Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tigers Defeat Broncos 2-0

A very impressive shutout win for Marek Langhamer. You could tell right off the bat he was in the zone and played a terrific hockey game.

I thought the Tigers played very well in the first period despite being outshot 12-9. I thought the Broncos were the better team in the second and third period, but they had a tough time cracking Marek Langhamer. The Tigers defense did do a good job at knocking away the rebounds.

I thought the Tigers killed a lot of their scoring chances trying to be too fancy. They were called at least half a dozen times on the offside as well as multiple turnovers in the high slot area.

 They probably could have doubled their shot totals with how many shots they missed being too fancy.

I thought Zach Hodder had a really good game. I thought Jake Doty's fight in the second period was in very good timing, as the broncos were pressing at the time.

The win puts the Tigers up by 4 points over swift, and 8 points over 9th place Lethbridge. The magic number sits at 14 points to clinch a playoff spot with 9 games remaining in the season.

Next Up: Sunday Night at the Arena against Red Deer at 6PM.

The Tigers face IMO the leagues best goaltender in Patrik Bartosak, they will be in tough to score some goals. Also with 2 points last night, former Tiger Rhyse Dieno now leads the rebels in scoring despite only playing in 39 games.


Stix said...

Good game, I agree, way way way too fancy. Too many plays and dangles which amounted to nothing. They are not getting many shots from inside the slot and need to somehow find a way to get there. The Tigers seem content to be pushed to the outside where they take low percentage shots. I think they could also get in the face of the opposing goaltender more, which they will need to do against RD.
But a good win, you take 2 points no matter how they come!
Langhammer is proving that we have a tendy for next year. I like is composure and focus. He played a full 60 and that is what we really need! He was outstanding. I hope to see him get more starts in the near future.
Good luck against RD boys, will have to find that next gear!

Dan said...

It was nice to see Doty step up tonight with a fight. I know he is not just there to fight but it sure makes a differences when he steps in and drops the gloves. He returned to being a "player" the rest of the game. Nice to see he has found balance without losing his tough guy edge.

dengel2002 said...

Its like I said...A home and home win against Swift and all will be well again...Two great starts by Langer and we now have two hot goalies. Cam is still number 1 and him getting a few nights rest will go along way. After Doty got in that fight I seen that Broadhead replaced him on the top line, while he was in the sin bin. I think that could be a awesome line combination. Two high end skill guys along with a speedy gritty banger in Broadhead. One who isnt afraid to drop the flippers now and then.

longtimefan said...

Langhammer was real solid last night. Thought his best save was in the second off of a deflection from his own defenceman. Thought though that he caused himself some problems with his puck handling gaffs although it is much better than at the start of the season.
Also thought we looked like a tired club, 7 games in 11 days is starting to take its toll. With number 8 in 12 tonight they will have to dig deep to pull this one out.

Grumphy said...

Here's the way the rest of the season looks; Copied from Intresting

It does look like it will be Swift Current or Medicine Hat. Not sure I see Kootenay being able to overtake the Broncos or Tigers. All three teams play many of their remaining games on the road but Swift Current looks to have the easiest schedule which could propel them into 6th, leaving Saskatoon vs. Medicine Hat.

Swift Current Remaining games
Bra - SC
SC - Bra
SC - Cal
SC - Bra
SC - Reg
Reg - SC

So the Broncos have 7 of their final 10 games against non playoff teams with all four of their final home games against non-playoff competition.

Kootenay Ice Remaining games
Koot - Leth
Koot - MH
Rd - Koot
MH - Koot
Koot - RD
Koot - TC
Koot - Spok
Leth - Koot
Koot - Leth
Cal - Koot
Koot - Cal

As you can see the Ice have most of their remaining game on the road and have some very tough games down the stretch, only playing non-playoff teams 3 times and have to play the Hitmen twice and TC, RDx2 and Spok as well. I think this may be too tough of a sked to overcome SC and finish any higher than 8th. Their head to head three games against Lethbridge could determine the 8th and final playoff spot.

Medicine hat Tigers remaining games
Koot - MH
MH - Koot
Cal - MH
MH - Sask
MH - Cal
MH - Leth
Leth - MH

Medicine hat will have to win their games against Lethbridge and beat Kootenay likely to remain in 6th. They also have a tough schedule. In fact SC might have the easiest schedule of all the teams in the 6-9 range.