Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hurricanes Make Some Big Moves!

Yesterday the Canes fired their head Coach Drake Berehowsky. Today they fired their GM Brad Robson.

The Hurricanes Assistant General Manager Peter Anholt will take over as both the Coach and General Manager. Anholt has coaching experience for the Raiders, Red Deer Rebels, Kelowna Rockets and Seattle Thunderbirds. He was also serving as a scout for Seattle

The Hurricanes board of directors felt that with the Christmas break coming up and with their record it was a good time for a change.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

3 Tigers Make NHL CSS Preliminary List

The Following Tigers made the list and rated as "C" prospects.


Matt Bradley and Nick Schneider had very strong openings to the season, and worked their way onto the lists. The pre-season list only had Connor Hobbs on the list.

Another Tiger who was a bit of a late bloomer into the season who I think will make the Mid-Term lists is Ty Schultz. I'm a bit surprised he isn't on this preliminary list but they way he has improved I can understand why he isn't on this list. I think his chances are strong that next go-round he will be on there if he keeps working hard.

Connor Hobbs
According to the SJHL twitter feed Connor Hobbs was added to the roster of the 
Nipawin Hawks (SJHL)   so that pretty much confirms he will not be rejoining the Tigers. 

WHL Website
I don't know how many times I have been frustrated by their website. I check players stats often and find it often doesn't work. For those that don't know there is an alternate site
where you can check out players stats and such when the main site isn't working. I've replaced it as by bookmark on the main site.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Connor Hobbs Goes Home

It is common news by now, but 17 year old Defenceman has left the Medicine Hat Tigers and is going home to await a trade.

Hobbs was a late cut last year and made the World under 17's this past summer. The Tigers have 5 Defenceman who are 19+ yrs, and I guess he wasn't happy playing 3rd line minutes. Their have been some good comments and discussion in the comments section so I have decided to make a post on this.

My Thoughts

First I want to say we as fans don't know what he was going through. Their could have been behind the scenes factors; Maybe he wasn't getting along in the dressing room? Maybe he didn't agree with the coaches style of play or they were trying to alter his game?

Maybe he wasn't getting along with the billets? Maybe he was just having a tough time figuring himself out? Their are a lot of external factors we don't know about. Maybe he was just shy and didn't know how to express his thoughts and this is his way of dealing with it. Maybe he is getting bored of hockey and thought a trade would spice things up?

It very well could have been an agent pushing in his ear. Maybe one of his goals is getting drafted and feels like in his current situation he wasn't playing at a level in which that could happen. Can you really blame someone for trying to improve his situation where he wasn't happy?  If that is the case I respect his decision.

I hope that he has thought about his decision carefully, because sometimes you don't realize how good you may have it until it is no longer there.

I believe that if he has never had any previous discussions about his situation with the Tigers, I would be extremely disappointed in how he handled it.  If that was the case it would be better if he left this season, than perhaps later on where he would have been in a position of being more depended on. Next season he would have been guaranteed top 4, perhaps even top 2 with the turnover on the back-end.

Getting drafted is just the first step. Getting signed is what counts.

Connor Hobbs Future
If his goal is to get drafted this year, is a walk-out really the best option?  The Tigers look to have one of the better teams in the league this year. Having a solid supporting cast can help make yourself look good. When you have forwards making themselves available for passing options, it looks a lot better than having no options and getting forced to eat the puck to a turn-over.  Scouts are pretty damn smart and can tell the difference of a good player behind good experience, this league is highly scouted.

He will leave a decent hockey situation, with uncertainty as to when he will play next and where he will play next.  If he doesn't get dealt until Christmas or January, he won't have had a lot of viewings by scouts and he will have missed a little bit of development time.  If you look at the players with less WHL experience they don't get drafted that often, or if they do generally a lower pick.

If the reputation comes out that he never formally talked about being unhappy that could also damage his reputation. At the beginning of the season I would have initially pegged him as a possible 3-5th round pick. With the level of his play this season I would have considered a 6-7th round selection,  possibly just a camp invite selection. Connor wasn't playing like he could, and has more potential than what he has been showing.

I'm trying to be impartial here, and being a big Tigers fan that's probably impossible. I think he benefits is if he gets traded, plays first/second line minutes and becomes an integral part of a teams core defense.  If he is thrown into a situation where he is eating 2nd line minutes and is playing inconsistent, then this move does nothing for him and could potentially damage his case.

Blessing in Disguise
The Tigers now have a valuable piece to acquire help in any area they feel weak in.  With the injury to Eisenschmid their overall scoring depth may need boosting. Matt Staples suddenly has new life and may fit in the picture as a needed defenceman again.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Early Season Thoughts

Goaltenders and Defensive Play
Saturday's game was the first time the Tigers let in more than 2 goals in a game. Both Tiger goalies are #1, and #2 in GAA, in the whl. Schneider hasn't lost a game yet with the Tigers.

Last Saturday saw the Hitmen score 5 goals by planting a forward in front of the net almost every time they were in the Tigers zone. You can bet other teams will pick up on that and try to use a similar strategy, so the Tigers defense will have to get better at boxing guys out.

Their defense has been strong. They will give up a chance every once in a while, however it is usually only one and done.

Tommy Vannelli
Everyone knows he is a great player but I like the aggressiveness and attitude he is showing. A lot more physical and hard to play against. Might need to tone down on the refs, but I like his increased aggression.

Ty Stanton
His confidence is picking back up. He had a terrible start IMO, but is showing a lot of poise and confidence with the puck. He is another player that is hard to play against with love taps, getting under the opponents skin.  He is starting to show more of a play-making side to his puck carrying. His long reach and skating has a lot of potential. I also like the aggressiveness he has been showing.

Markus Eisenschmid
Very hard work ethic in both zones. He has already equaled his goal total of last year. His speed is a bit deceiving.

Chad Butcher
I think  saying this guy was poised for a breakout year, everyone would look at you and say duuhh. He is off to a very fast start with 10 goals in 13 games, and is a player the opposition should keep an eye on when he is on the ice. The way he plays its hard to catch up to him to knock him off the puck.

Alex Mowbray
Has almost doubled his point totals from last season in 1/3 of the games played. Very good at protecting the puck down low with playing a speed game, he is also one of the more physical forwards. He has improved a ton, and I feel the coaches are way more confident putting him on the ice compared to last season.

Ty Schultz
He has so far won me over as one of the better new defenceman. This point in the season is usually the time the rookies/new players start to fade a bit from fast starts, but yesterday's game against Calgary blew me away with how much he has improved this year. I think he will make the NHL scouting Lists by seasons end if he keeps up his consistency and solid play. He is winning battles against more experienced opposition. Seeing a young player do that is often a sign of becoming a breakout player. It is still early in the season, but lets hope  he can keep it up as he is playing really well.

