Saturday, September 27, 2014

Oil Kings squeak by Tigers 2-1

Game Hero
Tristan Jarry stood on his head, and the Tigers went 0 for 8 on the powerplay.  If the Tigers had buried their chances this could have been a blowout game in favor of the Tigers, as they carried the play for a good portion of this game.  The only reason it wasn't a blowout was because Tristan Jarry inherited some sort of Superhuman goalie powers and played the game of his life.

The Tigers powerplay looked a bit confused at times on what to do. They had a lot of zone time but better quality chances being shorthanded than with the man-advantage. The Tigers will get Tommy Vannelli back for Tuesday's game so hopefully he can provide a spark on the PP unit.

I was really impressed by How Edmonton tried to come at the Tigers with speed, and the Tigers matched it then turned it up a notch. Then Edmonton tried to up their physical play, which saw the Tigers up their speed again.

Defensive Situation
Both Schultz and Quenneville received a ton of ice-time. Brad Forrest was also dressed but only saw a handful of shifts. Schultz and Quenneville are here to stay.

Let's Look at next years Lineup to see if it makes their decision any easier.

Next Year's Defense
Gone: Vannelli, Lewington, 1 of (stanton/staples)

Ty Stanton(20) Connor Hobbs(18)
David Quenneville(17) Ty Schultz(18)
Brad Forrest(18) Scott Allan(19)

50% turnover creates a lot of extra room back there. The young guys need to play  minutes to groom them for next season.  Also does it make sense to play the Stanton/Staples combo a lot this season, when one of them likely won't be here as overagers?  
 (CoxSanford, Ast, Labelle, Staples,Stanton). 

What I would Consider ( 2 Good Options)

Scenario One
I would be trading/releasing Becker here, and sending down Brad Forrest
Pro's = Keep Staples experience and solidifies a very great Defensive core
Con's = Less ice time to the younger guys with a younger lineup next season.

Scenario Two ( I like this one the most)
Trade/release Becker, and Trade Matt Staples
Pro's: Balanced Lineup with young and experience, plus possible asset return with staples. Young guys get lots of icetime.
Cons: Loose a little bit of experience on the back-end.

Vannelli(19) Lewington(20)
Stanton(19) Hobbs (17)
Quenneville(16) Schultz(17)


Becker unfortunately is the odd man out. Lewington, and Langhamer are locks. They need some scoring up front with Koules. This isn't a hard decision IMO. Koules was a slow starter last year pointwise. He hit a post tonight, so hopefully gets it going soon.

In regards to Staples I like Quenneville and Schultz on the 3rd pairing D unit. I think Hobbs is good enough/ready to play a 2nd line D Pairing with Stanton. This gives a great mix of youth and veterans experience, dressing a strong lineup now, youth for the future, and some depth and size with Allan. Forrest could potentially be sent down, or a callup later in the season if there is a trade.

Why not cut/trade Allan?
I think Allan has great mobility and potential. I want his size in next years lineup. With him in the lineup over staples you have him an extra year, as well as cut down on next years overage situation.
I might consider a trade if the return coming back included a goal scoring power forward.


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a trade that would include a larger goal scoring forward. I think we are soild on the back end for years to come. Lets beef up the front end.

Anonymous said...

Young kids really played well with Oil King vets who I do not need to remind you are mem cup champs. I was impressed overall.

Anonymous said...

Tough one last night other than a few sloppy shifts and a pp that just couldn't quite beat Jarry thought the effort was first class

Anonymous said...

The Portland Winterhawks have acquired forward Miles Koules from the Medicine Hat Tigers in exchange for a fourth round draft pick in the 2017

Anonymous said...

Hosed on that trade, good move Clouston!

longtimefan said...

Anon 5:52,, why did Clouston get hosed. A third, fourth or fifth pick is the normal return for an overage player. Having said that, this is a bit of a curious move for a team that is a little thin up front to start with.

Anonymous said...

Wow didn't think we would actually trade Koules, hopefuly one of the big guys from Kelowna is coming over this week

Anonymous said...

Holy man Brandon must have pics on the bridge.... we could have used Duke