Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ice Shutout Tigers 2-0

Kootenay's Mackenzie Skapski straight out stole this one. Tigers had a few breakaways, a bunch of Close hard shots,  rang the crossbar, and were all over the Ice in the third period. 

I liked the determination they displayed. They had quite a few good quality chances and it should have been a matter of time before something broke, but it never did.

I thought the Refs let a lot of interference go, the Tigers probably could have had 4-6 PP's instead of only 2 that were called.

Unfortunately Swift, PA, and it looks like Lethbridge might all win tonight.

The Tigers have a rematch against the Ice Saturday Night in Cranbrook.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tigers Take Out Rebels 5-4

An Up and down game from the Tigers....They had the rebels on the ropes, and at the end of the second period it looked like the rebels were gassed with a 5-2 Tiger Lead.

The rebels managed to score a couple goals to make it close, but the Tigers prevailed.

The rebels played their backup goaltender Bolton Pouliot and he had an up and down game letting in a couple weaker goals including the first shot of the game, but he also made a number of highlight real saves in the second and third periods.

I was impressed with Rebels 16 year old Connor Bleakly he had 2 goals and was thorn in the side making a number of solid body-checks.

For the Tigers Curtis Valk inched closer to the whl goal scoring lead with a hat-trick and is only 3 goals off the goal scoring leader Brendan Leipsic from portland.

I thought Zach Hodder had another good game and has stepped up his game up a notch.

The win puts the Tigers within 3 points of PA, and 5 points of Red Deer

With Lethbridge losing tonight the magic number to clinch a playoff spot is now a combo of 10 Tiger points or Lethbridge loss of points.

Next Up: A delayed Home and Home against the Kootenay Ice Wednesday Night at the Arena

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tigers Defeat Broncos 2-0

A very impressive shutout win for Marek Langhamer. You could tell right off the bat he was in the zone and played a terrific hockey game.

I thought the Tigers played very well in the first period despite being outshot 12-9. I thought the Broncos were the better team in the second and third period, but they had a tough time cracking Marek Langhamer. The Tigers defense did do a good job at knocking away the rebounds.

I thought the Tigers killed a lot of their scoring chances trying to be too fancy. They were called at least half a dozen times on the offside as well as multiple turnovers in the high slot area.

 They probably could have doubled their shot totals with how many shots they missed being too fancy.

I thought Zach Hodder had a really good game. I thought Jake Doty's fight in the second period was in very good timing, as the broncos were pressing at the time.

The win puts the Tigers up by 4 points over swift, and 8 points over 9th place Lethbridge. The magic number sits at 14 points to clinch a playoff spot with 9 games remaining in the season.

Next Up: Sunday Night at the Arena against Red Deer at 6PM.

The Tigers face IMO the leagues best goaltender in Patrik Bartosak, they will be in tough to score some goals. Also with 2 points last night, former Tiger Rhyse Dieno now leads the rebels in scoring despite only playing in 39 games.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Raiders Defeat Tigers 5-2

I thought the Tigers only played 20 minutes of hockey. They have been coming out of the gate very quickly. I think that is 3 games in a row where they have scored a goal within the first 5 minutes.

 They played a terrific first period but then coasted the rest of the way through. They let the opposition  score another 4 goals in the third period.( 2 empty net goals)

It's disappointing because that's 4 points thrown away in a close race, and It's not the time of year to start having effort problems in the third period.  Their only 4 points away from missing the playoffs and if they lose tomorrow it's very likely that turns into 2....well 3 but Kootenay would have 2 games in hand.

Jayden Hart still likes playing at the Arena he scored the Raiders first goal and assisted on the game winning goal. Also named the First Star.

Boston Leier was probably a little disappointed. He failed to score on 2 breakaway attempts.

Hunter Shinkaruk
Hunter Shinkaruk is playing better but their was one play that really irked me. He made a half assed attempt at stopping a pass that went for icing, and on the ensuing faceoff in the Tigers zone PA put on some pressure and scored the game winning goal.    Their were a ton of scouts in the stands tonight and you can bet they marked that down on their rap sheets.

Next UP: A Home and Home series, Friday Night in Swift, and Saturday Night back at the Arena.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Blades Defeat Tigers 4-3

Tigers deserved a better fate in this one. They put on a 2-0 lead and had multiple chances to break the game open further, including a shot off the post but Makarov was standing on his head. Cam Lanigan also played well through the first two periods.

In the third period the Tigers took some penalties and  Saskatoon all of a sudden got some puck luck scoring a couple fluky goals, and a couple powerplay goals.

I thought the Tigers got quite a few good scoring chances in the game, just a frustrating ending. Saskatoon is a team the Tigers could have a good chance playing against in the first round if they make the playoffs and the Tigers showed that if that happens its not going to be an easy series.

