Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oil Kings Defeat Tigers 4-2

Their were a bazillion scouts in the stands, watching Hunter Shinkaruk go head to head with the Oil King's Curtis Lazar. Both players are expected to be high first round picks in next years NHL Draft.

Shinkaruk had an extra jump in his step and played really well despite only getting 1 powerplay assist, and a -1 rating.

Tigers out-shot Edmonton 36-21, the Oil Kings also took 9 penalties, yet it was the Oil Kings who jumped out to a commanding 4-0 lead. I thought the Tigers started the game off well, but the Oil Kings had the Tigers on the ropes after they killed their first of two 5 on 3's. When Boston Leier took the slashing penalty 6:16 into the first, the momentum changed in favor of Edmonton, and it stayed that way till the middle of the second period.

 I thought the Tigers could have weathered the storm a lot better. To me it seemed like mentally they zoned out for a bit. The small things like not throwing any hits, putting passes just out of reach, and not sticking with their man got them in some hot water. Towards the end of the first they started playing a little better but still gave up a couple high quality scoring chances. They need to find a way to limit these defensive lapses as a couple shifts in their own zone tends to knock em out for a while.

Halfway though the game the momentum changed a complete 180. Highlighted by 2 goals, 2 minutes apart and Jacob Doty getting into his first fight this season laying a beatdown on  6'4-203 lb Mason Geertson.(Doty got a standing ovation from both the fans and his teammates)  For the rest of the game the Oil Kings were in trouble as the Tigers were swarming the Oil Kings zone, but it was their goaltender Laurent Brossoit bailing them out.

I really liked Dylan Bredo's play tonight. I usually don't mention him because he always plays solid, but he made quite a few really smart plays. I also thought Ty Stanton took some steps being a lot more comfortable on the ice back from injury. We got our first look at Elgin Pearce and he didn't disappoint.  Gavin Broadhead also layed out a couple good hits, although the last one was a borderline penalty.

Edmonton is ranked #9 in the country and the Tigers severely outplayed them for half the game.  Even though this was a loss in the standings I hope they take away some confidence from this game and use it on the weekend.

Next Up: Tigers play all 3 nights this weekend, starting Friday in Red Deer then back home Saturday/Sunday against P.G and Saskatoon.

Doty vs Geertsen Fight


CatFan said...

Lots of good things about tonight's game. I was expecting a blowout especially when they went down 4-0. It turned into a pretty good game and the Tigers proved they could skate with the Oil Kings when they want to but they have to want to for 60 min. not 45!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Didn't see the game the way either of you did. Bredo bailed a couple of times on hitting guys on the forecheck in the first two periods. Particularlly when EDM #5 had the puck in his feet, and Bredo didn't hit him. Instead #5 took his time and outletted the puck, seemed to know Bredo doesn't hit??
Broadhead and Leier( Leier although took a couple of penalties, also had 8 shots on net) were two of the stronger players for us up front. The top two lines were terrible. None of those players finished barely any checks. Note...I said barely. Great to see Hunter get up right away on the first hit he took in the first period. What about backchecking from these two lines?
Ryckman and Becker (Mr. Puck Focus) were off their games. BUT., Lewington and Jenson, and Staples showed some step in their game. Jenson carried the puck a few times tonight, great to see in a younger player.
Last year, the gentleman who runs this blog use to put up the lines and pairings at the start of each game didn't he?. Would like to see that back again this year.
I suspect the boys are in the gym and on the bikes a little extra time tonight after the game.
Langhammer didn't get much support on any of the first three goals. He kept the boys in the game when the boys came out in the second period. Clouy I'm thinking emphasized D-Zone coverage!!
Surprised that there was no time out called, for the FOURTH 5-3 powerplay. We had a chance, to call one when the EDM defender cleared the puck over the glass to go on the final 5 on 3. Powerplay did seem to work better earlier in the season, when we used two defensemen on the point?
Somebody commented that Hunter wouldn't get any points even strength tonight. Good call you were right.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:11 that was good except for the fact staples didn't play lol

Anonymous said...