David Quenneville
Against Calgary there were a couple times he looked like a 16 yr old rookie  in his own zone. He was reaching out past his centre of balance deadening his speed, and his pokechecks weren't very effective. On a good note his shot from the point already looks pretty deadly, and has a solid first pass. He will take a bit of seasoning defensively, but has future powerplay Quarterback written on him.

Matt Staples
The odd guy out on the back-end but he has been filling in very nicely up front. Bringing a solid presence with a strong work ethic up front. I have really liked him filling in on the 3rd/4th line. His defensive experience is great to have. Sometimes with the 3rd and 4th lines, having them out in your own zone can be a bit frightening, but having staples as a Defenceman out there on the wing can be more comforting.

Trevor Cox
Kind of saw this slump coming a few games away. He has stopped moving his feet, doing a lot of gliding. At this level when you don't move your feet or hesitate I think your more likely to get injured. I'd like to see him keeping his feet moving 100% of the time just to get back into a groove. Their were spurts of it last game against calgary, towards the end and hopefully getting that empty net goal is a bit of a confidence boost to get him going again.

Blake Penner
Listed out as week to week...

6 on 5 Play
Against Calgary was awefully scary. How many times calgary passed to the 6th guy at the faceoff circle, then either shot, or went cross ice was dangerous. The Tigers were running around  in their own zone, and I thought they were a bit lucky to get that empty netter.

Calgary Hitmen
The Tigers have played them 4 times, and have taken 7 of 8 points. They only play them 2 more times real close together in February.

Next Up
The Tigers take on the Rebels in Red Deer Tuesday. They had a real hard fought game last time they played each other.

 Next Saturday at home the Tigers have a big matchup against Brandon. Brandon is the other team in the conference that is off to a really hot start. It will be the best offence in Brandon, vs the Best Defence in the Tigers.

Edit: Adding More

Tyler Lewington
Bringing a very solid play every night. I thought last season at the midway point he was performing below expectations, and searching the blog you could probably find comments somewhere mentioning it. Towards the end of last season something clicked for him. In the playoffs he was night in and out one of the best Defenceman on the ice.   He has continued that strong play this season. He has stepped up with a big brother mentality taking care of teammates and providing a physical force when needed. Very defensively solid.

Kyle Becker
Not really sure how or why he went from being a player fans liked to pick on to becoming more of a fan favorite in one season.... He is playing a little more aggressively(maybe thats it), and not afraid to stand up for his teammates in scrums. He has found a liking to join the rush in key times providing another outlet, when the forwards do some good defensive work down low, and are a bit behind.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tigers Send Allan to Seattle

Medicine Hat, AB -- The Medicine Hat Tigers on Monday evening made a trade with the Seattle Thunderbirds, sending defenceman Scott Allan to the west coast.

Allan was entering his 2nd season with the Tigers after appearing in 34 games last year, recording 0 points and 24 penalty minutes. Allan came to the Tigers after playing in the Heritage Junior B League with the Banff Academy.

Allan, 6'6 and 235 lbs, appeared in 3 games so far this season, recording a -1 rating and getting into a fight in Lethbridge in the season opener.

"The Tigers would like to thank Scott for his contributions to the Tigers both on and off the ice," stated Head Coach and General Manager Shaun Clouston, "We wish Scott all the best in Seattle."

This is a win-win trade for Seattle. I think a 5th round pick is really good value for the potential that Allan has. He is big, mobile, not afraid to be mean. He has room to pack on some muscle. He is a little raw, but his potential is really high. He would be a perfect 3rd line guy, who could possibly come into his own, be a solid 2nd next year. Then a big #1 by his 20 yr old year. He still has a lot of work ahead of him, but the potential is there.

Defense down to 8

Lewington Vannelli
Stanton Becker
Quenneville Schultz

Still 1 too many. Staples hasn't seen action in 4 games. Staples is a solid 2nd pairing guy, who would be around for his overage season.  

Overage Deadline
Thursday of this week. overage Jared Rathjen is still a member of the Tigers. I feel for Rathjen a 20 yr old overage goaltender with an unfortunate condition that is tbd. Just looking around the whl it doesn't look like their will be much movement, as the big name from Kelowna got moved to the broncos.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tigers Destroy Royal 8-2

If you missed this one, you missed a great game. It had a playoff style, rough and tumble, battle for every inch type feel to this one. A Highly Entertaining game.

The Royals tried to exert themselves physically against the Tigers, and the Tigers made them pay with numerous odd man rushes, powerplays, and big hits. The Tigers went 4 for 11 on the powerplay. I think anytime a team spends 22 minutes in the box your not giving yourself a good chance to win.

The Royals aren't a bad team they have a lot of team speed The Tigers were able to get them off their game and punish them on the scoreboard.

I noticed in the third period the royals were really trying to line the Tigers up. But they would only catch a piece of them and then subsequently get hit and knocked over by one of the Tigers forwards in for support.

The Tigers are flying and it is fun to watch. 

So many guys are playing every shift like its their last shift, and it has a good effect on everybody.

I was impressed by the Hobbs Fight. Owre got nailed a couple times, one was a late hit and arguably a penalty. Hobbs went down whacked the guy a couple times and took him on. Hobbs received an extra 2 minutes but its the type of fight that says you can't do that and stood up for his teammates.

 Lewington's fight I didn't like. He took on a 3rd/4th line guy who was trying to start something at the end of the period, but wasn't really a threat.

Eisenschmid, Mowbray, Bradley, Schultz, Shaw, have all been playing very well and above expectations early in the season. I hope they can continue that.

The Tigers aren't just winning close games right now they are dominating them without one of their top forwards in Anthony Ast.

Let's hope they can continue this great play, and keep the streak going. 9 Games in and they haven't allowed more than 2 goals in a game.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tigers Crack CHL Top Ten

BMO CHL Top 10 Rankings – Week 3 
Last Week Rank:
Number of Weeks Ranked:
Rimouski Oceanic (8-1-0-0)
Kelowna Rockets (7-0-0-0)
Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds (4-0-0-0)
Brandon Wheat Kings (5-0-1-0)
Erie Otters (4-0-0-0)
Medicine Hat Tigers (6-1-0-0)
Moncton Wildcats (6-2-0-0)
Oshawa Generals (4-0-1-0)
Gatineau Olympiques (6-2-0-2)
Everett Silvertips (3-0-2-0)
Honourable Mention:
Sherbrooke Phoenix (6-3-0-0)
Guelph Storm (4-1-0-0)
Kamloops Blazers (5-2-1-0)

The Tigers play Red Deer and Victoria this weekend.

