Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Black and White Game Notes

If I remember correctly the final score was 11-1 for Team Black.

They had lineup sheets but with all the new players it takes a while to start recognizing some of them. I've never been to the black and white game before but team black looked very good for a split squad team. I didn't keep track of the goals.
Edit: Attendance I'd say about 300ish people.

Team Black

93 Dylan Busenius
90 Jace Coyle
90 Thomas Carr
92 Brennan Baxandall
91 Tyler Pitlick
94 Hunter Shinkaruk
92 Vahe Zakaryan
93 Trent Ouellete
91 Cole Grbavac
91 Linden Vey
92 Emerson Etem
93 Dylan Bredo
93 Curtis Valk
94 Jayden Hart
93 Colin Mospanchuk
94 Dakota Zaharichuk
93 Patrik Parkkonen
94 Mason Logan
94 Dawson MacAuley - Goalie
91 Deven Dubyk - Goalie

Team White
92 Tyler Bunz - Goalie
95 Anthony Hamill - Goalie
92 Scott McKay
94 Robert Hamilton
94 Mathew Hunter
91 Matt Konan
91 Sebastian Owuya
90 Wacey Hamilton
92 Uriah Machuga
94 Riley Sheen
94 Connor Garden
92 Kale Kessey
93 Braden Desjardins
90 Joey Frazer
93 Reid Petryk
91 Sam Dezman
93 Boston Leier
92 Ryan Harrison
91 Tanner Sohn

Most the Vets I thought were noticeable to some degree. Two players I thought stood out from the rest.

1. Linden Vey turned on the jets a couple times cut to the inside and roofed a couple in off the crossbar. He had at least 3 goals if not more, scoring another on a breakaway.

2. Import Defensman Sebastian Owuya was very noticeable in the early going jumping into the rush and really throwing his weight around. He is a bigger guy with a long reach, he has decent top speed but he is a little slow accelerating. Linden Vey clear cut burned him in the third period to the outside. Owuya also looked pretty tired by the third period. He will need to improve his endurance and footspeed, but when his legs were moving he looked impressive.
Edit: There was one thing I forgot to add and a poster at Tigers Roars and purrs sparked my memory. I thought Owuya had a really good first pass out of the zone he made some pretty accurate tape to tape passes to a forward breaking up the ice


Mathew Konan almost got into fisticuffs with another player after a heavy hit was thrown.

Kale Kessey was very physical out there. I thought he was trying to up the tempo of the game whenever he was on the ice with his hits. He crunched I beleive it was '94 born Dakota Zaharichuk along the boards who took a few minutes before getting off the ice.

Tyler Pitlick was noticeable, a big body presence with a couple stick-handling plays and drives to the net.

I liked what I saw from the other import Patrik Parkkonen. He is a very small player but he has some good hockey instincts.

Sam Dezman I thought looked alright. He has missed the last year and a half of hockey with concussion problems, he looked like a bigger body on the ice. Its hard to get a good judgment with only a few shifts of memory to go on. Being a 19 year old he will have to prove that he can be a consistent contributor.

I kept my eye on Hunter Shinkaruk for a couple shifts. He was extremely aggressive going for the puck and set up at least one really good scoring chance but he did look like a player who missed the last year of hockey. I understand why the Tigers GM said he may need a little time to reach a comfort level. He tries very hard in the offensive zone, I thought he had a case of tunnel vision/didn't want to get dirty in the defensive side of the ice.

Ryan Harrison looked like he has a degree of chippyness to his game. Wacey Hamilton also played with a big edge as his team was on the losing side, and he wasnt afraid of giving a shot or two after the whistle. Tanner Sohn received a lot of icetime, he was a little more mobile on the ice losing all the weight in the offseason, Still made a couple rookie mistakes. Emerson Etem burned him through the legs but failed to score.

It looks like the backup job may be heavily competed for. Dawson MacAuley looks big agile and covers a lot of the net. Deven Dubyk didn't let in any goals during his time on the ice but he didn't face a barrage of shots either. The only 15 year old on the ice was goalie Anthony Hamil and I felt sorry for him because his confidence looked shot giving up quite a few goals.

No doubt I missed tons of stuff. If you have something to add post a comment.

Medicine Hat News article

“Normally you expect intrasquad games to be fairly tight and for the most part they have been close,” said Vey, who leaves for Los Angeles Kings rookie camp Sept. 9. “It’s just one of those games where the puck seems to go in the net any which way.
“It wasn’t a lack of effort on their part, they worked hard and I think it was a good game.”

It was the last time for seven Tigers in a game-style situation before they head to NHL camps. The team will skew young for exhibition games in Edmonton this weekend.


Anonymous said...

A lot of Kessy's hits are dangerous in nature. He's going to seriously hurt someone with his penchant for hitting guys from behind.

Anonymous said...

Reading the post on Roars and Purrs today I see why some sites have a more balanced view of the Tigers and fans in general. While I read the posts it seems that personal attacks and banter that has very little to do with hockey is the norm.

It would be obvious that I know Sam Dezman and the way in which he was diminished was unfair to say the least. A young man that sufferd a serious concussion and has worked hard to try and regain his playing status does not deserve this treatment. The Tigers staff have been very supportive, especially for a 19 year old. For them to provide this opportunity speaks to the quality of the organization and the respect they have for him.

Funny that some of the posters on the above mentioned site do not seem to find a forum here.Keep up the quality and integrity of Tiger Turf.

TigerTurf said...

Thanks for the comment. I know some of the players/coaches/parents read this blog, I try to keep things informative without being to negative or positive.

I agree about Kessey and his dangerous hits. My original post before I edited it said something like I thought he was headhunting out there which is unnecessary in an intrasquad game.

But I edited out because I thought with the physicality being shown along with a couple scrums and a couple behind the play hacks and love taps, you get excited that even the veterans are fighting to keep their spots on this team cemented.