usually announce their suspensions right after lunch.