Thursday, September 16, 2010

NHL Main Camps Start This Weekend.

Colorado Avalanche Main Camp gets underway this weekend. Wacey Hamilton is named to the training camp roster. Colorado had their 20 rookies on the ice at the beginning of the week and they will join the vets on Saturday for ice-time.

Dallas Stars Main Camp Ice Sessions gets underway on Saturday. Jace Coyle and Tristan King are on the roster sheet.
Cole Grbavac isn't listed on their training camp roster SO I assume he is getting sent back.

Oilers Camp Ice Sessions opens Saturday. No Rosters are available yet

Atlanta Thrashers Main Camp starts Ice Sessions on Saturday.(No Rosters available yet) They will have 3 practice groups which will turn into 2 on Sept 21, and down to one group on September 30th.|ATL|home

Sebastian Owuya had a goal and a couple assists during rookie camp. He was noted as having very good passing skills.

Kings Main Camp is underway on Saturday. Linden Vey is listed on their Main Camp roster.

Todays Games
Emerson Etem had 0 points as the Ducks Defeated the Canucks 4-2
Tyler Pitlick had no points but was a very physical presence on the ice. Sharks defeated the Oilers 4-3.
Mark Isherwood - no stats
Cole Grbavac had 20 minutes in penalties getting into two fights.
Tristan King had an assist and was a -1
Jace Coyle had an assist and was a -2
Thomas Kundratek had an assist and a +3
Linden Vey's Kings were smoked 7-1 by phoenix

That's the end of rookies Camps for Tiger players. NHL teams start up their main Camps this weekend. With exhibition games starting as early as Tuesday

Medicine Hat News has an article on Tigers hopeful Trent Oullette.

Trent Ouellette was happy to return to his home rink. He hopes not to go back anytime soon.

On Tuesday, Ouellette’s Medicine Hat Tigers downed the Calgary Hitmen 3-1 in an exhibition match played in Strathmore. Last season, Ouellette suited up for the midget AAA UFA Bisons, whose home arena is the Strathmore Family Centre. The prospect centre was happy to appear in one last contest in that barn before family and friends.


tigerfan said...

I'm not criticizing anyones comments but i just need to resond "Kessy dangerous hits" chatter. The hits may be on the edge BUT how many of them were because the kids turned at the last second?

TigerTurf said...

You are right.

He does an excellent job at recognizing situations from far out because he has an above average hockey sense.

I like the way Kessey plays. When someone is not paying attention and kessey is on the ice, their likely to end up getting rocked.

We are concerned that one day he will seriously hurt someone with a borderline hit, but I think he is smart enough to avoid extreme situations.

Still every now and then he needs reminding...haha