Friday, September 24, 2010

Wacey Hamilton Pro or Junoir?

Very good article from the News concerning Wacey Hamilton's Future.

Wacey Hamilton is back, but he might only be here for a visit.
The Medicine Hat Tigers captain attended training camp with the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche. Following the Avs intrasquad game on Monday, he was released from the club and assigned to attend the training camp of the Lake Erie Monsters of the American Hockey League, which is slated to begin this coming Tuesday.

Hamilton has also been offered a one-year contract with the Monsters. When he left for Avs camp, Hamilton was hoping to earn an NHL contract, but the AHL offer with the farm club is enticing.

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Tough Decision

If he goes to the AHL he could make $50-$60k and probably see 3rd/4th line ice time with the Lake Eerie monsters playing 10-15 minutes a game. He wasn't offered a 3 year entry level deal and was a first cut. They like him enough to put him in their system but it makes me think that the AV's aren't sure if he can make their roster in the future, and would use that one year contract to evaluate his future potential.

In my mind theirs no question he has at least AHL potential. I think their would be a pretty high chance that if he came back to the Tigers and had a solid year their would be a few teams looking to offer at least the same type of ahl deal if not a 3 year entry level deal if Wacey and the Tigers were to make an extended run.

Jace Coyle's Situation

"Coyle’s status is a question mark, but Clouston said there had been “some indication” that Coyle might be coming back."
---Same MH News article

I'm guessing thats why they traded Tanner Sohn, after the "indication" came their way.

Linden Vey

The kings had 2 games yesterday (split squad) Linden Vey didn't dress in either game.

I'm guessing that the kings will make cuts friday and Vey will be back in the Hat saturday.

Tyler Pitlick played in last nights Oilers exhibition game against the lightning. According to Pitlick had 6:49 of icetime and was a -1


Anonymous said...

i'm thinking wacey should take this offer... he's already turned one before, i think if he keeps saying no that they will give up on trying to sign him in the future.. if i was him i would be saying goodbye to the tigers..

Anonymous said...

Wacey should stay with the Tigers for his last year. A good season will only make his stock rise and could find himself drafted by a team. I would say if Wacey believes in himself, then he has to stay, otherwise it looks like he's settled just to say he got a contract. Wacey - Prove it once and for all and put the issue to rest.Are you good enough or not!! Stay with the Hat if you think you are. Run the table, get >100pts this year and win a WHL championship/Mem cup.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wacey just got signed by the Sens.