Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tigers Will Start the Season With a Short Lineup

The Tigers season starts Friday Night in Lethbridge.

Tigers Making NHL Main Camps
Tommy Vannelli - St. Louis
Miles Koules - Washington
Ty Stanton - Detriot
Tyler Lewington - Washington
Marek Langhamer - Arizona

From what I have read it looks like all 5 Tigers players played really well during their respective NHL prospect camps, and have all been invited to NHL Main Camps.  Lewington was mentioned as a standout. Stanton had an amazing +6 stat in 3 games with the Wings.

Chad Labelle, and Anthony Ast are recovering from injuries, and Jared Rathjen's status is unknown with last report mentioning something in the pre-season medical came up and he still needs to be cleared by doctors.

The Tigers will start the weekend potentially down 7 regulars(8 players total), and only 1 overager (Kyle Becker) in the lineup.

Goaltenders Current Lineup)
Nick Schneider(17)
Cole Schafer(19) *temp

Defense Current Lineup 
Kyle Becker(20) Matt Staples(19)
Connor Hobbs(17) Scott Allan(18)
David Quenneville(16) Ty Schultz(17)
Brad Forrest(17)

Forwards Current Lineup
Bradley (17) Cox(19)  Sanford(19)
Eisenschmid(19) Owre(18)  Butcher(18)
 Mowbray(18) Penner(18)Shaw(16)
 Rassal (17) Fischer(17)

NHL Camps
Tyler Lewington 20yr old defenseman
Miles Koules - 20 yr old forward
Ty Stanton - 19 yr old defenseman
Marek Langhamer - 20 yr old goaltender
Tommy Vannelli - 19 yr old Defenseman

Anthony Ast - 19 yr old Forward
Chad Labelle - 19 yr old forward
Jared Rathjen - 20 yr old Goaltender

They will be playing with a very young lineup to start the season with the youngest average age of 17.8 yrs,  combine that with the smallest, and lightest group in the WHL. This will be a perfect opportunity for the young players to step in and make their mark. Right now the Tigers are carrying 27 players(not including Schafer) and will eventually need to get down to 25.  They will potentially start the season short 1 player depending on the availability of Ast, Rathjen, Labelle.


longtimefan said...

Interesting headline for you're post, "tigers starting with a short lineup" that could have a double meaning.

TigerTurf said...

*accidentally deleted a good comment*

It Was about bringing in some size

Anonymous said...

shaw has more guts than some 19 year old defense! good on him he is fun to watch and excellent on the face offs!

Anonymous said...

shaw nailed that guy in the corner if all the team plays with that much intensity we will do good!