Friday, March 15, 2013

Tigers Vs Saskatoon in Round 1

PA won, Swift Won, and Kootenay lost.


longtimefan said...

Really getting into playoff mode giving up 8 goals and 51 shots. Top line a -12, nice.

Anonymous said...

You are forgetting to mention that they did give 48 shots. Goaltending was the problem. He will get sorted out and get back to his winning ways!

Anonymous said...

They bring that effort into that Blades series and not only will they get beaten out in 4 games, every single game will be a blow out. Saskatoon is a memorial cup team and tigers need to bring a A+ effort and not take any periods off like they do or this team will put goals up in the board within minutes. Good season they played but these is a giant mountain to climb and a big physical team like Saskatoon is the worst possible matchup for a small Tigers team

Anonymous said...

Tigers totally outplayed and dominated by the Canes. They better figure out something by next week or a short playoff awaits.

Anonymous said...

New day, new game, let's go boys!!

Anonymous said...

Tigers in Lethbridge, Mar 15, 2013

Hockey games are SIXTY minutes?

The teams combined for 44 shots in the third period! There was definitely some fight left in the cat. Clouston was yelling up and down the bench starting :17 into the third period. He looked like he was going to have a heart attack; yet it made absolutely no difference.

The Hurricanes were going to make it all up to themselves and to their fans for their entire pathetic season in one period of this one hockey game, and there was nothing the Tigers could do about it.

The Canes will have no such motivation tonight in Medicine Hat so if the Tigers get up by two goals again, the Canes will turtle pretty quick.