Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tigers Defeat Kootenay 3-2

Big win for the Tigers tonight especially without their captain Hunter Shinkaruk.

The Tigers stay 3 points ahead of Kootenay with 16 games left in the season and are knocking on the doorsteps of Lethbridge and Swift Current.

The Tigers still have 1 more home and home series against the Ice at the end of February/March.


First Period
The first couple periods would best be described as a snoozefest. The Tigers played a patient game and tried to limit their turnovers in their own end.

Strong defensive play from both teams led to few scoring quality scoring chances. I thought the Tigers looked very good in the opening ten minutes and had Kootenay penned in their side of the ice until Cam Lanigan was forced to trip up a Kootenay defender who would have had an empty net to score into.

On the powerplay I believe it was Joey Leach who took the point shot and it must have been tipped by Brock Montgomery as he was credited with the goal. Cam Lanigan looked like he was unable to see it anyway. 1-0 Kootenay

Kootenay  likes to park a big guy right in front of the net and make it tough for the goaltender, or plant a centreman right in the middle of the ice.

Second period
The Tigers would tie the game up in the second period, on a similar play to Kootenay's goal. Curtis Valk took a slapshot at the point along the ice and it looked like Mackenzie Skapski was screened. 1-1 TIE

Third Period
The period started out quite rough as Curtis Valk and Boston Leier were called for penalties just a minute apart giving Kootenay a full 1 minute 5 on 3. The Tigers killed both penalties off and the momentum started to swing the Tigers way.

Trevor Cox would then snipe in 2 goals 3 minutes apart. His first on a 3 on 2 down low with Elgin Pearce and Miles Koules. His second a rocket over the shoulder of Mackenzie Skapski.
3-1 Tigers

 Kootenay would score with 33 seconds left on the clock with the goalie pulled, but the Tigers held on for the 3-2 Tigers Victory.

It kinda seemed like the Tigers were a little nervous, but they played well in their own zone. Their were a few players who were bobbling the puck a little but not enough to give away any serious miscues.  I think the key for them was to limit their turnovers and make Kootenay force their own scoring chances.

I thought Trevor Cox wasn't having a good night until he popped in those 2 quick goals in the third.

Next Up: Tigers take a mini 2 game road trip through Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Tuesday in Regina and Wednesday in Brandon. Regina has seemed to play the Tigers pretty hard this year

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Anonymous said...

Don't think I'll have troubles falling asleep after that game tonight.

Stix said...

That was a good game. I like the patience and control they played with. It was a mature game. They did not panic getting a goal down, which can be a big problem when you are playing a team like Kooteney! Koules had a real good game. Doty has disappeared for me. He was on such a streak for a bit there, I hope he finds that again. We could sure use him to factor into games like he did, especially when Hunter is out. Broadhead is under recognized. I love how that kid plays, I imagine he will be playing a big role with this team in the future. Also, Lanigan deserved a star tonight, he really was amazing! Good job boys!

dengel2002 said...

Yah the game was a bit of a snoozer, but that is the way these teams have to play to win. Limit opposition scoring chancescand taking advantage of your own. I have been impressed with how the team is playing away from the puck. They are staying on thier man and following the game plan.
Tigers bottle up the middle forcing teams to go outside , thus taking a longer route to the net. Id like acess to more advanced stats. Time on ice, faceoff %, scoring chances, hits. More than goals, assists and pims.
Who was the leafs fan that picked the stars on Friday. Cmon man! Reilly was a -2, sure he prob played 40 mins but geesh. I think Rids heart got in the way of that call.

TigerTurf said...

Agreed Stix with all your points stix!

I like how Broadhead just muscles his way into a scrum then hyper-aggressively fishes out the puck along the boards. He will turn out out to be a good power forward.

TigerTurf said...

Two wins on the road and the Tigers can pass lethbridge in the standings.

longtimefan said...

Totally agree with the comments from Stix. Tigers played the way you have to against the Ice, be patient and take what they give you. Also liked the way they battled for pucks along the walls all night.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see a lot of the young guys doing so well. They have sustained excellent progress and I think will be of real help next year. Our 4th line work ethic is something that will pay off in playoffs. I would have no problems pulling any of those guys up to fill in on a higher line in the case of an injury.
Would like to see Labelle play more, I really think he has an offensive spark.
Boston, for me, in the last number of games has made a statement that it should be him with Valk and Bredo next year. He is of so much value to the team.

Anonymous said...

Ridley did not make the 3 star selection, he rarely if ever does. It was the guy announcing with him.

Ben said...

Has Ty Schultz signed with the Tigers? He was at the camp in the summer last year but I did not hear if he officially signed, anyone know?

Anonymous said...

It looks like Doty is disappointed that he is no longer on the top 2 lines, he was so effective on that top line i dont know why Clouston keep moving the lines around every single game, he ruins the chemistry amongst players

TigerTurf said...

Doty scored the Game Winning goal on a breakaway last night in Regina.