Thursday, January 5, 2017

Tigers Make a Deal With Saskatoon

Medicine Hat Tigers acquire D Jordan Henderson (1997) from the Saskatoon Blades in exchange for a fifth round pick (2017). – MORE TO COME

Henderson is 6 feet 180lbs. Scouting report says he is a defensive defenceman who moves the puck well. The Tigers badly need a player like that, but a 5th round seems like he may be more of a 4th/5th defenceman, we will have to wait and watch him play

He was acquired by Saskatoon earlier in the year from Spokane for a 6th round pick.


MH Tigers Article

This move leaves the Tigers with 9 Dmen. 8 for the next 4-6 weeks.
If nothing else happens someone could like MacPherson or even MacPhee could get sent down.

MH News Article
Article says Clouston is still looking to potentially add as long as the price is right and it doesn't involve giving away players on the roster.


TigerTurf said...

Lots of team "going for it"

PG, Regina, EVerett, PG, and now Kelowna have entered the ring with a big acquisition.

Lots of teams except PG were very candid about purchasing this year.

Unknown said...

I think next year will be the Tigers year. Give their defense a year to mature. They will still have lots of guns up front with Shaw, Gerlach, Bradley and Fisher. Would think trading Butcher for some good young guys would be a good call at this point.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Jake Bean and Caleb Jones will be moved next?

Anonymous said...

Don't see how next years team will be better ? You lose Butcher, Owre, Rassell or Fischer, Dahlstrom, Kirichenko, Rubins, Forrest and possibly Schneider.

TigerTurf said...

I don't believe next season is their year. Their isn't enough oomf into their lineup.

I was working on a next year post, but didn't post it. My conclusion was that it is a transition year. They will be like Red Deer this season. They have some good players, but younger and less experienced. Their 20's may possibly be a huge area of debate.

Depending on the strength of the competition they could get a 2nd/3rd/wildcard spot. I don't see them competing for a top spot though, unless they were to get very lucky in the import draft, and Williams chyzowkski, jevne, suddenly become PPG players.

They have a lot of newer players with good talent coming in that will take some experience to develop.

Bean is a tough player to acquire because his status next season is uncertain. Eligible to come back, but will he be in the NHL? His status in the wjc means he will cost a lot, but on the other hand I'd laugh if calgary lost him to the NHL for nothing next season. I don't see how the Tigers and calgary would be a good trading partner here, but I'm sure other teams will be inquiring about him.

Jones is intriguing. He isn't a top of the line, high bona fida NHL prospect, but he is a good player. Aggressive and a competitor, In terms of what the Tigers need he might be a better option and cost less.

I'm sure both players will be heavily inquired upon.

TigerTurf said...

Macphee has been sent down. If not for a championship type season he would be up for certain.

Anonymous said...

Sent to Junior A or back to minor hockey?

Anonymous said...

Zach Fischer has the eyes of NHL scouts asking about him. Gotta feel good for the kid who has worked really hard to get where he is.