Utica Comets Update
Utica made their first round of cuts today. Both Curtis Valk, and former Tiger Wacey Hamilton survived. Utica still has 19 forwards at camp.(4 free agents). Shinkaruk played in his first AHL Preseason game and recorded 1 assist.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Brad Forrest Re-Assigned

Brad Forrest was Re-assigned to the Calgary Mustangs of the AJHL.

Forrest was just a casualty of the extreme depth the Tigers have on the back-end. It leaves 9 WHL rearguards on the roster.

Current Defense
Vannelli(19) Lewington(20)
Becker(20) Stanton(19)
Staples(19) Hobbs(17)

This move pairs the Tigers roster down to 24 players. (25 including Rathjen) which is under the league limit of 25.  I guess the Tigers don't have to make a move, but surely 9 Dman is still 1-2 too many.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Tigers Deal Koules To Portland

Today the Tigers sent Miles Koules to the Portland Winterhawks in exchange for a 4th round pick in 2017.

Well this move was a bit unexpected, and I'm thinking something else has gotta be in the mix. This move leaves them with 13 forwards, which is generally 1 short of the average of 2 extra forwards..

With the depth the Tigers had on defense it initially seemed very likely that they would only keep one overage defenceman. Right now the Tigers have 5 defenceman who are 19 years+, plus an overage goaltender....I think for the whl that is as deep as one could go...and good luck scoring on this squad....its going to be pretty damn difficult with the talent and depth they have.

Vannelli(19) Lewington(20)
Becker(20) Stanton(19)
Staples(19) Hobbs(17)
Brad Forrest(17)

It leaves 10 defence on the roster.(which on average is 3 too many) Right now the Tigers are 2 player over the 25 man limit(including rathjen). Something is going to happen with the defenceman...whether it's just a couple cuts or a trade that sees an impact forward, they have too many players back there right now.

One begs the question of if the Tigers are going to go for it this year?  Are the Tigers going to pull the trigger on a forward for defense-man type deal?   It makes sense to keep the experience if your gunning for a title. This move has me very curious on what they plan to do next.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Oil Kings squeak by Tigers 2-1

Game Hero
Tristan Jarry stood on his head, and the Tigers went 0 for 8 on the powerplay.  If the Tigers had buried their chances this could have been a blowout game in favor of the Tigers, as they carried the play for a good portion of this game.  The only reason it wasn't a blowout was because Tristan Jarry inherited some sort of Superhuman goalie powers and played the game of his life.

The Tigers powerplay looked a bit confused at times on what to do. They had a lot of zone time but better quality chances being shorthanded than with the man-advantage. The Tigers will get Tommy Vannelli back for Tuesday's game so hopefully he can provide a spark on the PP unit.

I was really impressed by How Edmonton tried to come at the Tigers with speed, and the Tigers matched it then turned it up a notch. Then Edmonton tried to up their physical play, which saw the Tigers up their speed again.

Defensive Situation
Both Schultz and Quenneville received a ton of ice-time. Brad Forrest was also dressed but only saw a handful of shifts. Schultz and Quenneville are here to stay.

Let's Look at next years Lineup to see if it makes their decision any easier.

Next Year's Defense
Gone: Vannelli, Lewington, 1 of (stanton/staples)

Ty Stanton(20) Connor Hobbs(18)
David Quenneville(17) Ty Schultz(18)
Brad Forrest(18) Scott Allan(19)

50% turnover creates a lot of extra room back there. The young guys need to play  minutes to groom them for next season.  Also does it make sense to play the Stanton/Staples combo a lot this season, when one of them likely won't be here as overagers?  
 (CoxSanford, Ast, Labelle, Staples,Stanton). 

What I would Consider ( 2 Good Options)

Scenario One
I would be trading/releasing Becker here, and sending down Brad Forrest
Pro's = Keep Staples experience and solidifies a very great Defensive core
Con's = Less ice time to the younger guys with a younger lineup next season.

Scenario Two ( I like this one the most)
Trade/release Becker, and Trade Matt Staples
Pro's: Balanced Lineup with young and experience, plus possible asset return with staples. Young guys get lots of icetime.
Cons: Loose a little bit of experience on the back-end.

Vannelli(19) Lewington(20)
Stanton(19) Hobbs (17)
Quenneville(16) Schultz(17)


Becker unfortunately is the odd man out. Lewington, and Langhamer are locks. They need some scoring up front with Koules. This isn't a hard decision IMO. Koules was a slow starter last year pointwise. He hit a post tonight, so hopefully gets it going soon.

In regards to Staples I like Quenneville and Schultz on the 3rd pairing D unit. I think Hobbs is good enough/ready to play a 2nd line D Pairing with Stanton. This gives a great mix of youth and veterans experience, dressing a strong lineup now, youth for the future, and some depth and size with Allan. Forrest could potentially be sent down, or a callup later in the season if there is a trade.

Why not cut/trade Allan?
I think Allan has great mobility and potential. I want his size in next years lineup. With him in the lineup over staples you have him an extra year, as well as cut down on next years overage situation.
I might consider a trade if the return coming back included a goal scoring power forward.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tommy Vannelli Sent back to the Hat

That's actually slightly surprising that he was sent back so early. I thought he had a good shot at coming back, but was surprised he was assigned right back to the Tigers instead of the AHL.

He Joins Ty Stanton who was sent back yesterday.

Left At Camp
Marek Langhamer (20)
Miles Koules (20)
Tyler Lewington (20)

The Tigers overagers all remain away.

Current Defense(9+)
Kyle Becker(20) Tommy Vannelli (19)
Ty Stanton(19)  Matt Staples(19)
Connor Hobbs(17) Scott Allan(18)
David Quenneville(16) Ty Schultz(17)
Brad Forrest(17)

*Tyler Lewington

Defense Thoughts
I really don't know what the Tigers will do here, and I find this scenario hard to explain. Evaluating their roster, Its difficult to make decisions when 3 overagers are still away at camp. There could still be a surprise that happens.

They will need to cut/trade at least 2 players to get down to the 25 player limit in 3 weeks.
( 1 of them very highly likely to be a 20 yr old  when Lewington returns)

the other?
They basically have 4 guys (Allan, Schultz,Quenneville,Forrest) competing for 1 spot, and that opens up a ton of questions...

 If they keep a young  16 in Quenneville as well as 8 Defenceman does he see 40 games as required?
Maybe they send him down and keep 2 17's.