Up Next: A struggling Prince Albert Hockey Team Wednesday Night at Home. Ever since Christmas PA has been struggling and dropping in the standings. A couple weeks ago I would have said catching them in the standings would be near impossible, but if the Tigers can win their would only be a 4 point difference between them.

Tigers Defeat PG 5-3

 The Tigers open a 7 point gap on 9th place Kootenay, and maintain a 1 point lead on 6th place. The Tigers tied a season high 5 game winning streak with the Victory over Prince George!

A very gritty win. The cougars looked like they brought their A game for the first two periods. The Tigers turned it up in the third period. 

I thought it was good to see some fight from Hunter Shinkaruk. I thought he has struggled a little since Christmas. He seemed to push through it and had his game back in the third period.

Doty, Shinkaruk and Sanford were playing on a line together for a while, but it just didn't seem to click and they were broken up.

Scoreboard Watching
Kootenay lost
Swift won
Saskatoon won
Red Deer won in a shootout

Saturday Night
The blades are on a 10 game winning streak. The last time the Tigers faced the Blades, Saskatoon whipped them 7-2. Incidentally that was the game where afterwards the Tigers found their team identity, and started pulling off some wins.

Notable Games
Kootenay @ Brandon
Prince George @ Lethbridge
Saskatoon @ Tigers

Game Articles
Tigers keep on rolling (MH News)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tigers Defeat Brandon 3-0

I only watched a little bit of this game so I can't give a full summary.

Cam Lanigan made a bunch of good saves and didn't give up many rebounds.

Curtis Valk picked up his 34th, and 35th goals of the season and Elgin Pearce potted his 25th.

The win leapfrogs the Tigers over Swift Current in the standings to put a 1 point lead on 6th place. The Broncos lost to Prince Albert Wednesday.

5th - Rebels -66 pts-------14 Games Left 
6th - Tigers - 61 pts-------14 Games Left
7th - Broncos - 60 pts------14 Games Left
8th Hurricanes - 59 pts---13 Games Left
9th Kootenay - 56 pts-----15 Games left  

Next Up:

Prince George @ Tigers
Kootenay @ Brandon
Victoria @ Red Deer
Broncos @ Regina

Kootenay @ Brandon
Prince George @ Lethbridge
Saskatoon @ Tigers

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tigers Defeat Kootenay 3-2

Big win for the Tigers tonight especially without their captain Hunter Shinkaruk.

The Tigers stay 3 points ahead of Kootenay with 16 games left in the season and are knocking on the doorsteps of Lethbridge and Swift Current.

The Tigers still have 1 more home and home series against the Ice at the end of February/March.


First Period
The first couple periods would best be described as a snoozefest. The Tigers played a patient game and tried to limit their turnovers in their own end.

Strong defensive play from both teams led to few scoring quality scoring chances. I thought the Tigers looked very good in the opening ten minutes and had Kootenay penned in their side of the ice until Cam Lanigan was forced to trip up a Kootenay defender who would have had an empty net to score into.

On the powerplay I believe it was Joey Leach who took the point shot and it must have been tipped by Brock Montgomery as he was credited with the goal. Cam Lanigan looked like he was unable to see it anyway. 1-0 Kootenay

Kootenay  likes to park a big guy right in front of the net and make it tough for the goaltender, or plant a centreman right in the middle of the ice.

Second period
The Tigers would tie the game up in the second period, on a similar play to Kootenay's goal. Curtis Valk took a slapshot at the point along the ice and it looked like Mackenzie Skapski was screened. 1-1 TIE

Third Period
The period started out quite rough as Curtis Valk and Boston Leier were called for penalties just a minute apart giving Kootenay a full 1 minute 5 on 3. The Tigers killed both penalties off and the momentum started to swing the Tigers way.

Trevor Cox would then snipe in 2 goals 3 minutes apart. His first on a 3 on 2 down low with Elgin Pearce and Miles Koules. His second a rocket over the shoulder of Mackenzie Skapski.
3-1 Tigers

 Kootenay would score with 33 seconds left on the clock with the goalie pulled, but the Tigers held on for the 3-2 Tigers Victory.

It kinda seemed like the Tigers were a little nervous, but they played well in their own zone. Their were a few players who were bobbling the puck a little but not enough to give away any serious miscues.  I think the key for them was to limit their turnovers and make Kootenay force their own scoring chances.

I thought Trevor Cox wasn't having a good night until he popped in those 2 quick goals in the third.

Next Up: Tigers take a mini 2 game road trip through Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Tuesday in Regina and Wednesday in Brandon. Regina has seemed to play the Tigers pretty hard this year

Game Links
MH News atricle - Tigers cool off surging Ice

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Oil Kings Defeat Tigers 6-0

I wasn't able to attend the game tonight. Discuss in the comments if you wish.

Kootenay defeated Lethbridge so the lead for 8th decreases to 3 points.

Curtis Valk featured on