Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tigers Select Alexei Platonov

The Medicine Hat Tigers selected huge Russian Defenceman Alexei Platonov who stands 6'5 203 lbs.

Here is a scouting report on Platonov from hockey's future.
One of the biggest Russian prospects for the 2015 NHL Draft, Platonov is a defense-first player who can use his size to his advantage in the defensive zone. He has very good mobility, especially for a player of his size. Platonov could be a very interesting name for the 2015 draft since NHL teams will give much value to his large body and skating ability. He has some offensive skills, but needs to use them more often in his game.

Platonov at the beginning of the year was considered to be in the top 10 Russian prospects for last year, but had some early injury troubles. He was not taken in the recent NHL draft. I've read conflicting reports about his puck handling ability, but they all say that he is strong and mobile in his own end.

I believe taking russian players can be hit or miss as their is no transfer agreement. I understand he signed a 3 year contract last with Atlanty Mytishchi of the MHL.   The site I took that info from is hard to read and I believe he does have a clause to opt out in case he wants to come over to juniors. (The translated site I read says a bilateral clause for the NBA, I'm going to take that as an out clause for the CHL)

It confirms that the Tigers did release last years import Michael Spacek, as Red Deer took him 6 spots ahead of the Tigers in the import draft.

The Tigers blue-line suddenly looks a lot bigger with 3 bodies  6'4 + and it appears they are all quite mobile as well.

Ty Stanton(20) 6'4 Ty Schultz(18)  
David Quenneville(17)  Tamas Laday(19) 6'7  (interesting potential pairing)
Brad Forrest(18) Alexei Plantonov 6'5

It will be interesting to see how the 2 new euro defencemen turn out. This blueline seems very difficult to predict on what they are capable of.


Anonymous said...

Two big defencemen!!!! With Hunt, Cox and Sanford getting invites to camps and knowing their play from last year, could the tigers be setting up to keep all three and trading Stanton? I would be happy to see that!! Allow the young defence to play, as they showed they can handle themselves and lets have lots of fire power up front. Goaltending is much more solid and a big upgrade of defence with a solid couple top lines......next season is shaping up to be a bit better then what I thought.
Skapski is a guy I hope makes the roster, like his play! Still hoping we see a trade of someone to get another 18 year old defence and trade Stanton. But that is just my armchair GM thoughts!

TigerTurf said...

The defense Is still pretty volatile IMO. I hear the euro's are big and mobile, yet one was traded to make room for an unknown, the other went undrafted in the NHL entry draft.

I will remain cautiously optimistic, but I'm not expecting the defence to suddenly be Home Ice first round potential calibre. I'm considering them cheap solutions to a high turnover rate.

Stanton is really the only 1st line capable guy. I'm not saying the other defenceman aren't good enough, but I am saying that they aren't ready for 1st line roles yet. If you get rid of your only #1 they will be playing over their heads a little which will hurt confidence.

Stanton is usually a slow starter, and clouston is quick to make roster decisions. I can see him making a decision that will make me want to rip up my seasons tickets.

Keeping 3 O/A forwards in a suspected average year with a lot of young forwards, and troubled defense would be poor hockey sense IMO. Get the most value by keeping your OA defenceman and getting as close to a 1st as can be for the O/A forward.

Anonymous said...

Just no convinced Stanton is worth on overage position, but I see your point. If the tigers could get good return for one of the forwards it might be smarter

Anonymous said...

Penner a potential on defence? I could take him or leave him. A guy who has not really added a huge amount to the team to me. For being a first round pick I always expected more.

Anonymous said...

Just received my renewal for season tickets and I'm NOT A HAPPY CAMPER. Moved two sections from blueline to corner and 2 rows down from my top row placement. Damn Club Seats for the wealthy have screwed everything up! No VIP cards, no Senior prices, no flex packs. No price increase but Service Charge and Facility Charge. So there is a price increase. Who owns this damn rink anyway?

Anonymous said...

Stanton not worth an OA spot. Someone needs to wakeup...He will be an allstar in the East...Two other OA as forewards and we are set.. We will have some flexibility as we will have a few OA looking for jobs...