Monday, September 29, 2014

Tigers Deal Koules To Portland

Today the Tigers sent Miles Koules to the Portland Winterhawks in exchange for a 4th round pick in 2017.

Well this move was a bit unexpected, and I'm thinking something else has gotta be in the mix. This move leaves them with 13 forwards, which is generally 1 short of the average of 2 extra forwards..

With the depth the Tigers had on defense it initially seemed very likely that they would only keep one overage defenceman. Right now the Tigers have 5 defenceman who are 19 years+, plus an overage goaltender....I think for the whl that is as deep as one could go...and good luck scoring on this squad....its going to be pretty damn difficult with the talent and depth they have.

Vannelli(19) Lewington(20)
Becker(20) Stanton(19)
Staples(19) Hobbs(17)
Brad Forrest(17)

It leaves 10 defence on the roster.(which on average is 3 too many) Right now the Tigers are 2 player over the 25 man limit(including rathjen). Something is going to happen with the defenceman...whether it's just a couple cuts or a trade that sees an impact forward, they have too many players back there right now.

One begs the question of if the Tigers are going to go for it this year?  Are the Tigers going to pull the trigger on a forward for defense-man type deal?   It makes sense to keep the experience if your gunning for a title. This move has me very curious on what they plan to do next.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to Mk in Portland..But who is going to carry the tradition that Boston Leier and there show? I nominate Tommy Vanelli to work with Dave Dawson in my moms car!! Broom broom!!

Anonymous said...

a fourth rounder? Wondering if we ever got anything for Garrett Haar who had a good season for Pdx. Or if they got a freebee?

longtimefan said...

A very curious move to say the least. If the plan is to keep Kyle Becker then ice time for 1 or two of the young guys has just disappeared. Last years move to keep Doty over Leier was somewhat understandable but this one is kind of a head scratcher.

Dave in Section 9 said...

Bizarre move. Must be something bigger in play. The team is once again undersized, and could use some help up front. Thought for sure the Becker would be the odd man out.

Anonymous said...

Guessing they're working on a deal to get a big forward who can potentially hit and fight in return for Becker.

Probably a few teams with an extra 20 year old with more size than Koules kicking around.

CatFan said...

This makes no sense at all! What are they thinking???

CatFan said...

I don't understand this move at all. What are they thinking? We have too many defenceman, we need scoring so they move an experienced forward? Another bonehead move, just like last year!!

TigerTurf said...

I don't really know the return for Haar. There was nothing standing out in the last bantam draft, and the trade said a conditional 2014 draft pick.....I don't think the Tigers got anything for him, if they did it is not obvious.

Koules is probably near a PPG player this season, who could score 30 goals.
The only reason this move makes sense is if:

A)They plan on gunning for a league title, which means acquiring some forward scoring

B) Their is another overage forward on the market who the Tigers feel will help them more than Koules, and there is a deal for Becker in the works..

The Tigers in the past don't generally load up, but clouston's way of doing things is a little different. He has played overager roulette before

As it stands right now they will be really fresh for next season, good young talent, but really young.

I think that if the Tigers do acquire some forward help this Koules deal could actually be a very good move if they are planning for a championship run. but now I kinda think they need 2 players rather than just 1.

longtimefan said...

So lets look at what's left on d. Pencil in Lewington, Vanelli, Stanton and Becker as your top 4. That leaves 6 guys, Staples, Allan, Hobbs, Schultz, Forrest and Quenneville for two spots, probably one more for the 7th guy. If Quenneville stays, you are basically giving him one spot due to the fact he has to play a minimum of 40 games because of his age. Leaves the other five fighting for the 6th spot and a part time 7th spot. Nothing against Kyle Becker but I will be disappointed if one or more of the young guys gets traded and he stays.

Also, before dumping on the gm I have heard that Koules had asked to be moved and that's why the deal was done.

TigerTurf said...

Look at the turnover next year....It's massive(Becker, Lewington ,Vanelli, 1 of stanton/staples)

The Tigers don't trade their young prospects either, and they will need them next season.

So that leaves me to believe something else has to be coming.....and its a deal with 1 or even 2 of stanton/staples/allen involved.

Anonymous said...

If inthe Tigers you go get Rigby from Kelowna a huge scoring mean center stick him Inbetween Cox and Sanford and you also have someone making sure they don't get run Id love Goulbourne but Rigby is the center we need

longtimefan said...

Wouldn't exactly call Rigby a huge scorer. His top year in points was 36. His grit we could use though.

Anonymous said...

Koules was not a play maker he picked up leftovers good trade. We could use Heffley to enforce can score too.

TigerTurf said...

every year I year rumours about trades with Kelowna and every year it doesn't happen.

CatFan said...

Any idea why he wanted out if this is true? He definitely didn't sound heartbroken to leave in the paper or on his twitter, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

It was not Koules wanting out but rather difficulties of him fitting in the room.

Anonymous said...

Wish the tigers could have got in on the Brandin-Wheaties trade. I keep waiting for some news but the tigers never seem to pull the trigger.
Wheaties have committed to make a run clearly.

Anonymous said...

Please please please tigers, trade for some scoring and get ride of Becker. I was to see a bit of a splash trade

Anonymous said...

Much improved game tonite. Faceoffs were better and Owre plays way better with Cox and Sanford than Koules did. Becker moved traffic in front of Langhamer nicely. Bradley has got to stop looking over his shoulder and speed up to avoid the hit!

