Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Frazer on the Block

Well it looks like Joey Frazer's rights still belong to the Tigers so he hasn't been released as of yet. I believe its the right idea to come forth about it now. The Tigers have his rights until October 14th before the overage Waiver draft.

Overagers have generally gone for 5th round picks in the past. Frazer would probably fill a 2nd line scorer type role, (possibly 1st line on a weak team, possibly 3rd on a deep team) as he posses a great deal of speed and has a strong work ethic.

Points wise depends on the situation and line-mates but I think on average he could put up 20-25 goals and good for around 45-50 points.

Medicine Hat Tigers general manager Brad McEwen felt it best everyone knows where they stand now, and consequently Joey Frazer is on the trading block.

McEwen announced on Wednesday that the Tigers were attempting to trade Frazer, who is an overage right-winger. The general manager also said the Tigers plans on going with centre and team captain Wacey Hamilton and defencemen Thomas Carr and Jace Coyle as their 20-year-old players.

Major junior teams are only allowed to carry three overage players on their rosters. The Tigers did have a deadline day of Oct. 14 to make the decision on which three overage players they were going to go with.

“He (Frazer) is a kid that can play in the league and is a good player,” said McEwen. “We hope that he gets an opportunity somewhere.
“It felt like this was the way we had to do it. We just felt that we needed to do it now and make that decision.”........

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