Thursday, May 8, 2014

Langhamer Signs with Phoenix, Kruger Promoted

The Medicine Hat Tigers are pleased to announce that 19 year old goaltender Marek Langhamer has signed an entry level contract with the NHL Phoenix Coyotes. The Czech born Langhamer was drafted by the Coyotes in 2012, 184th overall.

Marek was in the Tigers office on Wednesday to put pen to paper on his new deal, tweeting a photo out while saying "I’m really excited to become a part of Phoenix Coyotes organization. Also wanna thank @tigershockey and my family." 

Langhamer put up impressive numbers during the second half of the season but his best work came representing his country at the IIHF World Junior Championships. Langhamer and his Czech Republic teammates defeated Team Canada in a shootout, with Marek stopping 25 saves plus 2 in the shootout. It was the Czech Republic's first win against Canada in 15 games. 

The confidence Langhamer gained from the World Juniors followed him to Medicine Hat and into the final months of his WHL season. He finished with a 2.58 goals against average and .913 save percentage, both among the top 10 in the league.

Langhamer said about his hard work "“It doesn’t happen every day. It was a great feeling. It’s hard to put into words; it’s a dream come true for me.”

Marek will head to Phoenix for their camp next fall and has the eligibility to return as a 20 year old to the Tigers. Fans are hoping to see the Czech in the pipes for next season!

Great Job Marek!!

He was instrumental in the Tigers success during the stretch run and playoffs. He has improved sooooo much over his tenure here. 
Very athletic and can move side to side very well. He had issues on medium to long range shots in the early to mid-season, but it seemed like he flicked a switch and it wasn't an issue.  signing a contract means Phoenix can put him in the pro's next season, however their has been strong indiciations that he will return to the Tigers as an overage 20yr old goaltender....the last of the Euro 'Tenders

Darren Kruger Promoted!

Medicine Hat Tigers announce this afternoon the promotion of Darren Kruger to the position of Senior Director, Player Development effective immediately.


longtimefan said...

Little curious about the move for Darren. Thought his passion was coaching and I know the players liked him. I know Clouston and he did not always see eye to eye so I'm wondering if this move is Clouston wanting Darren off the bench. Not a good move as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I think it was a power struggle and Darren lost. This will not be a good move and we will slowly start to go downhill. This may start to cause more kids to walk out.

TigerTurf said...

Scouting/recruiting is everything in this league.

Perhaps it leads to better quality trades and getting more in return for prospects who can't crack the team but good enough for the WHL, and finding another hidden gem or two.

I don't know about any office politics involved but this could be a good thing.

If the team does stumble more blame will probably be placed on Clouston as he is the sole GM and Coach. But with a hockey mind like Kruger doing more scouting work with McEwen we might see some better upcoming talent with 2 solid hockey guys looking for prospects.

I did not like keeping doty over leier, and you always wonder who swayed the decision.

It does leave the question as to if the Tigers will Hire another assistant coach, or if Joey Frazer will control the defense.

I see former Tiger coach Doug Lidster has re-joined Willie in Texas.

longtimefan said...

I'm not saying it's a bad move having someone in the position, I'm saying they moved the wrong guy into the position. Darren will do a great job there, but he was the glue on the coaching staff that held the team together. It's no secret that Clouston isn't well liked by the players, actually not well liked by almost everyone. I think this move was made because he felt threatened by Kruger on the bench, nothing more. I also think you are going to see a big change in how this team plays next year and may see some kids decide not to return next fall.

Anonymous said...

I have heard Bredo has been offered the coaching vacancy if he does not want to go straight to school……….Bredo is a good player that really understands both sides of the game but not a very professional look to hire back players to save a few bucks

Anonymous said...

TigerTurf you should give yourself credit.

When the fans were all over Langhamer you said once he gets hit shit together he will be one of the better goal-tending prospects the Tigers have had since matt keetley....

TigerTurf said...

Haha I did say something like that but that was easy to see....just like Rhyse Dieno's explosion with Red Deer, or Boston Leier's explosion with Regina was so incredibly easy to see....that's why I was really disappointed the Tigers didn't keep Leier...I understand Deino's situation...and was just disappointed the Tigers let him go for nothing.