Anonymous said...

Rigby had a 4 point game just a few nights ago, although if Tigers don't make a move for a 20 year old in coming days could point to them waiting to see what happens Kelowna with Goulbourne still being in camp (no way they let him go if he comes back) so either Rigby or Heffley could become available and if you scan other rosters everyone seems set at 20 year olds

TigerTurf said...

I just discovered this blog's spam filter and found a bunch of old comments there......

Never really checked it before, but there were a handful of good comments that didn't get posted, So apologies if you posted a good comment before and it didn't get posted.

WHL fan said...

Tiger are now at a position of strength at defense. I would run with this team as it currently stands. As the season unfolds other teams will see that they will need defensive help and thus the Tigers will be available to trade if needed for some offensive help.
This way we can see if we can find some scoring from other sources on the roster. If we do then we are far better ahead. If we need to find some scoring we can trade some defense to get scoring.
You win championships with defense.
There is no reason to hit the panic button, since we are having a great start. Lets see how the cards play now.
I had no problem trading Koules. He is a one dimensional smaller player. We have young guys with same pedigree that need ice time now which will help us in the long run.

Quenville Hobbs and Schultz are young and need time to develop on the defensive side.
I had a problem with watching the oilking game on Saturday.
1-1 game late in 3rd 2 minutes left with Schultz and Q on ice.
didn't end well allowing game winning goal.
Last year we complained about lack of size. We now have some size and these kids from last year have put on muscle and are stronger on the puck.
We will have one of the best GAA in the league. Middle of the pack scoring.
Tough to play against.
Kind of team I will support for sure.

Anonymous said...

I'll assume thats where my recent comments went.
Internet jail.

Anonymous said...

How bout that Hurricane- Brandon fleece....I really feel sorry for the Canes. Community owned team with an terrible front office.

Anonymous said...

If we keep Becker and another 19 year old Dman we are setting up for a horrible season next year with no one on the back end with WHL experience very important that they learn the system when they are 17 and 16 and actually get games in, playing Becker is just unfair to the young guns he is not better Schultz or Quenvielle in terms of how they see the ice and Quenvielle first pass is a thing of beauty coming from a 16 year old it's just impressive

Anonymous said...

I really think moving Koules was the first part of something more. I do not think they are at a point where you can say the team made bad choices, it's not over yet.
Also, I don't think Becker is worth much, likely hard to move

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:14

II know for a fact that there are multiple teams interested in Becker and have been for some time. You may think you know what is going on but obviously you are not as informed as you may think you are.

Tiger Turf
Why do you post things that insult players, yet choose to not post those pieces that build up and praise the excellent teamwork of our Tigers?

TigerTurf said...

I think Becker is underrated by a lot of Tigers fans. I don't get the "hate" towards him.

I would consider him as a #2-4 guy on a deep team. He would be a #1 guy on a weak team. He is big, with a long reach, and its hard to get pucks around him.

The more I think about it the more this Koules Deal makes sense and I fully agree with WHLFAN. ( with the condition that they eventually acquire some help up front, doesn't have to be right away,)

TigerTurf said...

I will take the anon @ 8:14 as a perfect example.

"Also, I don't think Becker is worth much, likely hard to move"

I don't consider this an insult. It's not a derogatory opinion and it doesn't use vulgar language.

If someone says "so-so is not worth much because he sucks"...I will not allow that through.

If someone were to say "so-so is not worth a bag of pucks,"

I would read the whole comment, and if the whole comment was thoughtful I may post it. If the comment was just a bash of a specific player I would delete it.

2 Years ago their was a slew of terrible comments which forced me to put the filters in place. You guys don't see the comments I delete, but Just Imagine the "whiteboard" with no moderation.

Anonymous said...

@anon 3:10 How is playing an experienced D man with size unfair to the 16 and 17 year old D prospects? I will cite some statistics on our current Tigers D men for games played as 16 and 17 year olds: Becker: @ 16, 3 games, @17, 11 games,@18 (ROOKIE year), 57 games. Lewington:@ 17, 44 games. Stanton: @17, 44 games. Staples: @17, 30 games. Allan: @ 17, 34 games. Quenville is good, but NOT a phenom. 5'8" 175lbs is tiny for a WHL D man. Becker has played well, considering that as a 20 year old, he is only starting his 3rd full season as a Tiger. Allan and Staples played forward to get their 40 games in as 17 year olds. Moving Bredo back to D for a year and a half limited the ice time and development of many of our current 18, 19, and 20 year old D men. Healthy scratches were part of being on the team. Everyone has to pay their dues.

BrooksCat said...

Glad you are moderating. Makes this a very good blog to read.
Re Becker. I too agree, He would be an upgrade to over half the teams 20's
Quenvillle still struggling a little in his own end, makes sense to spot him in for awhile.

WHLFan said...

Putting the young defensemen in a situation that they aren't ready for wont help in the long run. They will still see game action but gradually put in more difficult situations. The Dub is fastest action they have seen. Let them get used to the speed and strength of opposition first.
They will see action at the u17 and u18 camps which will help development.
A 16 and 17yo dmen is hard pressed to move a 20yo foreward out of crease.
Im totally on board with what Clouston has going.
As the CHL top 10 shows. We are flying under the radar with no preassure to succeed. Just develop. Our defense is by far tops in the league.
Brings me back to the late 80's with guys like Cynoweth McBean McCrady Boe McGill.