Do they throw Allan up at forward bringing a physical presence up front? They would still need to cut down 2 players on the back-end.

Does a guy like Staples/Allan get traded with the young prospects stepping up, bringing in a power forward? I see this team as a dark-horse contender depending on what their forwards can bring, and if that is the case I'd prefer Staples experience back on D, as it would make their defense one of, if not the best in the league

Do they cut one or two of the 17's in Schultz/Forrest?  Both of them good players.

What can they get in trades for Staples, Allan, Schultz/Forrest?

All the scenarios make my head spin. All these young guys are good, and next year their will be room with a bit of turnover.  I do think if they have a shot at upgrading a good player with size up front they should seriously consider it even if they are losing playing years from a young Defenseman (which is rare). What would you do?

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tigers Win Home Opener 5-1

While Lethbridge may not be the best test of your new players, I think playing them for the first two games is a nice transition from exhibition to regular season.

I was highly impressed by the talent level of all of the first year players. Not a single first year player looked out of place.

 I think every player on the team is a whl calibre player, and its going to be extremely tough to make decisions to send a couple of them down.

David Quenneville - Very mobile, and a great first pass. He belongs up here as a 16 yr old.
Mason Shaw - A Very smart sparkplug in your face type player with some talented hands.
Brad Forrest - Calm and poised, his skating style reminds me of Russell. He has a ton of potential
Matthew Bradley - Can just tell this guy is going to be a future star. He was the best Tiger on the ice.
Ty Schultz - I remember watching him a bunch on the ice, but its hard to put thoughts into words here. He played a solid game, not as flashy, but didn't make many mistakes.

Nick Schneider - Perhaps a bit of nerves on the first goal, but he was very positionally sound overall on the first shot. He didn't let a bad goal in, and gave the Tigers the chance to win.

I really can't believe the depth the Tigers have on the back-end. When all the defenseman return they are going to be cutting very good young players who are more than whl capable. This Defence is going to be great for at least the next 3 years.

Big Hit
Chad Butcher had a nice little toe drag past Tyler Wong, Wong however clipped him up high in the chin and Butcher went down and looked a little woozy. It was the 5'8 165 lb sparkplug Mason Shaw who immediately went to his aid and was smart in not taking a penalty but going up to Wong and getting in his face for the hit.

Wong received a 5 minute major and game misconduct, and is likely to get a 1 game suspension. The Tigers didn't score on the man-advantage.

Pre-Season Predictions
I had a big post written up, and then I went and read
He pretty much took the words about my predictions from the Tigers out of my mouth, and his thoughts about the Other teams seem spot on.

Give his blog a read if you haven't, his thoughts about how the various teams will do is an excellent read.

NHL Camps
Marek Langhamer - Arizona
Miles Koules - Washington
Tyler Lewington - Washington
Tommy Vannelli - St. Louis
Ty Stanton - Detroit

Most main camps opened up this weekend. A lot of teams have exhibition games coming up soon. I think a lot of teams will make first cuts after this weekend.

Tigers Win Season Opener 3-2

Scott Allan Vs Tyler Bell
- Very quick fight. Actually calling that a fight would be generous as it was a lightning quick come together grapple and fall to the ice.

The Canes Russian Import Pavel Skumatov scored the Hurricanes First 2 goals of the season.

A quick shot from the slot to beat Nick Schneider made it 1-0 Hurricanes

Under 10 minutes later Skumatov would score his 2nd off the game, coming off the boards and hook slinging the puck as he was falling. Schneider opened up his pads for a split second and the puck beat him five-hole.   2-0 Hurricanes

The Tigers would get on the board as Kyle Becker would get his first of the year. Cole Sanford entered the zone and looped back and found a trailing Becker. Becker potted the shot low far side which beat Canes Netminder Zac Robidoux. 2-1 Hurricanes

Griffen Foulk Vs Mason Shaw

Shaw appeared to throw a good hit finishing his check and the camera cut away. It came back to a 6'1 200 b defenceman trying to throw punches at mason shaw a 16 yr old standing 5'8 165lbs.
Shaw held his own and this was largely a grappling match, before both players fell to the ice. Foulk received an instigator, 10 minute misconduct and fighting major, which largely put him out for the rest of the game.  A 19 yr old vet taking on a 5'8 rookie on paper is a huge mismatch, and I'll just say its the type of fight Doty would have taken issue with.

The Tigers Markus Eisenscmid would score his first of the year. Off a rush Markus from his backhand on his offwing shovelled a shot towards the net and it somehow beat Robidoux. A shot he should have easily stopped.. 2-2 TIE

Late in the game Hurricanes Bryton Sayers would win a puck battle and lift it over the boards in his own end resulting in a powerplay for the Tigers.

Directly off the facebook the puck was won back to Connor Hobbs who let a shot rip past a screen Robidoux 3-2 Tigers  and that is how the game would end.

I didn't watch much of the game but it seemed a bit sloppy. The Tigers had 7 guys out, and the canes had 4 guys out. Home Opener Saturday Night!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tigers Will Start the Season With a Short Lineup

The Tigers season starts Friday Night in Lethbridge.

Tigers Making NHL Main Camps
Tommy Vannelli - St. Louis
Miles Koules - Washington
Ty Stanton - Detriot
Tyler Lewington - Washington
Marek Langhamer - Arizona

From what I have read it looks like all 5 Tigers players played really well during their respective NHL prospect camps, and have all been invited to NHL Main Camps.  Lewington was mentioned as a standout. Stanton had an amazing +6 stat in 3 games with the Wings.

Chad Labelle, and Anthony Ast are recovering from injuries, and Jared Rathjen's status is unknown with last report mentioning something in the pre-season medical came up and he still needs to be cleared by doctors.

The Tigers will start the weekend potentially down 7 regulars(8 players total), and only 1 overager (Kyle Becker) in the lineup.