I understand why they kept Doty, but that decision befuddles me, but then when I look at the Tigers systems I understand...even though the decision to keep Doty is a complete 180 from their systems play.

I'm more intrigued by how Cole Sanford really put together an incredible season....and how similar Chad Butcher's season was compared to their traits match up...I'm learning a lot about small players on how they can be almost not ready for the whl....and in the course of a season completely change my mind on the improvements they make. Sanford still has a very loooooooong journey if he wants to make a living as an NHL it will be interesting to see the span of his improvements this upcoming season.

I think valk was just a freak though....I have never seen one player make as much as an improvement as he did...but through that I learned a lot about what makes a smaller player improve at the WHL level...the NHL level is a different story altogether.

A year ago a lot of people were high on Owre.....but It was sanford who was ruling the rooost.....and this year it was Butcher. If Butcher gets that attention to his head and stops that Dogged work ethic in the corners he will have a disappointing season...Increase Ice-time may see his ooomf decline every shift....but it didn't in the playoffs vs swift.....So next season will be a Huge season for him.

Trevor Cox is another one how I am interested in how he does next season...When the going got tough I expected a lot more from him even though he put up points....their were times I thought he quit when the physical play stepped up...He will be keyed on next season.....When he gets hit he will have to keep going...which he didn't this season...I know scouts who have written him off completely because of that.

Sorry I'm kinda hammered..probably delete this come morning....

TigerTurf said...

and on that Note..Willie D's Texas Stars has made the AHL Western Conference Final. They will take on the Toronto Marlies.

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering what is going to occur on defence next season. Bredo and likely Vanelli are gone. Also, Becker will be traded due to 20 year old spots. So there are likely 3 openings. Hobbs will certainly step into a spot and likely play every game. Schultz was our first rounder 3 years ago, so likely will play at 17, they cant leave him down another year. And Quenniville, he is super talented, but 16, do they play with 3 rookies? Lastly, given Allen's lack of ice time and I have heard they are less then pleased with his performance, what happens with him? I think there are some questions on defence.

With regards to Langhammer, yes, I think he was amazing. But one of the greatest, not sure yet. He really only has played excellent since Feb of this year. He is also 19. Bunz was able to achieve a high level of play at a much younger age. I think Langhammer is likely more talented but definitely has to maintain this play beyond 3 months (Feb - Apr) before throwing around the notion that he is one of the greatest tiger goalies in a while.

TigerTurf said...

Ah I'm gonna leave that post up.

As for langhamer I didn't say best goaltender of all time, that would be dumb....(osgood,hrudey, etc).....Said better prospect since Matt Keetley.

I think his ceiling potential is higher than both Keetley and Bunz. Langhamer was soo raw when he came over, Bunz was definitely at a higher level at a younger age, but his improvement kinda stalled and he was overplayed.

Scott Allan with proper training could develop into a solid defenseman, but his path will be clouded being sort of a late blooomer. He has good instincts, but is a tiny bit raw as of yet....and with the plethora of young guys could fall on the depth chart.

If the Tigers were looking at trading him, if I was another team thin on blueliners I'd jump at the chance. he has hardly seen any ice-time in the games he has played.

He'd easily be a 3rd pairing guy next season, and likely a 2nd pairing guy by 19, and I think that is a fairly conservative figure. His value is probably really low, and ceiling to improve quite would be low risk, with medium to high potential. For a big guy he has great mobility.

Vannelli, and Lewington are uncertain. They could be be back or could both be gone. I think they both have good chances to be back for another season, but if not the Tigers certainly have some good young guys who will benefit greatly from the ice-time.

TigerTurf said...

Congratulations to the Edmonton Oil Kings for winning the Memorial Cup!

Anonymous said...

I heard this weekend that Langhammer might not be back with the Tigers. The Yotes said he would be earlier in the season but now, I guess after a decent run in playoffs, he might now be. Another goalie problem in the Hat? Cant fix it this time with an international goalie. Is Schienider ready to step up, dont think so. So a trade? A 20 year old? I hope the Yotes dont take Langhammer.

Anonymous said...

James Hamblin has signed.

TigerTurf said...

Willie Desjardin's Team the Texas Stars are off to the Calder Cup Finals!!!

They beat the Toronto Marlies in game 7: 6-2.

Anonymous said...

I Vote Willie For Mayor!