Friday, October 26, 2012

Tigers VS Calgary Pre-Game

 Thanks to an anonymous commenter on the last post for picking this up.

Brendan Hurley has been picked up by the Calgary Hitmen. In 12 games for the Dauphin Kings Hurley picked up 18 points(12 goals 6 assists), including 40 penalty minutes. 

Found this on the Hitmen Informant.   

#14 Brady Brassart, F, upper body, 2 weeks
#19 Calder Brooks, F, upper body, 30 day list
#15 Chase Clayton, F, lower body, 2 weeks
#9 Jayden Rissling, D, upper body, 1 week

It looks like Calgary is nursing a few injuries at forward, and needed some help and that's why they picked up Hurley.

I will be recapping tonight's game vs the Hitmen.


Anonymous said...

Hurley is a good player glad he gets this opportunity and good luck to him.
But go tigers go. They gotta come out strong and hopefully they can stick to their systems and keep pushing for wins!
Go tigers!

Anonymous said...

wow, 6-0 in the 2nd.... never expected that.

Anonymous said...

Inside scoop : Great game by Valk and Shinkaruk, and Lanigan!!!