Goaltenders Current Lineup)
Nick Schneider(17)
Cole Schafer(19) *temp

Defense Current Lineup 
Kyle Becker(20) Matt Staples(19)
Connor Hobbs(17) Scott Allan(18)
David Quenneville(16) Ty Schultz(17)
Brad Forrest(17)

Forwards Current Lineup
Bradley (17) Cox(19)  Sanford(19)
Eisenschmid(19) Owre(18)  Butcher(18)
 Mowbray(18) Penner(18)Shaw(16)
 Rassal (17) Fischer(17)

NHL Camps
Tyler Lewington 20yr old defenseman
Miles Koules - 20 yr old forward
Ty Stanton - 19 yr old defenseman
Marek Langhamer - 20 yr old goaltender
Tommy Vannelli - 19 yr old Defenseman

Anthony Ast - 19 yr old Forward
Chad Labelle - 19 yr old forward
Jared Rathjen - 20 yr old Goaltender

They will be playing with a very young lineup to start the season with the youngest average age of 17.8 yrs,  combine that with the smallest, and lightest group in the WHL. This will be a perfect opportunity for the young players to step in and make their mark. Right now the Tigers are carrying 27 players(not including Schafer) and will eventually need to get down to 25.  They will potentially start the season short 1 player depending on the availability of Ast, Rathjen, Labelle.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tigers @ NHL Camps

Update: 3:50 PM Wednesday
Tommy Vannelli
Miles Koules
Tyler Lewington
Ty Stanton
Marek Langhamer

Have all made their respective teams main camp and will be not be with the Tigers for the weekend. So they are down their top 3 dman, starting goaltender, and 1st line forward.

Friday September 12th
Tommy Vannelli(Blues) - 1 Goal, 1 Assist, -1 rating, 3 shots.
Ty Stanton(Red Wings) - Did not play

Former Tigers
Jake Doty(Blues) - 1 shot
Curtis Valk(Canucks) - 2 goals
Hunter Shinkaruk(Canucks) - 1 assist, -1 rating, 3 shots, 2 PM
Kale Kessy(EDM) - 1 shot 2 PM

Saturday September 13th
Jake Doty, 1 Goal, +1, 4 shots
Tommy Vannelli - No Stats
Ty Stanton, +1
Kale Kessy 2 Fights, 12 PM's

Sunday September 14th
Curtis Valk 1 Goal, +1, 2 shots
Hunter Shinkaruk 2 goals, 8 shots

Monday September 15th
Tommy Vannelli - 1 shot, 1 slashing penalty
Jake Doty - No Stats
Ty Stanton - 1 assist, +4, 1 shot
Curtis Valk - -2, 1 shot
Hunter Shinkaruk -1, 2 shots

Tuesday September 16th
Tyler Lewington - Was the lone player mentioned in an online article at having solid defensive play.
Interview here    Coaches said they were very impressed by him. 

Marek Langhamer - Played 2 periods, with 1 goal against.
Ty Stanton - 1 assist, +1, 2 shots
Tommy Vannelli - 1 shot, 2 PM's

Wednesday September 17th
Marek Langhamer

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Explaining the New Playoff Format

The WHL has adopted a new Playoff format this year and I haven't really payed attention to it until now.  I personally hate it because of a flaw in a potential unbalanced conference alignment in which we saw last season.

Ultimately you need to beat the best to be the best. Playing a 72 game season then getting thrown into a wolf, or mouse playoff seems unfair.

This years Format is determined by the top 3 in each division + 2 wildcards.
The 2nd and 3rd place team in each division play against in each in the first round. So throw away your thinking about 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5...

This is how last year would have ended up.

East Division
1 Regina   85 pts --DIVISION WINNER.#2   Plays higher wildcard
2. Swift Current 85 pts  2ND IN DIVISION Plays BELOW
3. Brandon  77 pts        3RD IN DIVISION PLAYS ABOVE
4. Prince Albert 75 pts  WILDCARD #2  (Lesser)
5.  Moose Jaw  51 pts
6. Saskatoon  37 pts

Central Division
1. Edmonton 103 pts  DIVISION WINNER#1    plays lesser wildcard
2. Calgary 103 pts    2ND IN DIVISION PLAYS BELOW
3. Medicine Hat 92 pts  3RD IN DIVISION PLAYS ABOVE
4. Kootenay 83 pts   WILDCARD #1 (higher)
5. Red Deer  75 pts
6. Lethbridge 29 pts

PA defeated the Rebels in a tiebreaker in regular season.

First Round (Seeds are by regular season total points)
Bracket Two
#4 Regina(DIVISION WINNER) Vs #6 Kootenay (Higher wildcard)
#5 Swift Vs  #7Brandon

Bracket One
#1  Edmonton (Division Winner) vs  #8Prince Albert   (Lesser Wildcard)
#2 Calgary Vs #3Medicine Hat  

Second Round - The Winners of each bracket play each other.
Third Round - Bracket One vs Bracket two

The top 3 seeds are all in one bracket, and they will play each other in the first two rounds These should be 3rd and 4th round matchups not 1st and 2nd round matchups.  Meanwhile the #6 seed Kootenay is suddenly enjoying life.

A month before the season ended when Kootenay and the Tigers were neck and neck, really it would be better to loose a few games and drop back, as Kootenay had a much better position in the playoffs than the Tigers.

To me this scenario is complete garbage and I really hope we don't see it.  The weaker teams get rewarded with more potential playoff games and the good teams get penalized.

Equal Balanced Conferences
 How this goes remains to be seen, whether the #1 seeds will take advantage of more weary second round opponents, or whether it will be harder as their opposition will be rivals and more battle tested, it will probably even out.

I think there is a higher chances for upsets playing close rivals, and the path in playoffs is a notch more difficult.

I think we will see on average more playoff games played per year, less overall travel, and more money generated. The road to the finals will get harder. I really hope we don't see conference imbalances because that could put a damper on a strong season.  It does make divisional games that much more important. If you have a great season you are hoping for teams in your division to be weaker.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Tigers Make A Couple Cuts

Tigers Recent Cuts
Caleb Fantillo (16)
Marshall Skapski (16)
Ryan Jevne

Current Roster (27 players, 2 Over Max, 2 Extra overagers)
October 10th Cut-down Date

Current Forwards(14)
(Just for depth purposes, basic Line Combos, don't read into it)

Sanford(19) Cox(19)  Koules(20)
Eisenschmid(19) Ast(19)  Butcher(18)
Penner(18)  Owre(18) Bradley (17)
Labelle(19) Mowbray(18) Shaw(16)

Rassal (17)

Miles Koules is headed to the Washington Camp.

Forward Cuts Left: 0
It is unlikely they make another cut up front unless they bring in someone in through trades.

Current Defense(10)
(Just for depth purposes, basic Line Combos, don't read into it)

Kyle Becker(20)* Matt Staples(19)
Connor Hobbs(17) Scott Allan(18)
David Quenneville(16) Ty Schultz(17)
Brad Forrest(17)

Tyler Lewington(20) (At Camp)  *Estimate a last minute addition to be back to start season
Ty Stanton(19) (At Camp)       * Estimate to be back to start season
Tommy Vannelli(19) (At Camp)  *Unknown return

Defensive Cuts Left:  2-3
They have 3 dman away at camps, so its possible we don't see another cut until these guys return, as another cut would leave them short. Eventually one defensive overager is highly likely to be gone.
 It's likely the Tigers hold on to the overagers until who is coming back is known, unless another team ramps up a bid on a guy like Becker.

