Sunday, August 31, 2014


Tigers played back to back games as exhibition season got underway Friday and Saturday Night, facing Saskatoon and Prince George Respectively.

Tigers dropped a 4-2 decision to the Blades, and Defeated Prince George 6-5 in overtime. The Tigers heavily outshot both teams.

Saskatoon Game
Saskatoon Vets: 9 Vets dressed
Tiger Vets: 8 Vets dressed

Prince George Game
PG Vets: 7 Vets
Tigers Vets: 8 Vets

(For this I will call a veteran as someone who has played more than 10 games) Tigers had Schnieder and Rathjen each play half a game, (both counted as vets)

Looking at the stats Veteran Import Markus Eisenschmid led the way with 4 points in 2 games. Rookie Mason Shaw had 4 assists in the game against Prince George.

Mathew Bradley who hasn't seen action in the regular season but dressed for 10 playoff games last year scored 3 goals during the 2 games.

Defenceman Scott Allan popped in 2 very quick goals in the 3rd period to help the Tigers tie the game late against Prince George in the 3rd period.

Defenceman Ty Schultz had 2 points and a + 3 rating after 2 games.

I Imagine after these two games in Edmonton there will be a cut or two. With at least 4 players going to NHL camps next week we probably won't see that many cuts this weekend.


Anonymous said...

A bit shakey in net it seems. Not a lot of shots but a lot are going in. But that is what pre-season is for. Good to see some guys scoring like Allen and Bradley. I think Bradley might find he pops into the line up quite easily. Our defence seem to have a offensive touch with Schultz, Quenneville and Hobbs all chipping in already in the preseason. We could use some more scoring from the back end and also might help the powerplay in the season! Looks good but early days yet!

Anonymous said...

Shaw and Bradley showing they are ready to be on the Tigers is good to see.
Good luck boys! Go tigers go!

Anonymous said...

Anyone attend the weekend games have an update

Anonymous said...

tigers/blades is on the blades sight.

Anonymous said...

The Blades site has great footage of the Blades highlites but sadly (and fair enough) does not highlight much of the tigers many shots on net. Will be nice to get the season going so we can order games. Man, this season seems slow to start up! Excited to get going! Hope Langhammer is returned to the Tigers and hope that he is returned quickly. Him in net is a major difference maker for the Tigers.

longtimefan said...

Funny how less than a year ago the majority of fans were bemoaning the fact the Tigers traded Daniel Wapple and kept Langhammer.

TigerTurf said...

Looks like the Tigers made 2 cuts. 15 yr old James Hambline, and 16 yr old goaltender Austin Mcgrath no longer appear on the whl website.

Anonymous said...

Yep, but Langhammer is a completely different goaltender in all fairness. There was a reason they had to get Wapple in the fiirst place.

Anonymous said...

Hamblin was sure impressive. Anyone know anything about this Fischer kid? He has not appeared overly impressive to me. I do not recognise his name from any drafts, is he a signed player?
Rassell looks very good too, hope he earns a spot with Bradley!

Anonymous said...

I dont see Fisher on the draft pics so probably a guy they picked up watched him also and is one of the wearker ones out there dont ithink he will make the final cut.

Anonymous said...

Can the season just not start already? Can't waitt! Go Tigers!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed watching games at St Albert..
Players that I liked were:
Bradley. Best forward on the ice for Tigers.
Shaw. Not only effective on the attack, back checked effectively.
Hobbs. Extremely confident with puck, great skater,easy top 4 defence an right now.
Schultz. Average skater, excellent offence.
Quenneville. Excellent skater. Hope gets a year to grow.
Hamblin. Same a Shaw, just 1 year younger.

Staples. Played a bit of forward, took a knee, then not so much. Hope not hurt.

Anonymous said...

Those are exactly the players that I thought stood out. Would like to see them make the team. Hobbs is incredible, he has a bright future!
Hamblin is a lock for next year. Would like to see him pulled up for the end of the year/playoffs.

Anonymous said...

When do guys generally return from camp? Other then Vanelli I am guessing most guys will be sent home quite early in terms of their camps, just hoping we are not out of good players for long. But at the same time, hope some get signed out of this.

TigerTurf said...

So generally anyone 19 and lower are usually returned because they don't want their prospects missing game with their junior teams. They are usually returned

1. Right after pre-season prospect camps (sept 12-16)
2. First/Second Round of Cuts a few days after Main Camps starts (19th-22nd)

Stanton being a FA tryout is likely to be back 5-6 days before the season starts even if he gets signed cause he can't play in the AHL. If they are on the fence about signing him and want a longer look he may miss the first weekend but that is rare.

Lewington being a Drafted player could very well slide into slot 2 and miss the opening weekend, but probably partial to the whl season starting, and not being signed..he could be a last minute plane ride in to start the season.

Vannelli Is a different story. He is likely to compete for an AHL roster spot. AHL Main Camps start the week after the Tigers season starts. AHL season starts on October 11thish.... So its likely he will miss the start unless the Blues somehow sign him back to the Tigers directly which seems unlikely but possible.

They could hold onto him a few games in to the season...So If he comes back really it could be anywhere from the start of the season till the end of october.