Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jace Coyle sent back to the Hat

Returned to his junior team:
D Jace Coyle (Medicine Hat Tigers)

Tristan King was sent to the Texas Stars (AHL)

Nice to get everyone expected back. Unfortuantely It leaves the Tigers with 4 overagers. Looks like Joey Frazer may be the odd man out. As Hamilton, and Coyle are locks, and getting rid of Carr would mean a lack of defensman.

I believe Everett, Kamloops, and Regina are under the 20 yr old cap. But there are still quite a few teams with more than 3 overagers some pretty good ones still out there.

I also found a fight video of Cole Grbavac who layed a licking against St. Louis Blues prospect Philip McRae during the Traverse City Prospects Tournament


Anonymous said...

Personally writting, I think you're wrong, if this were a year ago, with Willy as GM/HC I'd say Carr/Frazer with a coin toss, but this year with Clewy in charge, I'd say the way this shakes out is Carr (has more value on the open market) is gone and Frazer sticks. Could be wrond but that's just one person's opinion.

TigerTurf said...

I just dont see how they can give Carr up. It would leave their defense too shallow.

They would have to work out some sort of trade and acquire another defensman.