Tommy Vannelli -Most likely will not be back to start the season. They will probably give him a long look and the Tigers season starts near when AHL camps begin. If he comes back it is likely after the season started as I doubt they assign him directly back to the Tigers but instead to the AHL first.

Tyler Lewington -  We should put an asterisk beside him. It is unusual that a player will decline an offer. My best guess is that he was offered the league minimum and Washington has 8 guys under a 1 way contract in the NHL and another 9 guys signed in the minors and if he accepted he would be automatically buried in their farm team with limited ice-time if Washington moved him up.(8 guys on the last year of their deal) so he could probably get a much better overall deal waiting a year and signing the next.)  Without a contract I think it is likely that he will be assigned to the Tigers instead of the AHL and be back to start the season.

Jared Rathjen(20)
Nick Schneider(17)

Mark Langhamer 20)

I think Langhamer will be back based on how many goalies Arizona has after their NHL camp is done. If he gets sent down to the AHL to compete for a job it may take a few weeks after the season started before he is back, but they have 5 goalies competing for AHL spots, including Langhamer. With Langhamer's contract eligible to slide it just makes sense if they send him back down to junior so he can be the #1 and get 60 games in rather, than getting 5-12 games in the ECHL, or even a 3rd tiered league like the CHL (not canada's CHL).

Pre-Season Prediction

In both cases overall their forwards are quite small and its hard to estimate on what type of impact this will have on game flow if at all.  Their forwards have an average size of 5'9.85  176.6 lb.

Compared to last years league average size of  6.05 inches and 187 lbs.

I did an incredibly rough conservative player to player estimate projection  on how many goals each player can/should get and I peg them to score roughly the same amount of goals  as a team as they did last year. Bump them down a notch do to their small size up front but bump them back up if Vannelli and his skating returns. They could definitely use a solid big bodied player to score some garbage goals.

Predictions pre-season are a crapshoot

If Vannelli and Langhamer are gone
Goaltending is average, defense is above average but youthful. I would estimate a 4th-7th regular season finish.

Vannelli and Langhamer Back
Their defense and goaltending will be near if not the class of the league. I estimate a 2nd-6th place reg season finish.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Tigers played back to back games as exhibition season got underway Friday and Saturday Night, facing Saskatoon and Prince George Respectively.

Tigers dropped a 4-2 decision to the Blades, and Defeated Prince George 6-5 in overtime. The Tigers heavily outshot both teams.

Saskatoon Game
Saskatoon Vets: 9 Vets dressed
Tiger Vets: 8 Vets dressed

Prince George Game
PG Vets: 7 Vets
Tigers Vets: 8 Vets

(For this I will call a veteran as someone who has played more than 10 games) Tigers had Schnieder and Rathjen each play half a game, (both counted as vets)

Looking at the stats Veteran Import Markus Eisenschmid led the way with 4 points in 2 games. Rookie Mason Shaw had 4 assists in the game against Prince George.

Mathew Bradley who hasn't seen action in the regular season but dressed for 10 playoff games last year scored 3 goals during the 2 games.

Defenceman Scott Allan popped in 2 very quick goals in the 3rd period to help the Tigers tie the game late against Prince George in the 3rd period.

Defenceman Ty Schultz had 2 points and a + 3 rating after 2 games.

I Imagine after these two games in Edmonton there will be a cut or two. With at least 4 players going to NHL camps next week we probably won't see that many cuts this weekend.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

TigerTurf Is Back Online

TigerTurf is back from Holidays and Ready For Tiger Season!!!!!!


Jerrid Sauer hired as an assistant Coach (August 20th)
Back on August 20th the Tigers officially Hired Jared Sauer as their new assistant coach. That makes 2 ex Tigers coaching the team. Sauer completed a Kinesiology degree in calgary. From his days as a Tiger he was one of the more conditioned athletes on the team and he should have a wealth of knowledge in terms of the conditioning and strength part of the game.   I would assume Joey Fraser would receive somewhat of a  promotion now taking over the defensive line changes.

Brad McEwen Headed to the Flames (August 23rd)
The Tigers Head Scout and Assistant General Manager has been hired on as a scout to the Calgary Flames. McEwen has been a big part of bringing in some good talent here the last few years.

Tiger Rookie camp
I wasn't able to attend any Rookie Camp scrimmages or games, but from what various forum commentators have mentioned it sounds like another very impressive camp from the young prospects.

Tigers Make A Trade (August 22nd)
The Tigers sent Goaltender Zac Robidoux to the Lethbridge Hurricanes for a 3rd round Bantam Draft pick in 2015, as well as a conditional 4th round Bantam Draft Pick in 2017.

Robidoux (18) was a very late cut last year as the Tigers choose to go a different route. They picked up a great return for him.

Updated Roster List (Info taken from Small Thoughts At Large) + Tommy Vannelli Addition
Updated August 31st

Anthony Ast (95), Matthew Bradley (97),  Chad Butcher (96), Trevor Cox (95), Markus Eisenschmid (95), Caleb Fantillo (98), Zach Fischer (97), Ryan Jevne (98), Miles Koules (94), Chad Labelle (95), Alex Mowbray (96), Steven Owre (96), Blake Penner (96), Mark Rassell (97), Cole Sanford (95), Mason Shaw (98)

 Scott Allan (96), Kyle Becker (94), Brad Forrest (97), Connor Hobbs (97), Tyler Lewington (94), David Quenneville (98), Ty Schultz (97), Marshall Skapski (98), Ty Stanton (95), Matt Staples (95), Tommy Vanelli(95)

Marek Langhamer (94), Jared Rathjen (94), Nick Schneider (97)

Estimated Cuts Left: (Min 5 cuts Needed, 2 extra over-agers)
1 or 2 Forwards 
3-4 Defenseman
1 Goaltender
2 extra over-agers on the roster.
5 - 16 yr olds ( Max of 4)

NHL Prospect Camps Open Soon
Ty Stanton - Red Wings   (New)
Tommy Vannelli - St. Louis
Tyler Lewington - Washington
Marek Langhamer - Arizona

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Import Draft + Goaltending Situation

Tigers Trade For A Goalie
The Tigers traded for overage Goaltender Jared Rathjen from vancouver, for a 5th round conditional Pick.

Rathjen has 74 Games played over his whl career. 

