Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Joey Frazer Released

Chat TV News is apparently reporting that Tiger Forward Joey Frazer has been released by the Medicine Hat Tigers. Joey Frazer had improved tremendously during the last half of last season, and is an unfortunate victim in the 20 year old numbers game.

Their are an abundance of overager's still in the league this year.


Anonymous said...

Joey Frazer was my sons roomate,teamate, and close friend in the Hat. He is a tremendious kid, with a heart of gold, and a "never say die" attitude. If I had the play for a championship in anything, I'd want Fraysh on my team, he's a bulldog.

All the Best Joey, don't loose the dream.

Anonymous said...

Unfotunately Joey got caught in the numbers game. I loved the way he played his heart out every night. Here's hoping he can catch on somewhere else. I do believe though the team has made the right decision.

Anonymous said...

I think that for me, this is probably the saddest news i've heard about one Tiger being released.
I think Joey was a great player who just got caught in a bad place, and got unlucky.

But I wish Joey the best in the future.