Why thank you
I call them like i see them just like i said the Tigers would finish around 6th this year

Anonymous said...

The Tigers needs to put two defenseman on the first line powerplay. Busenius is doing a great job on there but they have tried Koules, Hunter and Valk. Let's make the change!!!

TigerTurf said...

I might have put line pairings during playoffs, but not usually for regular season games.

I agree that Broadhead played well when he was on the ice, but he wasn't used very much.

Staples wasn't dressed tonight, your probably thinking of Ty stanton.

They didn't call a timeout on the last 5 on 3 cause they used it in the first period.

I doubt they would be on the bikes..maybe the 4th line, and scratches but their on a 5 games in 7 day stretch.

The Tigers have used that 4th forward on the PP since the beginning of the season.
Ryckman and Becker were a combined +1

Anonymous said...

I thought the beginning was horrible and Langhammer looked weak. However, there was a sharp change. We moved out feet and looked like the better team in the 2nd and 3rd. We also did not give up at all. It was great to see our shots on goal being so high. I think the guys are gripping their sticks a bit and we probably would have had more goals on a night where they were relaxed and less stressed. I agree, there were positives to take away from this game. They do need to address Langhammer and his knack for letting in a bunch of goals quickly. Not sure if he needs a better warm up or what. Overall, a step in the right direction!

Anonymous said...

Funny to hear and read comments about getting more pucks on net.... you outshot them 36-21, you got enough shots on net, just make them more on the net and less on the goalie's equipment!

Anonymous said...

Certainly there was proof that we are not horrible. Now we just need to hold that play for 60min. Baby steps.

longtimefan said...

Lots of positives after the first period. Work ethic was very good for most of the game and it showed in their forecheck. Liked what I saw out of some of the younger guys especially Broadhead. Langhammer looks nervous to start games and he seems to overplay the puck and gets himself out of position and kicks out some large rebounds. He was much better in the last two periods. Efforts like in periods two and three will generate more wins than losses for sure.

Anonymous said...

I stand was Stanton I was referring too, and not Staples. Thank you
As for the shots on net, they are a little inflated with last nights game because of a rare not one but four 5 on 3 powerplays. That's a realistic oulook on the shot total last night.

Anonymous said...

Seeing that many shots on goal was good, that is what the needed to do. Good things happen when you shoot. Now I imagine they are working on getting a bit more traffic in front as the Edm goalie saw a lot of those shots. Also, there seemed to not be someone there to get a greasy rebound goal. Also, Langhammer needs to control those rebounds, boy are they big and numerous. I think he has jitters at the beginning of the game, things will come!

Anonymous said...

Go Doty! Nice fight! Throwing bombs, hope to see more. Got the crowd and the bench going!! Nothing like haymakers to get everyone going!

Anonymous said...

there is a reason no one in this league fights Doty because he aims to hurt you badly but sunday come on come all Doty vs Astles its going to be a good one!!!

Walker said...

It's saturday night. The family settles in for their weekly Hockey Night in Canada. Walter hands Wayne a legal sized note pad and tells him to focus on the puck and draw where it goes on the pad. Wayne quickly learns that the puck seems to follow the same general pattern every week. A light bulb goes off. Wayne thinks, if the pucks chances of going to a certain spot a majority of the time, I can be there first. It's like Wayne knows everything before it happens. The greatest hockey player is born. So tell me what is wrong with puck focus? I think Walter would have taken that as a compliment. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Dear Walter,
One of the problems with Puck Focus is not being aware of any other players in YOUR defensive zone. It is a term we use in hckey at high levels, for players who seem to be mesmerized by the puck. Defensemen need to be aware of other pressure from F-2 and F-3,and not just F-1. Primarily, when F-1 has a players sole attention, it allows D-S and D-W to lose sight of these other threats. Often results in poor coverage, and the next face-off is usually at center ice.
I hope that helps you Walter. Wayne was a great player, but not a defenseman.