What This Means

What this move means. It means that the Tigers are now unsure if Marek Langhamer is coming back....They traded away 18yr old goaltender Daniel  Wapple last season with reasons stating they had strong indications marek would be playing here in his 20 yr old season.....This trade would make it seem that this is insurance in case he doesn't come back

Arizona Signings

The Arizona coyotes just signed Devan Dubnyk to a 1 yr deal. Dubnyk should backup Mike Smith in the NHL. They also Signed Mike McKenna to a 1 yr 2 way deal.

So they have 4 other goalies in their system under contract for 1 year left.
Mark Visentin (AHL)
Mike Lee (Injured most of last season, probably ECHL)
Louis Domingue (AHL )
Mike McKenna (AHL )

4 Goalies who will be competing for jobs in the AHL.  One that was injured all of last season but should be back.

As Tiger fans we will have to keep an eye on if Phoenix makes any moves regarding their goaltenders, but Based on their recent signings and Marek's Contract is eligible to slide, I feel quite a bit more safer that he will return.   It doesn't make sense to stuff him in the ECHL as a 3rd string goaltender. If Arizona wants Marek to play in the ECHL/AHL it didn't make sense for Arizona to sign Mike McKenna unless they plan to make a trade with one of their other tenders, but we don't know what their plan is.

CHL Import Draft
Goes today.

Eisenschmid is eligible to be back next season. Marek is a bit up in the air as of yet (but I think he will return).....We could see the Tigers possibly make one pick

Tigers Select Michael Spacek with the 45th overall pick. Spcek is projected to be one of the top prospects coming from the Czech Republic for next years NHL Draft. 5'10 181 lbs.

Tigers Making NHL Camps
Dylan Bredo - Edmonton
Curtis Valk - Vancouver
Jake Doty - St. Louis

Tyler Lewington - Washington
Tammy Vannelli - St. Louis
Marek Langhamer - Arizona
Miles Koules- Washington

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Langhamer Signs with Phoenix, Kruger Promoted

The Medicine Hat Tigers are pleased to announce that 19 year old goaltender Marek Langhamer has signed an entry level contract with the NHL Phoenix Coyotes. The Czech born Langhamer was drafted by the Coyotes in 2012, 184th overall.

Marek was in the Tigers office on Wednesday to put pen to paper on his new deal, tweeting a photo out while saying "I’m really excited to become a part of Phoenix Coyotes organization. Also wanna thank @tigershockey and my family." 

Langhamer put up impressive numbers during the second half of the season but his best work came representing his country at the IIHF World Junior Championships. Langhamer and his Czech Republic teammates defeated Team Canada in a shootout, with Marek stopping 25 saves plus 2 in the shootout. It was the Czech Republic's first win against Canada in 15 games. 

The confidence Langhamer gained from the World Juniors followed him to Medicine Hat and into the final months of his WHL season. He finished with a 2.58 goals against average and .913 save percentage, both among the top 10 in the league.

Langhamer said about his hard work "“It doesn’t happen every day. It was a great feeling. It’s hard to put into words; it’s a dream come true for me.”

Marek will head to Phoenix for their camp next fall and has the eligibility to return as a 20 year old to the Tigers. Fans are hoping to see the Czech in the pipes for next season!

Great Job Marek!!

He was instrumental in the Tigers success during the stretch run and playoffs. He has improved sooooo much over his tenure here. 
Very athletic and can move side to side very well. He had issues on medium to long range shots in the early to mid-season, but it seemed like he flicked a switch and it wasn't an issue.  signing a contract means Phoenix can put him in the pro's next season, however their has been strong indiciations that he will return to the Tigers as an overage 20yr old goaltender....the last of the Euro 'Tenders

Darren Kruger Promoted!

Medicine Hat Tigers announce this afternoon the promotion of Darren Kruger to the position of Senior Director, Player Development effective immediately.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

WHL Bantam Draft Day

It is Bantam Draft Day!!
- Will be updated every couple hours. The WHL Site is live.

Link :

1st Round (17th overall)
James Hamblin Centre- Edmonton, AB - 5'8 135 lbs  SSAC 1999-04-27

2nd Round (39th Overall)
Rilan Rommelaere -  Goaltender -  Boissevain, MB -  5'11 154 lbs -  1999-05-14

3rd Round (56th Overall)
Nicholas Doyle -  Defence -  Winnipeg MB -  5'11.5 157 lbs -  POE AAA-1 - 1999-05-24

3rd Round (61st Overall)
Tyler Preziuso - Right Wing - Burnaby, BC - 5'10 150 lbs -  BWC A1-T1 -  1999-01-19

4th Round (72nd overall)
Cameron Lockard - Right Wing - Whitecourt, Alberta - 5'11 170lbs PAC Saints - 1999-12-02

5th Round
No Picks

6th Round (118th overall)
Dylan Cassie - Defence Winnipeg MB, 5'10 168 lbs - Monarchs 1999-04-17

7th Round (149th overall)
Sammy Walker - Centre - Edina MN, 5'5 123 lbs, 1999-06-07

8th Round (158th overall)
Jack Harris - Defence, Prior Lake MN, 6' 165 lbs 1999-06-13

8th Round (171st overall)
Kyle Kaufmann Centre, West Vancouver, 5'10 140lb, Hollyburn A1-T1 1999-04-23

9th Round
NO Picks

Monday, April 28, 2014

Tigers Season Comes to an End

The Tigers season officially came to an end Saturday night in Edmonton as they lost a 4-3 decision to the Oil Kings. The Oil Kings Take the Series 3-1.

Graduating Overagers
Congratulations to Dylan Bredo who on Saturday night played in his 400th career WHL Game. (including playoffs, all with the Tigers)

Congratulations to Curtis Valk who played in his 319th Career WHL game, again all with the Tigers. Watching the transition this kid made from getting stapled in the corner every game, to someone who could turn  signed WHL defenseman inside out and  put up massive points. It's probably the biggest improvement I have seen from a player in the whl with the Tigers.

Congratulations to Jake Doty who scored his first career playoff goal in his last playoff game, and put up big improvements in his last two years here as a Tiger.

Player Highlights
Cole Sanford - Went from 11 points to 73. He also led the Tigers in scoring during the playoffs.
Tommy Vannelli - The Tigers unexpectedly received a star 2nd round defenseman after he decided to not go the NCAA route.
Marek Langhamer - had a bit of an up and down season early, but turned into a star goalie and was a HUGE factor on why the Tigers made it to the 3rd round of the WHL playoffs.

Hunter Shinkaruk - Despite a season ending injury mid-season from Shinkaruk, the team was able to come together and play better overall.

