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2018-2019 Kootenay Ice

Kootenay Ice


 Gillian Kohler(18)(.35)Brett Davis(19)(.81)Cameron Hausinger(19)(.61)
Brad Ginnell(18)(.31) Peyton Krebs(17)(.8)Keenan Taphorn(18)(.34)
Davis Murray(19)(.11)Cole Muir(17)(.12)Gunnar Wegleitner20(0.33)
Connor McClennon(16)Kaeden Taphorn(18)(.21)Blake Allan(17)(NA)
Jakin Smallwood(17)
Eli Lieffers(18)
Holden Kodak(17)
Michael King(18)(.27) Traded

 Kootenay has a developing forward core. They are still fairly young/inexperienced up front. While their numbers may not be as powerful as other teams, their previous rosters full of "filler" type players are slowly decreasing in favour of better talent.

Cameron Hausinger came from nowhere last season and had a big breakout year. Hausinger along with Brett Davis and Peyton Krebs will flirt with and exceed the PPG Mark, giving them a very solid Top 3.

They also have a trio of 18's,  hoping to break into a top 6 role. (Taphorn, Ginnell, Kohler).  They will be joined by 2nd overall pick in 2017 in Connor McClennon.

Kootenay has recognized that their veteran depth up front was hurting with the graduation of 3 overage forwards from last year. They acquired cheap help with Gunnar Wegleitner and Davis Murray to fill in their Top 9. I could easily see them tinkering with those spots should they not work out as both players have been depth players on their previous hockey clubs.

Overall I feel they are still too young an inexperienced to make a lot of noise, but they should be able to float above the basement dwellers.  There is a medium amount of volatility with numerous developing younger forwards.  They also have another OA spot potentially open.

Dallas Hines(20)(.32)Jonathan Smart(19)(.49)
Patrick Zachary(17)(.14)Sam Huston(19)(.18)
Valtteri Kakkonen(18)Loeden Schaufler(18)(.19)
Nolan Orzeck(17)(.13)
Anson McMaster(16)
Jordan Chudley(17)(0)
Martin Bodak(20)**

Most of their core returns. Martin Bodak is uncertain. Kootenay has said they expect him to go pro, but aren't counting him out.

 I see this group as average. Hines isn't flashy but steady-eddy on the back-end. Smart while not the best defensively, is a good puck mover. Kakkonen's scouting report says he is a great skater, and I like Patrick Zachary's mobility/instincts as a 16 yr old.

Nothing outstanding, but their core is all a year older from last season. I'd rate them as a slight notch below average to average depending on the strength of their new Import. Bodak's return would vault them well into the average to maybe a slight notch above average territory. 

Valtteri Kakkonen(18)(NA) - Signed
Martin Bodak(20) D - Pro??
Gillian Kohler(18)*(.35)

Duncan McGovern(18)
Matt Berlin(20)
Bailey Brkin(19)
Gage Alexander(16)
Jesse Makaj(17)

They acquired Matt Berlin last deadline for a 5th round pick, but it could be unlikely they keep him as a 20. I'd rate their overall core as a slight notch below average to average. 

Other OA & Player Notes
Ryan Pouliot - Fringe 20yr old defenceman **dropped and picked up by the Broncos*
Traded 18yr old Forward Michael King for a 5th round pick.
Traded 18yr old Bobby Russell for a 5th round pick.
Martin Bodak(I)  -  Do they keep Martin Bodak as a 20yr old Overage? Their GM Mentioned they expect him to play pro, but leaving the door open

Drafting Outlook
Draft PositioningAgePicksPosition
2013201,2,3,4,5,5,5,5Early Mid
2014191,2,4,5Mid, late Mid

Note: Poor Picks in their 18/19 drafts suggest Kootenay will lack depth in their veteran players. They have early picks in their younger age groups so it suggests strength in their younger players

Last Season
.424 Winning percentage

Offensive Strength Adjusted
Kootenay 221-217Goal Scoring
* Maybe boosted by a potential open OA slot.

I think Kootenays' dip towards the end of last season was a sign they are not done recovering yet. They are still too young and I feel they don't have enough veteran oomf in their lineup to make substantial noise.

I feel in order for my predictions to be wrong they need their entire younger core to outperform expectations. They need .75ppg+ seasons from Cole Muir, Gillian Kohler, Brad Ginnell, Connor McClennon, Connor Weigleitner, Davis Murray. They would need at least 4-5 of those players to hit .75ppg plus, which seems unlikely.

To me, their lineup says a slight notch below average to average capabilities, with potential for a small increase with an added 3rd overager. I have them in the underdog role competing with Edmonton & Calgary for a wildcard spot.

Next Up:
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