Monday, July 22, 2013

New Import Markus Eisenschmid

It's been a while, and yes and this is some old news but I dug up some info on the newest Tiger.
German Import Markus Eisenschmid

The MH News mentioned that Clouston was assured 100% that he is coming over, and I just read a german article where his former Team's Coaches have also stated that he will play in North America for his development.

Last year Markus played in the German Men's league and scored 7 points in 39 games as a 17 year old.
He also split time with ESV Kaufbeuren and put up 18 points in 19 games with 34 penalty minutes in their junoir league.

Eisenschmid is listed at 6 feet 172 lbs on Elite

Markus was ranked as the 57th best prospect on NHL Central Scouting Final Euro List, and 53rd on the Mid-Term rankings, but went undrafted, as did ranked Tigers Spenser Jensen, Ty Stanton, and Curtis Valk.

Last year Markus suffered an early season injury and his Junoir team had to play in different Arena's as it had contructions issues and was shut down. He was used in a scorer role, but when he moved up to the German Men's league he was given a defensive shutdown 3rd/4th line type role.

For his overall potential it is too early to see if he can be a scorer, or more of a 3rd line grinder. Reports say he is a pretty all-around good offensive player. I did read that Eisenshmid has a feistyness/proud aspect to his game, but could get a little stronger. Markus does have a tendency of sometimes looking a bit lethargic on the ice and like all euro's it may take him some time to adjust to the quickness of the CHL game, but he has an offensive upside that hopefully the Tigers can get out of him.

 At the under 18's he was a player that liked to pass the puck instead of shoot, and seemed to play better being a centreman.  He has been used on both the powerplay and penalty kill, so he has some flexibility to where he can play.  He will probably have a shot at playing with Germany for the WJC championship if he gets off to a good start.

With the depth the Tigers have, hopefully he can prove to put up some points on the second line.
Prior to the draft it sounded like he has made up his mind about crossing the ocean and is exciting about playing here.

MH News Article


Anonymous said...

I usually like the Euros on the team however, this year I feel like we have so many prospects with potential, I almost wish we would have just kept Langhammer and given the forward position to a prospect.
Still interested to see what happens to the overage player from the US college system. I like the crop of potential 20 year old next year and am unsure I would give any of them up for an unknown dman.

Anonymous said...

Unrelated to this post, but any ideas if Bo Didur is able to play for the Tigers next year if he has signed on with the Surrey Eagles of the BCHL? I thought this kid had a good shot at making the team as back-up.

TigerTurf said...

Good question I don't know if this is a backup route in case he doesnt make the Tigers as a 16 year old, or if he intends on keeping his options open by going the bchl route.

It is very hard to crack a whl goalie spot as a 16 year old.

I'm just thinking out loud here but.....

If you look at long term planning for the Tigers goaltending position. It may be better to have a guy like keelan williams/robidoux (17) backup this year, with Bo(16) getting good ice in the bchl. Then next year when langhamer is gone, you have williams/robidoux(18) and Bo(17)

But I haven't seen Bo play, or the development of the other goaltenders so I don't know how ready he is, but I do hope he comes to camp.

If anyone does know, dont be afraid to leave an anonymous comment.

Anonymous said...

Call me crazy, but I cannot believe we put all our eggs in the Langhamer basket. Personally I'm not impressed by this goalie. Trade bait IMO. Tigers did not give McCaulley a chance, now stuck with left overs. Euro is out weakest link.

Anonymous said...

There is an upcoming goalie camp, I think it is at the beginning of August. If you want to check them out your have the chance!

Anonymous said...

I do not mind Langhammer. I thought he improved an amazing amount last year. There were games where he was brilliant. I think he has the ability. We will have to see when he is put in the position being #1 but he also will have more ice time, which usually helps a goalie.

Anonymous said...

McCaully relied on his size completely and did not have many other attributes in net. Plus, I heard from a reliable source that he was lazy with training. Not going to be a starter without the work, best he moved on.

longtimefan said...

Anon 4:13 your comment regarding Dawson McCauley is completely false. The team gave him the opportunity to come in here and compete for a job and he dropped the ball by being out of shape two camps ago and frankly he was horrible last year when given the chance.

Anonymous said...

Langhamer has improved rapidly he didn't even know butterfly style and his second half stats were that of a starter not to mention the D played horrible first half of the season if you can't clear puck in front of the net it won't matter what goalie you have in there

Anonymous said...

Interesting point about the 16 year old. You are probably right, I was just guessing he would step in as he was a stand out at camp. But it is true that a 17 year old probably could not carry the starting job the following year.
Any word on the dman we now have from the US college system? I wonder if he will come to camp and a decision will be made there.