Year in Review
This might not be a popular opinion but I thought that with the tools the Tigers had to work with this season it is a little bitter sweet. With how the season played off the Tigers had a good year with the roster they had making it to the 3rd round.

I thought they had the pieces to be a WHL contender. With the injury to shinkaruk, and the decision to keep Doty instead of Leier, those two players in the lineup could have given the Tigers a potent top two scoring lines instead of just one, and they probably didn't add players based on what they had.
It's just a little bittersweet knowing that the Tigers could have been more of a threat had the season played out differently.

Players To Watch For Next Season
Chad Butcher - Has last years Cole Sanford written on him. 3 Game Winners in the swift series, the 5'9 forward has been able to to win quite a few battles in the corners and could be a key cog in next years top 6.

Blake Penner - Every-time this kid gets on a roll he seemed to get injured. If he can stay healthy he is one of the Tigers better 2 way forwards. Like Butcher he wins a lot of the small battles. He should be able to play in a bigger role next season

Connor Hobbs - He looked like a veteran when he was called up at the end of the season. He threw a big hit every game, and his smarts looked like he had played a full season up here.

Trevor Cox - He doubled his point totals last season and scored 8 playoff goals. He will be looked on to provide a lot of offense next season

Cole Sanford - 11 points to 73 points. I thought Sanford missed about 4 chances for every chance he scored on. He is sneaky and smart. His 11 goals in the playoff tells us that he can put up big numbers again next season.

Next Season

100% Gone
Dylan Bredo - Graduated
Jake Doty - Graduated
Curtis Valk - Graduated
Hunter Shinkaruk - Pro's - Even though I don't think he is 100% ready for the next level, it is likely the Canucks will have him in their system for next season.

Tommy Vannelli - He quickly showed why he was a 2nd round draft pick, but over the course of the season showed a little wear and tear and became apparent that physically he is not ready for the next level. The Blues have signed him to an ELC contract. Since he was drafted out of high school he will be eligible to play in the AHL at 19. Its up to the blues on where they want to put him. They have a lot of Dman in their system, so I'd put the odds at a 50-50 chance he is back next season.

Tyler Lewington - I thought Lewington's game took off in the playoffs. He was consistently one of the top blue-liners every night. The intense physical nature of the playoffs seemed to spark his game up a notch. Prior to the playoffs I thought he was a candidate to back next season. We will have to see what Washington wants to do with him for next year they will still have to sign him.

Competing for Next Year's Overager's
Miles Koules - Likely to come back for his overage season.
Tyler Lewington - Questionable - He is not signed yet, but if he does sign he could play pro next season.
Kyle Becker -  Probable to be back
Marek Langhamer - Phoenix has already said it is likely he plays in the WHL as an overager. Based on his performance in the playoffs he is a lock.

Barring trades I think the top 3 are: Koules,Lewington,Langhamer, if Lewington doesnt return Becker is in there. (there is also an outside chance Koules could get picked up in the off-season)

Depth Charts (not estimated line combos)
Cox(19)  Sanford(19) Koules(20)
Ast(19) Owre(18) Butcher(18)
Penner(18) Eisenschmid(19) Broadhead(19)
Labelle(19) Mowbray(18) Bradley(17)


Vanelli(19)* Lewington(20)*
Stanton(19) Staples(19)
Hobbs(17) Queneville(16)
Schultz(17) Allan(18)

Marek Langhamer(20)
Nick Schneider(17)

Looking at the roster for next year a big factor will be the return of their experienced blue-liners.  Missing your #1, and #2 guy could be a big blow to the back-end if both move on to play pro's. If both (lewington/vannelli come back the Tigers defense with their goal-tending will be a strongpoint. It is looking like their will be a logjam back there.

Next year it will be Cox and Sanford who will be the guys who are targeted on offensively. It seems at first glance that they will have a similar Calibre team next year to this year if their blue-liners return, although they will miss a game-breaker like Curtis Valk, hopefully sanford, and cox can prove to be game-breakers next season.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

7th Heaven See ya in Edmonton!

Kootenay With Strong Start
Well the game didn't start out very well. Kootenay managed to score 51 seconds into the game from an unassisted slapshot that squeaked through Marek Langhamer's Pad's. 1-0 Kootenay

Kootenay came out very strong at the start and had the Tigers on their heels a little...That goal however was the only one Langhamer would let in, as he was a solid wall for the rest of the game.

Tiger Pushback
The Tigers responded with some pushback when Steve Owre squeaked a tip past Mackenzie Skapski. Miles Koules with some work along the boards fed the puck to Markus Eisenschmid who took an off-balance shot in the slot. Owre managed to tip the puck and it gave Skapski some trouble.

 The puck bounced off his pads and started trickling towards the net. Owre was right there and it almost looked like he was going to glove the puck in, however a kootenay defender tied him right up and it was just enough time for the puck to cross the goal-line and the crowd erupted!!!  1-1 TIE

Towards the end of the first period the Ice were pushing very hard and were locking the Tigers in their own end.

Second Period
The period flew by. I thought the Tigers won the second period they had a couple really good scoring chances, but they couldn't quite convert on. Koules had a partial open net but Skapski somehow got a pad on it.  The Ice are already down some Dman with 2 of their core guys out. Blake Penner put on a nice hit on Tyler King, and I'm not sure if he returned to the game.

Third Period
The third period is where the magic happened. 41 Seconds into the period the Ice had 3 forwards deep and Cole Sanford chipped a puck past a pinching Rinat Valiev. Cox had a partial break but fumbled the puck. It was one of those grip it and rip shots and it beat Skapski low to the far side, 2-1 Tigers

Kootenay later would miss a wide open net chance....and that came back to bite them as the Tigers sanford would again get a hold of a puck and chip it past a pinching Dman....They went up on a 2 on 0 break...he fed the Puck to Cox who buried his second of the game. 3-1 Tigers

Cole Sanford would seal the Deal with a Mid-ice empty Net goal. 4-1 Tigers Final
Tigers Take the Series 4-3!!!!!

The Tigers get One Day of Rest before they face the Edmonton Oil Kings on Friday.

3rd Round Schedule
Medicine Hat
Friday, April 18
7:00 pm
Medicine Hat
Sunday, April 20
4:00 pm
Medicine Hat
Tuesday, April 22
7:00 pm
Medicine Hat
Wednesday, April 23
7:00 pm
Medicine Hat
Saturday, April 26
7:00 * pm
Medicine Hat
Monday, April 28
7:00 * pm
Medicine Hat
Tuesday, April 29
7:00 * pm

The Series will be Broadcasted Live on Shaw TV