Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Victoria Defeats Tigers 4-3 OT

Elgin Pearce is wearing #15

Ridley Mentioned Alex Theriau skated with the Tigers last night at practice, and his Time-Frame to return is late October, early November.

1st Period

Tigers get off to another good start. It seems to be a common theme early in the season so far, and I like it!

The Tigers would score on their first shot of the game. Boston Leier fed a pass to Trevor Cox who would cross into the zone and let a shot rip from the high circle area. It beat Victoria Goaltender Patrik Polivka glove side. 1- 0 Tigers

A little past the halfway point Victoria's Austin Carroll would get penalized for knocking the stick out of Miles Koules hands.

On the Power-play Trevor Cox fed a pinching Spenser Jensen in the high slot area. Jensen's first shot would be stopped, however Cox was Johnny on the spot for the rebound to score his 2nd of the game. 2-0 Tigers.

The first period saw the Tigers completely roll all 4 lines. I wouldn't have been surprised to see the rookie line earn more Ice-Time than the Tigers top line.

2nd Period

The Royals would come to play in the second period.  But despite this the Tigers would increase their lead to three.

13:44 into the second period, the forwards were on a partial line change. Kyle Becker made a nice pass up the boards to Hunter Shinkaruk streaking to the opposite side of the bench. He managed a nice little give and go with Elgin Pearce.  This gave Shinkaruk lots of room in the slot and Fired a bullet in off the post. 3-0 Tigers.

With 5 minutes to go in the period the Royals got a lucky bounce on a 2 on 1. Jamie Crooks tried to make a cross ice pass but a fallen Tyler Lewington would block the pass after he fell over backwards. Tthe momentum would squirt the puck right back to Crooks who slid it along the ice past Langhamer who had Tyler Lewington crashing right into him. 3-1 Tigers

Late in the period the Royals had an extended shift in the Tigers zone. The group of 5 were worn out after a long shift, and Elgin Pearce would get called for tripping.

With 7 seconds left in the period former Hitmen Alex Gogolev found Defenseman Tyler Stahl at the point. Stahl would fire a slapper at the net, and amid the scramble in front Brandon Magee would get a stick on the puck for a deflection and the puck would squirt between the pads of Marek Langhamer. 3-2 Tigers

The royals were the slightly better team in that period. The Tigers didn't get too many prime scoring chances, whereas the Royals had a few extended shifts in the Tigers zone.

3rd Period

Watching was a bundle of nerves. The Royals were all over the Tigers, Marek Langhamer made a number of very good saves, as it felt like the Tigers were gripping their sticks tight with nervous hands. They only managed 1 shot the whole period. It seemed like a matter of time before......

Very Late in the period with the goalie pulled, the Tigers forgot about the man on the far side of the net. Ben Walker threw a pass across the crease over to Alex Gogolev. Gogolev had some time to roof it past a fallen Langhamer. 3-3 TIE

Hunter Shinkaruk would attempt to drive the net wide and pass it back to the point. The puck was picked of by Royal Forward Logan Nelson. Nelson would then shove a bank pass off the boards to get a step on Derek Ryckman. Nelson would attempt a wrap around, he missed the wrap around but the puck came squirting right into the slot area. During the wrap-around somehow Marek Langhamer's stick and glove would come off.  Royals Defenceman Brett Cote would fire a shot, and it bounced off of Lewington's shin pads passed Langhamer stick side who was missing both his stick and glove. 4-3 Royals Win

 Marek Langhamer was phenomenal in net and a big reason why the Tigers managed to get a point. At one point in the third he stopped a side to side to side shot barrage, and then a mini-breakaway right after.  Langhamer was also run over about 5 or 6 times through the game by both teams. I thought he had a stellar night.  Their were some missed defensive assignments late in the third period that I'm sure the coaches will be looking at to fix.


CatFan said...

It seems they quit pressing in the third in order to try and hold on to a one goal lead. In my mind this is always a mistake and ends up costing them. They are a good offensive team and should just keep playing their game regardless of the score. Oh well another lesson learned and at least we still got a point. Their next game against Kamloops will be a tough one.

Anonymous said...

I wondered why no time out was called to get the tigers back on track. We seemed confused and allowed the royals to play their game. Too bad, we should have had this one easily. Good for Langhammer tho, seems to be playing well.

Anonymous said...

I hate watching a loss like that, tough on the fans too. 10min they would like back! Guys need to regroup and bring it to Van.

longtimefan said...

didn't watch or listen to the game but i'm wondering if the coaching staff shortened the bench like they did against Regina.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the game video on the WHL website you can clearly see if you look closely that Pearce also passed the puck to Cox on the first goal of the game. This poinbt was not awarded and he actually had a two point night for his first game as a tiger - not bad.

Anonymous said...

Fun game to watch for the first 30 minutes. We were outplayed the last 30 minutes.
Our top line could have played much better. Victoria didn't have to work too hard to shut them down most of the night.
Pearce did have two assists in his 1st game as a Tiger. Unfortunately, the scorekeeper didn't get that message relayed to him. This guy will help us offensively.
Victoria shortened their bench to two lines in the third predominately. Our young defensive corps, struggled with that. However the young guys hung in there pretty good.
In the last 30 minutes or so, we were outshot 15-1. Top line did not appear to be playing in the same game.
Reading the article on the Tigers web site about the game. It mentions Shinkaruk skating around Victoria's defense and scoring. Actually was Pearce who drew both Stahl and Carroll wide, and fed Shinkaruk a great pass for the Tiger's third goal perhaps partially screened by Cote.
Exciting team to watch for sure. On the last goal, Langehammer had some tough luck with his goal posts. They stripped him of both his trapper and his stick. Bad luck there. He played phenomally.
Can't wait to see our boys play again. Go Tigers Go

Anonymous said...

If Pearce did have another assist it will be taken care of. The players need to report it and then check up with it. So all of you guys chill and wait and see what happens!!!

Anonymous said...

Look at the score sheet at Pearce has been given the 2 assists!!!